Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about NOAH NOT being EMOTIONALLY YOKED to the REALITY of the BEINGS that The Most High was set to destroy and HOW it equaled LIFE for him. Then we talked about LOT’S WIFE who WAS EMOTIONALLY YOKED to the PEOPLE and CITIES that The Most High was SET to DESTROY and how SHE was DESTROYED with them.

So what we are seeing with this is RIGHTEOUSNESS and UNRIGHTEOUSNESS being YOKED to CERTAIN REALITIES that the MIND operates in. Now let me ask you this, with the REALITY that HAWAH was TEMPTED into because of her HUSBAND’S ABANDONMENT, was she STILL ADOM’S WIFE? I mean of course because of her ADULTERY ADOM has LEGAL RITES of COMPLETELY DIVORCING her. MOST of us brothers INCLUDING myself thinkin, SHIIIIDDD HAWAH MFKIN ASS woulda been cooked… She woulda been stuck wit evil ass nigga… So with NOT only the JEALOUSY and TERRITORIAL NATURE of The Most High YAH AND MANKIND, WHY do you think The Most High FORCED her BACK into the REALITY of her HUSBAND?… Because HER SIN and EVIL was a RESULT of HIS ABANDONMENT… So ultimately ADOM is FORCED to be CONFINED to the REALITY of his OWN CREATION. So what that means is ADOM’S ABANDONMENT of his IDENTITY was NOT outweighed by HAWAH’S ADULTERY and EVIL. So what is this saying to us? It’s saying that The Most High sees HAWAH’S ACTIONS as a MANKIND ISSUE and NOT just a HAWAH issue. Again HAWAH was where she was SUPPOSED to be and she became a VICTIM of her HUSBAND’S actions along with her OWN DESIGN of NEEDING to be SEEDED and LABORED by him. Now let’s look at LOT’S WIFE and their SITUATION. She got turned into a PILLAR of SALT for her REBELLION, and LOT didn’t even turn back to CHECK ON HER BLACK ASS, what’s the DIFFERENCE? LOT was EXACTLY where he was SUPPOSED to be, doing EXACTLY what he is SUPPOSED to be doing, CONFINED to the REALITY of his OBEDIENCE to The Most High written in his GENETICS. Matter of fact it is written that LOT VEXED(tormented) his RIGHTEOUS SOUL/MIND DAILY by staying in that city. What is being said about his SOUL/MIND being RITGHTEOUS? MEANING it was IN RITE STANDINGS with The Most High. NOT because he was THINKING the RITE things, but because HIS PSYCHOLOGICAL GENETICS(MIND) were DESIGN and GIVEN by The Most High. His SOUL/MIND being RIGHTEOUS is what ALLOWED for HIM to RECEIVE the WORD and RESPOND to it, and he DID NOT ALLOW for it to be EMOTIONALLY YOKE it to the PEOPLE of those cities and THEIR REALITY. But back to my point… So LOT’S WIFE is turned into a PILLAR of salt and he just kept walking. Remember what we said the VOICE/WORD of The Most High DOES, it SEPARATES REALITIES, correct? What REALITY was LOT YOKED to? And what REALITY was his WIFE YOKED to?

So we have the picture of TWO RIGHTEOUS MEN and both of them havin some SERIOUS woman trouble. HAWAH is PUNISHED but she is ALLOWED to live the rest of her out, and I’m sure we could ALL agree within our own minds that HAWAH’S ACTIONS of REBELLION FAR outweighed LOT’S WIFE but they BOTH are OBVIOUSLY in REBELLION, so let’s bust down the DIFEERENCE. See HAWAH being EXACTLY where SHE was supposed to be, THEN falling into TEMPTATION because of what her HUSBAND is NOT doing properly, says WHAT? HAWAH’S REBELLION was AGAINST her HUSBAND and the IDENTITY HE EMBRACED outside of HIS CREATION. The IDENTITY that created a PARADISE around her and ALLOWED for her to RETAIN the IDENTITY of her CREATION. LOT’S WIFE on the OTHER hand REBELLED AGAINST the VOICE/WORD of The Most High and the LAW written in her GENETICS. So that means is BECAUSE of her being YOKED EMOTIONALLY to the REALITY that the PEOPLE in SODOM and GOMORRAH CREATED, that CREATED her into someone that was NOT a TRUE REPRESENTATION of her GENETICS. AND THIS is what ALLOWED for her to REBEL AGAINST The Most High in the PHYSICAL REALM causing her DEMISE. So we see that the ACTUAL REBELLION of HAWAH even though STILL CAUSED DEATH to MANKIND and she STILL RECEIVED PUNISHMENT for it, MANKIND as a WHOLE had to SUFFER because ADOM FACILITATED it with his LACK.

So ADOM NOT GUADING the GARDEN of his WIFE and OBVIOUSLY NOT TILLING the GROUND of his WIFE FORCED her into a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT IDENTITY, which FACILITATED a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT REALITY to be PRESENTED to her and EMBRACED. So the GREATEST EVIL that a woman could do to her HUSBAND is NOT HANDLED in the SAME way that being EMOTIONALLY YOKED to a REALITY that you were NOT CREATED in is HANDLED, because of WHERE the MAN is and EXACTLY WHAT IDENTITY he is RETAINING. So it’s safe to say that the RIGHTEOUSNESS that the PSYCHOLOGICAL GENETICS of MANKIND is given and DESIGNED to operate in in the IDENTITY and REALITY it was CREATED to OPERATE in is what gives a MAN his AUTHORITY and RITES to the THROWN he was given? What do I mean? ADOM was THE FIRST MAN, or The Most High’s FIRST SON, so it’s EASY to say that ADOM was his PRIDE and JOY, correct? I mean The Most High COMMUNED with him in the COOL OF THE DAY, GAVE the MAN a PARADISE to live in, GAVE him something nice and “CHOCOLATE” for a WIFE. He LOVED ADOM as HIMSELF so he CROWNED him KING… But in the END ADOM LOST it ALL. He lost his WOMAN in the UNDERSTANDING that she is now SUBJECT to the MIND of the SERPENT, he lost his KINGDOM(paradise) on ALL LEVELS. And after ALL that he lost his SON to the SON of the SERPENT. And ALL of this was LOST because ADOM LEFT THE IDENTITY HE WAS GIVEN which is what changed REALITY for not only HIMSELF, but for EVERYONE that belonged to him. So this is showing us that even KING is CONFINED to a CERTAIN IDENTITY and CERTAIN REALITY.

I have said before when LUCIFER tempted the KING in the WILDERNESS while he was fasting, he tempted him with ALL the KINGDOM’S of the world and the GLORY of them(riches and status) if he would just bow down to him. Now what you HAVE to UNDERSTAND about the GENETICS of a KING. ALL OF HIS GENETICS ON ALL LEVELS SCREAM EXACTLY WHAT HE IS, meaning YOU WILL NEVER be able to make a TRUE KING see himself as ANYTHING LESS THAN A KING, PERIOD… Now the KING was LEAD into the WILDERNESS by the SPIRIT, which LITERALLY means HE DIDN’T have ANY SAY SO in it. But what it ALSO means is he WAS NOT PREPARED for it, it was NOT PLANNED. SO he didn’t pack a LUNCH, he didn’t bring no extra money or clothes, NOTHING. He was LEAD into the WILDERNESS so he COULD EARN RITES to the TITLE GIVEN to his GENETICS. But anyway, He is in the WILDERNESS hungry, MAYBE COLD and of course he was TIRED because he didn’t EAT for FORTY DAYS. So he was being PUSHED to his LIMITS… But let’s take a LOOK at HOW he was PUSHED. EVEN though he is KING and ALL of his GENETICS on ALL LEVELS are SCREAMING that at him, he is lead into quite possibly the WORST experience of his LIFE up until that point, or at least one of them. So when LUCIFER came to tempt him with the promise of giving him ALL the KINGDOM’S of the WORLD and the GLORY of them, what EXACTLY is going on? See true TEMPTATION is LITERALLY TAILOR MADE, it’s NOT this bullshit people running around here talkin about they being tempted with. TRUE TEMPTATION speaks to ALL of your FACULTIES on ALL levels and is DESIGNED to FORCE you into a REALITY that is HARD to DISCERN between GOOD and EVIL. The KING being TEMPTED with KINGDOMS AND the GLORY of them when the ONE WHO CROWNED him KING LEAD him into one of the WORST EXPERIENCES of his LIFE is SAYING that he is being TEMPTED to FORSAKE his POST and ORDERS as KING in ONE REALITY for a POSTION as a KING in ANOTHER REALITY. But the OBVIOUS catch is he has to bow himself to LUCIFER. But my point is, HIS IDENTITY is GIVEN to him by The Most High YAH in the REALITY that The Most High and MANKIND DWELLS in, but HIS IDENTITY in the PHYSICAL REALM at that PRESENT time was one of a MAN HOMELESS, HUNGRY and TIRED. Do you see the WAR that LUCIFER is bringing to the KING’S MIND and IDENTITY? He could HAVE had the PARADISE/KINGDOM that was ON FIRE in ALL of his GENETICS as OPPOSED to HOMELESS, HUNGRY and TIRED. But OF COURSE the KING RESISTED LUCIFER and his REALITY of KING that he was PRESENTING because HE was CROWNED KING by The Most High YAH in the REALITY that The Most High DWELLS.

In bowing HIMSELF to LUCIFER the KING would NO DOUBTEDLY changed his IDENTITY from KING of the EARTH and the REALITY that MANKIND was CREATED and DESIGNED for. Which is EXACTLY what being the ALPHA nd OMEGA means. It means he the FIRST and the LAST, so HE ENCOMPASSES ALL OF THE REALITY of MANKIND and it’s IDENTITY. Just like ADOM did as KING and FATHER of MANKIND before he lost it. So we see that that AUTORITY as NOT ONLY KING, but MAN in general is CONFINED to a CERTAIN IDENTITY and REALITY being RETAINED, it has NOTHING to do with you just CALLING yourself one or thinkin you are one. That IDENTITY being RETAINED equaled LIFE for LOT and it equaled KINGSHIP for MY KING and LIFE EVERLASTING. So ULTIMATELY what we are seeing is the THROWN BEING EARNED and RETAINED through CERTAIN GENETICS and the REALITY that the TRUE IDENTITY that those GENETICS PRODUCE and NOTHING ELSE…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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