Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about there being a CERTAIN REALITY that LUCIFER is CONFINED to and the FACT that HE has to DECEIVE or FORCE you into a CERTAIN IDENTITY that is SUBJECT to his REALITY in order to have RITES to the GENETICS of MANKIND.

So NOW that we have it pretty well ESTABLISHED that ADOM being the BEGINING of LIFE for MANKIND and that HAWAH’S LIFE ultimately suffered because of his leaving his IDENTITY which is what PROTECTED and COVERED her LIFE, we SEE the NATURAL ORDER of LIFE, or MODE of OPERATION for The Most High. Lucifer is OBVIOUSLY responsible for the CREATION of a MULTIPLICITY of different BEINGS, beings that LITERALLY have NO RITES to the LIFE that comes from The Most High YAH. This is the picture of the FLOOD that we talked about yesterday. All those that bare the GENETICS of The Most High were ABLE to RECEIVE LIFE because they were ABLE to hear his VOICE. Now those that were on the EARTH at this time that were NOT of the TRUE REPRESENTATION of the GENETICS of The Most High YAH OBVIOUSLY had LIVES and children and jobs, LIKE the KING said people were “eating and drinking and MARRYING and GIVEN in MARRIAGE”. So reading this you see that people were just living their day to day lives with NO worries about ANYTHING other than that. So WHO was the FIRST to KNOW about the FLOOD coming? Of course The Most High YAH because HE is the ONE that is sending the FLOOD, correct? The FLOOD was LITERALLY the JUDGEMENT of The Most High YAH on the EARTH for the WICKEDNESS of ALL the BEINGS on the EARTH. What I would like to point out rite here is the fact that there is a REALITY that comes from the MIND of ALL the PEOPLE and BEINGS the ARE NOT of the GENETICS of The Most High YAH. Clearly from reading SCRIPTURE we see that EVERYONE other than NOAH and those that BELONG to him are CONFINED to a REALITY that DOES NOT HEAR the VOICE of The Most High, nor does it have the ABILITY to. So what we see is the TRUE REPRESENTATION of their CREATION. Remember the VOICE/WORD of The Most High SERPARATES REALITIES, so it SEPARATED the REALITY that NOAH was CREATED in from the REALITY that was OBVIOUSLY PRESENT on the EARTH. And it CAUSED for NOAH to be a TRUE REPRESENTATION of HIS GENETICS.

So the PEOPLE that were on the EARTH at the time received JUDEMENT NOT because they LIVED SINFUL LIVES. REMEMBER sin LITERALLY means to “MISS THE MARK”, so ALL of their GENETICS are ILLEGAL to the EARTH and the REALITY that The Most High DWELLS in, so there WAS NO actual SIN for them THEY WERE NEVER CREATED with the GENETICS of The Most High YAH to BEGIN with. That means THEY were NEVER CREATED with the STANDARDS of The Most High, SO TECHNICALLY they COULDN’T be JUDGED for NOT MEETING THEM. So WHAT EXACTLY is it that we are seeing with them being KILLED in the FLOOD? The DESTRUCTION OF A CERTAIN REALITY and the ABILITY to PRODUCE it? Remember the EARTH was CREATED for the PURPOSE of PARADISE and the REALITY of PARADISE was GIVEN to the GENETICS of MANKIND, NOT the ILLEGAL GENETICS of BEINGS that were CREATED by LUCIFER and his FALLEN ONES. So we see very CLEARLY, there is a WORLD/REALITY that the GENETICS of MANKIND was DESIGNED to CREATE and there is a WORLD/REALITY that the GENETICS of other beings and THEIR MIND CREATES. So the flood was about DESTROYING a WORLD/REALITY that was ILLEGAL to the EARTH. So it’s NOT necessarily JUST about DESTROYING PEOPLE that DO NOT BELONG to The Most High, it’s about DESTRYING the REALITY/WORLD that they CREATE because their MIND IS NOT CONFINED to the REALITY that is DESIGNED to have place on the EARTH.

When you read the KING say people were “MARRYING and GIVING in MARRIAGE”, what he is talking about is SEX. SEX is MARRIAGE… He wasn’t saying that people were ACTUALLY walking down an isle and saying vows of commitment to one another, he’s saying the UNDERSTANDING AND the REALITY that was PRESENT during that time was EVERYBODY was CONSUMED with and BY “EATING AND DRINKING AND SEX”. So the REALITY on the EARTH was BASICALLY the VERY MUCH the same as it is TODAY. So we see that the PSYCHOLOGICAL GENETICS(MIND) of the BEINGS on the EARTH in the time of NOAH CREATED a CERTAIN REALITY for them to DWELL in, correct? And because those PSYCHOLOGICAL GENETICS LITERALLY have NO REGARD or UNDERSTANDING of the STANDARDS and LIFE that comes from The Most High YAH, it is CONFINED to that REALITY and it ONLY has RITES to it. So what does that mean? THAT’S THE ONLY THING IT CAN PRODUCE ON IT’S ON. Now MANY may say what about those that were NOT part of that UNDERSTANDING of LIFE, MAYBE there were those that HAD NOT given themselves to EATING, DRINKING and SEX. This is why I said YESTERDAY that NOAH’S RIGHTEOUSNESS had MORE to do with his GENETICS being in RITE STANDINGS with The Most High as OPPOSED to his deeds PRIOR to him being CALLED. We are TAUGHT to judge RIGHTEOUSNESS through BASE and COMPLETELY UNSTABLE EMOTIONS, very CLEVER isn’t it. Y’all have read how the WAYS of The Most High are SOOO far above our ways and how his understanding is SOOO far above our UNDERSTANDING, correct? Question, as LONG as HAWAH’S MIND(psychological being) was CONTRACTED by and INFLUENCED by the SERPENT, WHO controlled/influenced her EMOTIONAL STATE? So you see HOW CLEVER it was to take HAWAH? He had the ABILITY to CONTROL/INFLUENCE her EMOTIONAL being, which LITERALLY means he CONTROLLED WHAT and HOW she would RESPOND to the WORLD around her.

Question, HOW many of those people that were killed in the FLOOD probably loved their wives and children? How many of those people NEVER saw that the REALITY that they were CONFINED to PRODUCE was COMPLETELY ILLEGAL to the EARTH and the GENETICS of The Most High YAH? How many of those people felt it was THEIR RITE to live WHATEVER LIFE they wanted or WHATEVER LIFE and UNDERSTANDING of their OWN ILLEGAL GENETICS PRODUCED for them? Something kinda like HAWAH was DECEIVED into thinking, that SHE could do what she WANTED and STILL see LIFE. So it’s SAFE to SAY that the MIND that LUCIFER CREATES and INFLUENCES is DESIGNED to REBEL AGAINST the ORDER and STANDARDS of The Most High YAH JUST LIKE HIS. And WHAT is ONE of his EXTREMELY POWERFUL weapons in CONTROLLING and INFLUENCING that MIND, EMOTIONS… If I can HARNESS YOUR emotions and CONNECT them with an UNDERSTANDING of LIFE that is COMPLETELY ILLEGAL to you, I JUST STOLE your ability to JUDGE the WORLD and LIFE ACCURATELY. What do I mean? When your CHRISTIAN LEADERS teach or preach to you, THEY have to HARNESS YOUR EMOTIONS. None of YOU would EVER ATTEND a CHURCH and give away your money to people LYING to you if they didn’t MAKE you FEEL GOOD about yourself and your situation. That’s how they PULL YOU into their REALITY, your EMOTIONS. Once your EMOTIONS are connected to ANYTHING YO ASS IS HOOKED, PERIOD… How many women can say that they have LOVED a man that they KNEW was DESTROYING them, but was ABSOLUTELY POWERLESS to break free from? You were HELD CAPTIVE by EMOTIONS, or you were CONFINED to a REALITY of DESTRUCTION because of the OWNERSHIP and rites over the PART of your PSYCHOLOGICAL BEING that YOU GAVE to them , and they had RITES to that and it CONTROLLED YOUR ACTIONS and JUDGEMENT. So we were told to NOT mix with OTHER tribes of PEOPLE, NOT because The Most High is RACIST, but because their was a CERTAIN REALITY he was PRESERVING, a REALITY that would create a CERTAIN LIFE for them.

So brothers are you seeing? HAWAH’S EMOTIONAL BEING is what ALLOWED for her to be DECEIVED into a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT IDENTITY. The PICTURE of her being ALONE in the GARDEN is the PICTURE of her HUSBAND being ABSENT from her EMOTIONAL BEING, which IS HARD WIRED INTO HER GENETICS on ALL LEVELS. She DID it because she FELT it, PERIOD… So GUARDING the GARDEN for ADOM IS GUARDING her EMOTIONS. And TILLING/CULTIVATING LIFE in her GARDEN IS SEEDING her EMOTIONAL BEING with the SEEDS of PARADISE. I could NEVER expect for my baby to RETAIN the IMAGE of my baby if I DON’T CULTIVATE and SEED her EMOTIONAL BEING with PARADISE, this is what CONNECTS her to the REALITY of PARADISE, BECAUSE SHE CAN FEEL IT… What she FEELS makes IT REAL in her GENETICS which gives her something TANGIBLE to work with and BUILD and MULTIPLY PARADISE with. Her JUST retaining the IMAGE she was given JUST because that’s what she was given DOES NOT work. REMEMBER ADOM was designed to retain his IMAGE that way, NOT HAWAH, she was DESIGNED for me to be INSIDE her GARDEN CULTIVATING LIFE through SEEDING and LABOR. All YOU have to DO is look at HAWAH, was SHE able to STAY the COURSE of the WAR WAGED on her MIND the way ADOM did? Nor was she DESIGNED to FACILITATE LIFE within her OWN GARDEN without the SEED and LABOR of her HUSBAND. So brothers your woman’s EMOTIONS is what MAKES REALITY REAL for her and it is what GIVES her the STRENGTH and DIRCETION NECESSARY to RETAIN the IMAGE she was CREATED to retain and MULTIPLY PARADISE for you.

Quick question, WHAT would have happened with NOAH if his EMOTIONAL BEING was YOKED to all those that DID NOT BELONG to the REALITY that HE DID and that could ONLY produce ACCORDING to their OWN ILLEGAL GENETICS? See Noah is seen as a SAVIOR of a SORT to the WORLD when they can REDUCE his RIGHTEOUSNESS in a way that they can REPRODUCE it. Meaning HE is ONLY RIGHTEOUS to the WORLD and RELIGION because they TEACH you that his RIGTHEOUSNESS has something to do with his ACTUAL deeds and NOT HIS GENETICS which is WHAT ALLOWED him to EVEN HEAR the VOICE/WORD of The Most High YAH to begin with. But when you EXPLAIN the STORY ACCORDING to TRUTH or the REALITY in which it EXISTS, a WHOLE lot of EMOTIONS get FUCKED UP, and he LONGER can be EVERYBODIES HERO. People even CLAIM that NOAH PREACHED to all those people that it was gonna rain and they didn’t LISTEN… BULLSHIT… WHERE DOES IT SAY THAT? NOAH KNEW just as well as The Most High KNEW ALL those people were GOING to DIE, they HAD to DIE, their GENETICS is what PRODUCED a REALITY of WICKEDNESS that was INTOLERABLE to The Most High. So he built that ARK in SILENCE because HE was the ONLY ONE that could ACTUALLY hear the VOICE/WORD of The Most High YAH, and it had EVERYTHING to do with his GENETICS BELONGING to The Most High. The ARK was NOT FOR EVERYONE…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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