Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about the REBELLION of HAWAH and LOT’S wife and the WAY their REBELLION was handled by The Most High. We also talked about the KING being tempted by LUCIFER in the WILDERNESS with an IDENTITY and REALITY of KING, but OBVIOUSLY it was NOT the REALITY of KING he was CREATED and DESIGNED for.

So yesterday we talked about how HAWAH’S REBELLION although MUCH more GREVIOUS than LOT’S WIFE she was ALLOWED to live the rest of her life out in the PHYSICAL even though she was confined to a LIFE of BONDAGE. And LOT’S wife was IMMEDIATELY killed for JUST LOOKING at something that she was told NOT to LOOK at. We talked about how THEIR HUSBAND’S had something to do with HOW they were HANDLED. ADOM who ABANDONED his IDENTITY and RESPONSIBILITIES to the WOMAN that The Most High HAND CRAFTED for him is FORCED to live in a REALITY of DEATH and BONDAGE. And LOT who DID NOT ABANDON his IDENTITY or his WOMAN was SPARED from DESTRUCTION, but DID lose his wife. We ALSO talked about NOAH who OBVIOUSLY DID NOT ABANDON his IDENTITY and DID NOT ALLOW for HIMSELF to be EMOTIONALLY YOKED to any of the PEOPLE that The Most High YAH was SET to DESTROY and their REALITY, and HOW it EQUALED SALVATION for him and ALL that BELONGED to him. As we ESTABLISHED a FEW days ago, the VOICE/WORD of The Most High YAH SEPARATES REALITIES. The VOICE of YAH speaks to YOUR GENETICS, the TRUTH of YOUR IDENTITY and he sets ORDERS based on THAT, NOT how YOU or ANYONE ELSE FEELS about a SITUATION.

It is WRITTEN to the ROMANS(GENTILES) 2 v12, “THOSE that have sinned without LAW shall PERISH without LAW, and as MANY as have sinned within the LAW shall be JUDGED by the LAW. v13 For NOT the HEARS of the LAW are just before YAH, but the DOERS of the LAW shall be JUSTIFIED. v14 For when GENTILES, which DO NOT have the LAW, do by NATURE the things CONTAINED in the LAW, these, having NOT the LAW, are a LAW unto THEMSELVES. So WHAT LAW is being talked about here? OBVIOUSLY he is talking about the LAW of The Most High YAH that is WRITTEN in the GENETICS of MANKIND because he refers to GENTILES and THEIR NATURAL STATE MIMICING those that HAVE the LAW. When you read the WORD LAW in scripture you have to understand there was a LAW WRITTEN for us HEBREWS that was given before we were REDEEMED BACK to The Most High YAH through the SACRIFICE of the KING YAHUSHUA. And that LAW was WRITTEN to give us GUIDELINES in which to BEHAVE ourselves because we had NO CONNECTION to our GENETICS or the MIND that our GENETICS NATURALLY PRODUCED because of the DEATH of the MIND we experienced BACK in the GARDEN. Then there is the LAW that was GIVEN to our GENETICS, the LAW WRITTEN in our HEARTS and MINDS that LEAD us into the will and OBEDIENCE of The Most High YAH. What HAS to also be UNDERSTOOD is that referring to LAW in this UNDERSTANDING he is referring to the REALITY that the LAW CREATES for you to OPERATE IN. So here SHAOUL/PAUL is saying to the ROMANS(GENTILES), THOSE that are OUTSIDE the LAW or the REALITY that the LAW PRODUCES, THEY shall be JUDGED WITHOUT LAW. MEANING DESTRUCTION without ANY REGARD because the REALITY that the LAW PRODUCES is COMPLETELY OUTSIDE of their GRASP. And as MANY as have SINNED WITHIN the LAW, shall be judged BY THE LAW. And what that means is, IF YOU were OPERATING within the REALITY that the LAW PROVIDES by YOU being OBEDIENT to the LAW WRITTEN in your GENETICS, then YOUR ACTIONS will be JUDGED by that SAME LAW. What that means is COMPLETE DESTRUCTION may NOT be the PENALTY for your ACTIONS, just like HAWAH. She was OPERATING within the LAW of her GENETICS when she DECEIVED and FORCED into a DIFFERENT REALITY. Then he goes on to say WHEN GENTILES WHICH DO NOT HAVE THE LAW(WRITTEN in their GENETICS) do by NATURE the things WRITTEN in the LAW, these NOT HAVING the LAW(not having RITES to IT because of their GENETICS) are a LAW unto themselves. A better way to EXPLAIN this for those that have been READING. Remember the other day when were talking about NOAH and that the PEOPLE of that time were mostly given to EATING, DRINKING and SEX along with MANY other things. And I said to you that MANY of you may be thinkin about those that DID NOT give themselves to that LIFE and REALITY. Well because that BEHAVIOR is NOT written in the LAW in the GENETICS of MANKIND and The Most High YAH it was WICKED in the SIGHT of YAH. So this is the REASON for the DESTRUCTION of all those PEOPLE. Now those that MAYBE had NOT given themselves to that were STILL NOT JUSTIFIED just because they were NOT doing those things. The SCRIPTURE is saying those GENTILES WERE A LAW UNTO THEMSELVES, meaning THEM refraining from that LIFESTYLE had ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING TO DO WITH The Most High YAH, and EVERYTHING to do with them COMMITTING themselves to their OWN LAW that they came up with on their OWN.

As we have talked about, HAWAH’S TRANSGRESSIONS were COMPLETELY OFF the SCALE, but the PROBLEM with that is, SHE WAS STILL COMPLETELY INSIDE the LAW when she did it. Remember she was IN THE GARDEN where she was SUPPOSED to be. She was OBEYING the LAW written in her GENETICS and DESIGN. But of course she suffered DEATH of the MIND and is PUNISHED with PAINS and TORMENT within her body revolving around CHILD BEARING and the BODIES NATURAL CYCLE in PREPARATION for conception because she GAVE herself to the SERPENT and SHE BIRTHED ONE. So what is this the PICTURE OF? BEING JUDGED BY THE LAW as OPPOSED to being JUDGED WITHOUT LAW, or JUDGED BEING OUTSIDE THE LAW. Now let’s look at LOT’S WIFE. COMPLETE DESTRUCTION with NO REGARD for LIFE in any FORM, correct? She was JUDGED WITHOUT LAW, meaning she was CAUGHT OUTSIDE the LAW and BECAUSE she was OUTSIDE the LAW, or she had GIVEN her PSYCHOLOGICAL FACULTIES(EMOTIONS) to a REALITY that was COMPLETELY outside of the REALITY she was CREATED and DESIGNED to OPERATE in, she was JUDGED without REGARD. She was SOMEWHERE she was NOT supposed to be…

So brothers EXACTLY WHAT are we seeing? we are seeing the WAY that The Most High handles the WOMAN. What do I mean? Remember I said that your NUMBER one PRIORITY is the WORK in your OWN GARDEN so that The Most High RECOGNIZES it as a PARADISE for HIM to come and DWELL with YOU? And the OBVIOUS benefit of that is YOU get to speak the VOICE/WORD of The Most High to your WOMAN. Remember what the VOICE of The Most High does, it SEPARATES REALITIES. It will separate the REALITY your woman was CREATED in, from the REALITY that she has EITHER given herself TO, or the REALITY that was FORCED onto her. HAWAH was HAND CRAFTED by the CREATOR HIMSELF and she was FORCED into a CERTAIN REALITY because HER HUSBAND was NOT OCCUPYING the REALITY he WAS CREATED to OCCUPY, so The Most High saw it FIT to SET the NATURAL ORDER BACK in PLACE and give the WOMAN JUDGEMENT ACCORDING to the LAW. LOT’S wife on the OTHER hand was YOKED to a REALITY that NEITHER her HUSBAND or The Most High BELONGED to, NOT because SHE was FORCED into it but because SHE CHOSE IT, which meant she chose to be OUTSIDE the LAW. And she was COMPLETELY REMOVED out of the WAY. There was no need for ANYTHING other than the OBEDIENCE to the LAW written in his GENETICS, which is what ALLOWED for him to HEAR the VOICE of The Most High and RESPOND to it. Let me ask y’all a QUESTION? What do you think LIFE was LIKE for LOT having a WIFE like he did? What do I mean? It’s written that LOT’S RIGHTEOUS MIND/SOUL was in TORMENT DAILY just LIVING in that CITY seeing and HEARING ALL the BULLSHIT that was going on. But his WIFE on the other hand was OBVIOUSLY EMOTIONALLY YOKED to the PEOPLE and the CITY itself. So that means that SHE was LIVING in a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT REALITY then the ONE HER HUSBAND lived in and by COMPLETELY DIFFERENT LAWS. So it’s EASY to say that a WOMAN like this was ACCUSTOM to NOT SUBMITTING to her HUSBAND’S LAW and LEADERSHIP, correct? Which IS NOT the WAY that WOMAN was CREATED to BEHAVE, HAWAH was DESIGNED to RECEIVE SEED from her HUSBAND and to be CULTIVATED BY her HUSBAND, correct? So LOT’S WIFE ain’t even a TRUE REPRESENTATION of a WOMAN from THAT understanding.

Those that ACTUALLY READ SCRIPTURE know that LOT had TWO DAUGHTERS. Daughters are the REPRESENTATION of their MOTHERS, MEANING the WOMAN MULTIPLIES the FEMENINE IDENTITY of the IMAGE of The Most High into the DAUGHTER, just like the MAN does to the SON. Y’all remember what LOT’S DAUGHTERS did to him SHORTLY AFTER their MOTHER being KILLED. LOT’S SOUL/MIND was RIGHTEOUS so the EVIL and SEXUAL PERVERSION that his DAUGHTER’S PRODUCED HAD to be a PICTURE of a MULTIPLICATION of their MOTHER. Which MAKES perfect sense if she was YOKED to the PEOPLE that LIVED in OBVIOUS SEXUAL PERVERSION. When you study SODOM and GOMORRAH and ALL that was GOING on in those cities as far as their CUSTOMS and LAWS that they LIVED by, you will see that a WHOLE lot more than HOMOSEXUALITY was going on there. And THIS is WHAT LOT’S wife EMBRACED. So she was REMOVED for a REALITY she gave herself to, a REALITY COMPLETELY outside of her HUSBAND. So we see that the OBJECTIVE for the SERPENT IF you do NOT BARE his GENETICS is to AT LEAST DECEIVE YOU into his REALITY, the REALITY HE CONTROLS being the GOD of THIS WORLD/REALITY. And the ONLY thing that can DO ANYTHING for the DISCERNMENT of REALITIES is OBVIOUSLY the VOICE of The Most High YAH…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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