Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND of ADOM and HAWAH being the part of the MIND/SOUL that CAN NOT be overtaken by the REALITY of the SERPENT because it is HARD WIRED DIRECTLY into the GENETICS of MANKIND.

So we see JUST from this UNDERSTANDING that the SERPENT is CONFINED to OPERATE in a CERTAIN REALITY. And y’all THIS is why those with the GENETICS of MANKIND CAN be COMPLETELY set free from the BONDAGE and STRONGHOLDS of LUCIFER. A WHILE back I told y’all that I’ve PERSONALLY had my own encounters with LUCIFER HIMSELF. Many people FEAR LUCIFER because he WAS the SUPREME ANGEL and he DOES POSSESS A LOT of POWER and AUTHORITY on the EARTH and in the SPIRIT REALM, BUT he ONLY HAS POWER and AUTHORITY to OPERATE in a CERTAIN REALITY. Lucifer has NO LEGAL RITES to the GENETICS of MANKIND, so ONLY through DECEPTION and SUBMISSION to him and his KINGDOM and AUTHORITY in ONE form or ANOTHER does HE have RITES to the SOUL and GENETICS of MANKIND. As I said to you yesterday, there OF COURSE are MANY that BELONG to LUCIFER and his KINGDOM by GENETICS. Many people have an UNDERSTANDING of LUCIFER that is JUST NOT ACCURATE. The WORLD has been FORCED into this UNDERSTANDING that LUCIFER/THE DEVIL LITERALLY LOOKS like a SERPENT or a DRAGON or some OBVIOUSLY EVIL LOOKING BEAST, but THAT’S JUST NOT TRUE. TWO of the times I have MET him he was in the form of a nice looking BLACK MAN, ONCE as a BEAUTIFUL very kind BLACK WOMAN and ONCE as a WHITE MAN. What is my point, there is an UNDERSTANDING of LUCIFER that has been MADE into a REALITY and it’s JUST NOT ACCURATE. Don’t get me wrong, he is EXTREMELY POWERFUL, but he is STILL FALLEN and in DARKNESS so he has NO ABILITY to even STAND against the MIND/SOUL of MANKIND OCCUPIED by The Most High and his IDENTITY JUST because of WHO it BELONGS to.

One thing that you NEVER see in SCRIPTURE is LUCIFER talking to ADOM, why do YOU think that is. Why do you think he went STRAIGHT for HAWAH? Because SHE is the GARDEN… Remember I said that The Most High brings LIFE to REALITY through SEED and LABOR? Well this is a PRINCIPALITY that is SET in ORDER in the REALITY of THIS WORLD/REALM and the SPIRIT WORLD that PARALLELS it. So are we REALLY SEEING WHY HAWAH IS THE NUMBER ONE TARGET OF THE SERPENT? She was LITERALLY the TREASURE of the EARTH. The SERPENT COULD NOT SOW SEEDS into ADOM and get a HARVEST of his OWN GENETICS coupled with the GENETICS of The Most High, it was LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE. So because of the PRINCIPALITY of SEED and LABOR the SERPENT HAD to have her if he was to have MANKIND SUBJECT to him and if HE was to CREATED a LINEAGE of PEOPLE of his OWN that BARE the GENETICS and beautiful of The Most High to some degree. SO the SERPENT DECEIVED HAWAH with the PROMISE that SHE would BE AS THE GODS knowing BOTH GOOD and EVIL, so he DECEIVED her into BELIEVING that SHE could ACTUALLY BE something OTHER than WHAT she was CREATED to be, SUCCEED in it and HAVE LIFE. This is WHY HELL exists… As it is WRITTEN, HELL was CREATED for LUCIFER and his ANGELS. Well ANGEL LITERALLY means MESSENGER, TECHNICALLY I’M an ANGEL of KING YAHUSHUA and of The Most High YAH. So what that means is ANYONE who has the JOB of DELIVERING a MESSAGE, or CARRYING OUT ORDERS is an ANGEL, so the word ANGEL DOES NOT MEAN GOOD NECESSARILY. And it DEFINATELY DOES NOT MEAN an ANGEL of The Most High even though LUCIFER and his ANGELS TRANSFORM THEMSELVES into ANGELS of LIGHT for the PURPOSE of DECEIVING YOU. But my point is HELL was CREATED for LUCIFER and his ANGELS, correct? Was HAWAH a MESSENGER? Was she CONTRACTED for the PURPOSE of delivering a MESSAGE or CARRYING out ORDERS? So by the WOMAN being FORCED into the REALITY of her HUSBAND, the ONLY way for HER to RECEIVE LIFE, LITERALLY WAS an act of SALVATION on the part of The Most High? She would have been CONFINED to HELL with NO way OUT otherwise. So we see that The Most High NOT only CAN NOT DENY HIMSELF, but he ACTUALLY OVER RODE CERTAIN PRINCIPALITES to do it.

SO HAWAH was TEMPTED into an IDENTITY that CREATED a REALITY of HERSELF that was COMPLETELY outside of WHAT she was CREATED as, ADOM’S WIFE and COMPANION, HIS FLESH. And ONCE she SUBMITTED HERSELF to that IDENTITY and REALITY she BECAME LOCKED into it as a SLAVE to it. And as we talked about yesterday, there was ONLY one thing that could have FORCED her BACK into the IDENTITY of her GENETICS the IDENTITY that PARADISE is GIVEN to, as OPPOSED to the HELL that her NEW IDENTITY is CONFINED to. THE VOICE of The Most High YAH WHICH IMMEDIATELY SEPARATES REALITIES. This is WHY the SCRIPTURE says that was WRITTEN SPECIFICALLY to US HEBREWS. HEBREWS 4v12 The WORD of YAH is QUICK, and POWERFUL, and SHARPER than ANY TWOEDGED SWORD, piercing even to the DIVIDING asunder of SOUL and SPIRIT, and joints and marrow, and is a DISCERNER of the thoughts and INTENTS of the HEART… That’s EXACTLY what we see HAPPENING to ADOM and HAWAH, correct? The VOICE/WORD of The Most High DIVIDED the SOUL and SPIRIT from the REALITY that they were LOCKED into and FORCED them into the REALITY of their CREATION or the MIND and UNDERSTANDING that they were CREATED with.

So let me make sure this is ROCK SOLID before we MOVE ON. HAWAH was CREATED from the FLESH of ADOM, for the PURPOSE of MULITPLYING PARADISE and the IMAGE of The Most High on the EARTH. ADOM for WHATEVER REASON LEAVES her ALONE in the GARDEN were the SERPENT OBVIOUSLY had ACCESS to her, so ULTIMATELY ADOM LEFT his IDENTITY that was GIVEN to his GENETICS, the RESPONSIBILITY of GUARDING and SEEDING HAWAH. So because SHE was CREATED for HIM and the PURPOSE of MULTIPLYING PARADISE and the IMAGE of The Most High on the EARTH, when he LEFT his IDENTITY HER WHOLE PURPOSE and REASON for being on the EARTH got SNATCHED away from her. Leaving her VULNERABLE to being SEEDED by the SERPENT and becoming one with HIM and HIS REALITY. Now because she belongs to the SERPENT and HIS LINEAGE she is GIVEN the MIND/IDENTITY of the SERPENT which is the ENEMY of The Most High YAH and HIS IMAGE, ADOM. So because she is now ONE with the SERPENT and his LINEAGE and having NO RITES to the REALITY that she was CREATED to DWELL, SHE is the ONE that CARRIES out the ORDER of Destroying MANKIND and bringing DEATH to the MIND/SOUL of MANKIND REGARDLESS if she KNEW that’s what she was DOING or NOT. SO NOW because ADOM is NOT a TRUE REPRESENTATION of The Most High, TECHNICALLY his GARDEN is NO LONGER PARADISE for The Most High. So he asked “WHERE ARE YOU”, meaning HE LEFT the IDENTITY and REALITY he was CREATED in that made it PARADISE. So what we see with The Most High talking to ADOM and HAWAH is HIM speaking to THEIR ACTUAL GENETICS, the TRUTH of THEIR IDENTITY. And in speaking to the TRUTH of THEIR IDENTITY ADOM and HAWAH could SEE EXACTLY what was going on with THEMSELVES and WHO was the REASON for it. So again the VOICE/WORD of The Most High is DESIGNED to SPEAK to the TRUTH of your IDENTITY and DIVIDE the REALITY you were CREATED in from the REALITY that was FORCED onto YOU by the SERPENT. So the IDENTITY and MIND/SOUL that is HARD WIRED to your GENETICS is what The Most High COMMUNICATES with because THAT’S the ONLY IDENTITY and REALITY that HE CREATED for you?

So do y’all SEE the WAR now? Do you see the STRATEGY of your ENEMY? Force or DECEIVE you INTO and IDENTITY and REALITY and ONCE you become CONTRACTED to it you become a SLAVE to it. The KING YAHUSHUA being made in the IMAGE of his FATHER BROKE the HOLD that DEATH had over the MIND/SOUL of those that BORN of the GENETICS of The Most High, and IN HIM is the LIFE and REALITY of the FATHER given BACK to MANKIND, the LIFE that WE HAD in the GARDEN. The LIFE that MULTIPLIES PARADISE and the IMAGE we were CREATED to RETAIN. I would like to stretch the MIND of those that can stand it a little bit. I told y’all that the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND is the part of the MIND that is HARD WIRED into your GENETICS and THIS is the part of the MIND that The Most High communicates with. And the REASON for this is because THIS is the part of the MIND that CAN NOT be OVERTAKEN by EVIL, it only is what it is. Y’all remember the story of NOAH and how he was INSTRUCTED to BUILD an ARK or a PLACE of REFUGE from the JUDGEMENT of The Most High YAH? Now please understand this, it NEVER EVER rained on the EARTH ANYTIME before it rained and CREATED the FLOOD. So NOAH even BELIEVING that the RAIN was COMING was SOMETHING MUCH MUCH DEEPER than him JUST having FAITH. The SCRIPTURE says that NOAH was the ONLY RIGHTEOUS MAN on the FACE of the EARTH, and as I have said BEFORE the RIGHTEOUSNESS that is being SPOKEN of has MORE to do with his GENETICS being in RIGHT STANDINGS with The Most High as OPPOSED to his DEEDS PRIOR to being CALLED by The Most High. And HOW do we KNOW this? HE ACTUALLY HEARD the VOICE of The Most High… And as we have JUST LEARNED NOT EVERYBODY can or even has the ABIILITY to HEAR the VOICE of The Most High. So what you had on the EARTH was mostly HYBRID beings of a MANKIND/BEAST/DEVILS mixture which is the REASON for all the WICKEDNESS on the EARTH. Now NOAH is BUILDING this ARK for HIMSELF and the people that BELONG to him, along with animals that were TRUE REPRESENTATIONS of their CREATION. There were DINOSUARS and OTHER GENETIC HYBRID animals on the EARTH at this time that ALL died in the FLOOD. This is why the WORLD can DECEIVE EVERYONE into believing that the DINOSUARS ACTUALLY DIED in something called the “ICE AGE”. You DON’T GET ICE without WATER… So it was ACTUALLY the FLOOD that KILLED them all like it was written, NOT ICE. But my POINT is this, the ONLY PEOPLE and ANIMALS that received SALVATION during that time were the PEOPLE and ANIMALS that were a TRUE REPRESENTATION of their CREATION, they were the ONLY ones that could ACTUALLY hear the VOICE of The Most High. SALVATION of ANY SORT for US HEBREW PEOPLE is in the IDENTITY given to YOUR GENETICS, the GENETICS that are SUBJECT to The Most High and HIS VOICE… MATT 24 v37-39

Tomorrow we continue our course


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