Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about the fact that NOAH and for those that BELONGED to The Most High YAH, and that the ARK was for the purpose of PRESERVING the GENETICS of MANKIND and the ANIMALS of PURE GENETICS that were a TRUE REPRESENTATION of their CREATION.

Yesterday we touched on EMOTIONS and how it’s SOOO IMPORTANT for us BROTHERS to UNDERSTAND that our BEAUTIFUL SISTERS were DESIGNED in a way that EMOTIONS play a MUCH bigger role in their PERCEPTION of REALITY and the way it EXISTS than we are DESIGNED to. And as we talked about yesterday, the BIGGEST downfall to that DESIGN is EMOTIONS are COMPLETELY UNTRUSTWORTHY and in many cases they are COMPLETELY UNSTABLE. They ARE NOT CONFINED TO THE REALITY OF TRUTH IN ANY WAY. So we see WHY it’s such a CLEVER device for LUCIFER to teach the WORLD to JUDGE LIFE on EMOTIONS and HOW YOU FEEL about something. As we talked about yesterday the story of NOAH is told in a way that is COMPLETELY INACCURATE along with DAMN NEAR EVERY other story in SCRIPTURE, because it is being told through the MIND and understanding of the SERPENT MOSTLY. So what that means is it CREATES a CERTAIN REALITY and understanding, a REALITY that it is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from the REALITY it ACTUALLY happened in. Why is that so IMPORTANT to do that, why is it IMPORTANT to change the REALITY in which stories like this is PRESENTED? For the PURPOSE of SEDUCING you INTO a CERTAIN REALITY and understanding of LIFE. LUCIFER the GOD of this WORLD/REALITY MAINTAINS POWER through DECEPTION of the masses. And the ONLY way to DECEIVE the MASSES is through their EMOTIONS. Remember your EMOTIONS being involved in ANYTHING YOKES you to WHATEVER that thing is AND THE REALITY IT BELONGS TO. Yesterday I asked y’all WHAT would have HAPPENED if NOAH was EMOTIONALLY YOKED to ALL the beings that The Most High INTENDED to DESTROY. Remember HIM BEING yoked to them means that HE would have been YOKED to their REALITY. But the PROBLEM with that is HE and HIS GENETICS BELONGED to a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT REALITY ALONG WITH The Most High YAH. So there would have been an OBVIOUS PROBLEM IMMEDIATELY. So had that HAPPENED there would have been a CONFLICT within the BEING of NOAH and THAT would have been WHAT would have brought his RIGHTEOUSNESS into question.

So the FACT that HIS GENETICS FORCED him into a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT REALITY, a REALITY in which The Most High DWELLS, it PRODUCED a CERTAIN thing in the PHYSICAL REALM/WORLD. THIS is why it’s WRITTEN in the BOOK of ROMANS(GENTILES) that THEIR CARNAL(NATURAL) MIND is at ENMITY with The Most High YAH and that IT IS NOT SUBJECT TO THE LAW(REALITY/REALM) OF YAH, NEITHER can it be. It produces a COMPLETELY different REALITY then the ONE that The Most High CREATED for MANKIND and the EARTH to DWELL in. So in order for LUCIFER to CONTROL the MASSES he has to PULL them into the REALITY that he CONTROLS just like he did with HAWAH if they DO NOT BARE HIS PSYCHOLOGICAL GENETICS. And he USED EMOTIONS… If NOAH felt like EVERY SINGLE being on the EARTH had a RITE to LIFE and a RITE to PRODUCE WHATEVER their GENETICS PRODUCED for them and LIVE free and happy, that would have been him EMBRACING the WICKEDNESS that The Most High was set to DESTROY. Is that EVIDENCE of RIGHTEOUSNESS? No for HIM that evidence of DECEPTION and OWNERSHIP, just like HAWAH. Like we talked about yesterday with HAWAH being EMOTIONALLY/PSYCHOLOGICALLY abandoned by ADOM, it MADE HER FEEL ABANDONED. How many of you brothers have hurt your woman’s FEELINGS and you were left WONDERING why the hell was her FEELINGS involved with it to begin with, it wasn’t that deep… If ANY of y’all said NO, YO ASS is LYIN or YOU ain’t never had no WOMAN.

Remember we talked about the WOMAN’S design being that that is the EMBODIMENT of PARADISE? Meaning SHE was CREATED BY PARADISE and for PARADISE for the PURPOSE of the MULTIPLICATION of PARADISE, which means SHE was DESIGNED to be SEEDED with the SEEDS of PARADISE. When you bust all that down you will really understand the BEAUTY and SOPHISTICATION of her design. Remember my saying a while BACK that PARADISE WAS NOT PARADISE for ADOM even though it was CREATED as PARADISE because he was ALONE? So what that means is PARADISE is a CERTAIN REALITY that is CENTERED AROUND YOUR perception of your ENVIRONMENT/WORLD, your CONNECTION to it and HOW that CONNECTION makes you FEEL. So you FEEL PARADISE which CAUSES you to PRODUCE IT and OPERATE in it in the PHYSICAL REALM. So HAWAH having the DESIGN that she RECEIVES LIFE through FEELING PARADISE, SHOULD HELP you brothers to understand WHY it is ALWAYS SOOOO DEEPLY felt with your WOMAN. She is HARD WIRED to FEEL and PRODUCE FROM WHAT SHE FEELS, or WHAT type of SEED is SOWN into her. So when your woman says that her FEELINGS are hurt, it’s NOT saying that her FEELINGS are JUSTIFIED because she COULD be in the WRONG understanding of something, it’s saying that PARADISE was NOT felt. And it COULD very well be from a LACK of UNDERSTANDING if she is OUTSIDE the REALITY that she was CREATED to OPERATE in OR if some outside force is CONTROLLING her emotions or LACK of UNDERSTANDING.

So HAWAH was DESIGNED to PRODUCE PARADISE because THAT’S what her REALITY was ONLY supposed to CONSIST of. So when you take away PARADISE or the SEED and LABOR that PRODUCES PARADISE, you are left with a WOMAN who’s BEING is AVAILABLE to be used to PRODUCE LIFE for WHATEVER SEEDS are sown into her, just like HAWAH. Y’all remember the story of LOT’S WIFE and how she was turned into a PILLAR of SALT because she LOOKED back at the CITIES of SODOM and GOMORRAH BURNING because of their WICKEDNESS. Why did she look back? She was EMOTIONALLY CONNECTED to that city and the PEOPLE in it. It was a PARADISE of a SORT for her. So what you see with her looking back and being turned into a PILLAR of SALT is her RECEIVING the REWARD of what REALITY her EMOTIONAL/PSYCHOLOGICAL being was YOKED to. So we see that her being YOKED to that REALITY CREATED a CERTAIN ACTION within her GENETICS that was COMPLETELY OUTSIDE of the REALITY and PLAN that The Most High had for her. But ULTIMATELY did The Most High KNOW that she would LOOK back? Of course he did, matter of fact HIM telling them NOT to LOOK back was him WEEDING out THOSE that would REPRODUCE that REALITY because THEY ARE EMOTIONALLY YOKED TO IT.

HAWAH was TEMPTED by the SERPENT and she was TEMPTED with the PROMISE of being like the GODS. So because of her LACK of being SEEDED by ADOM and FEELING VULNERABLE in this REALITY, she wanted an IDENTITY that SHE COULD CONTROL her OWN LIFE and WHAT IT PRODUCED. So with her HUSBAND GONE and her feeling VULNERABLE, her IDENTITY of the EMBODIMENT of PARADISE for ADOM had NO LIFE LEFT in it. Now this NEW IDENTITY that her MIND HAS GRAVITATED toward, an IDENTITY that SHE has CONTROL over her OWN LIFE(INDEPENDENCE) is STROKED with the ILLUSION of a PARADISE being OBTAINED through it. What do I mean? Remember she was the GENETIC EMBODIMENT of PARADISE, so WHATEVER IDENTITY and REALITY she is CONFINED to HER GENETICS will AUTOMATICALLY try to MAKE IT A PARADISE. So the SERPENT showin up talkin his shit is SOUNDING a WHOLE LOT like a PARADISE for HER, correct? I mean this nigga just promised her the WORLD and the ABILITY to control it. For the INDEPENDENT WOMAN THAT’S PARADISE… So we see that SHE was COMPLETELY EMOTIONALLY HOOKED to the SERPENT. She HAD RETAINED an IDENTITY that HE had the POWER to CONTROL, and it CAME with ALL the FAMILIAR FEELINGS of PARADISE attached to it. So what are we SEEING? The WHOLE COURSE of LIFE for MANKIND changed through EMOTIONS being YOKED to shit that ain’t got NOTHING to do with the REALITY that you were CREATED in.

So access to your EMOTIONS for LUCIFER is access to your LIFE. As I said yesterday once your EMOTIONS are HARNESSED YO BLACK ASS IS A STATISTIC, IT’S JUST THAT SIMPLE. Now like I said YESTERDAY, NOAH NOT being YOKED to the REALITY that ORIGINATED with the MIND of the BEINGS that were on the EARTH at the TIME is what CAUSED him to be OBEDIENT to The Most High. So instead of his ACTIONS being SEEN as RIGTHEOUSNESS, the way it should be viewed is his GENETICS and them being YOKED to The Most High and the REALITY that HE DWELLS in is what MADE his ACTIONS RIGHTEOUS. Big difference huh? In this understanding he’s NOT EVERYBODIES HERO and the SAVIOR OF THE WORLD is he? He’s a man who was the TRUE REPRESENTATION of his CREATION and the REALITY he BELONGED to…

Tomorrow we continue our course



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