Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about us brothers and the way we IGNORE our EMOTIONAL/PSYCHOLOGICAL being and are ULTIMATELY OVERTAKEN by it for that very same reason. And how we JUST like our BEAUTIFUL SISTERS WILL gravitate towards the REALITY of our EMOTIONS and BUILD a TRUTH/WORLD/REALITY around THEM just like our WOMAN.

Yesterday MANY of us brothers were shown JUST how EASY it is for us to BUILD and SUPPORT an IDENTITY and UNDERSTANDING COMPLETELY OUTSIDE the REALM of TRUTH, STRICTLY based on our EMOTIONS and the WAY they CAUSE for us to INTERPRET REALITY. But we VERY EASILY condemn our SISTERS for this VERY same IMBALANCE when their NATURAL DESIGN, COUPLED with OUR LACK of RECOGNIZING that DESIGN and BUILDING them ACCORDING to that is what CREATES the IMBALANCE for them in MOST cases. Would y’all call that a REALITY that we brothers OFTEN OPERATE in, a REALITY CREATED by the IDENTITY of a MAN that WE EMBRACE OUTSIDE the one GIVEN to our GENETICS? OF COURSE it is… I want to talk to y’all a LITTLE BIT about the FALLEN MAN and the WAY he OFTEN INTERPRETS the WORLD. ADOM FELL before he actually ATE off of the TREE. The eating off the TREE in the FIRST place is EVIDENCE of that fact. What is DEATH of the MIND, it’s a CERTAIN REALITY, correct? DEATH is the REALITY that is the polar OPPOSITE of LIFE, so DEATH is the REALITY that you are CONFINED to ONCE the REALITY that LIFE brings no longer exists. So WHATEVER DIES NO LONGER has the OPPORTUNITY of GROWTH or ADVANCEMENT does it? ADOM LEFT his IDENTITY as the KING of his PARADISE and the ONE CREATED in the IMAGE of The Most High YAH to MULTIPLY that IMAGE on the EARTH. So we can SAY that ADOM was the SEED and HE was supposed to RETAIN his IDENTITY and MULTIPLY himself into us BROTHERS, correct? ADOM OBVIOUSLY ACQUIRED an IDENTITY OUTSIDE of the ONE that KEPT him IN THE GARDEN COVERING his WOMAN and SEEDING HER with LIFE and REAPING a HARVEST, correct?

So let’s LOOK at the TIMING, or the SEASON of DEATH. When HAWAH gave herself to the SERPENT, what IDENTITY was ADOM RETAINING? Not the one given to his GENETICS, correct? When HAWAH ate off the TREE what IDENTITY was ADOM RETAINING? Again, NOT the ONE given to his GENETICS. So when she brought the FRUIT to ADOM and he ATE IT, WHAT IDENTITY was ADOM RETAINING? NOT the ONE given to his GENETICS, correct? So we see that MAN was LOCK into an IDENTITY OUTSIDE of the ONE given to his GENETICS that KEEPS(GUARDS) the GARDEN of his WOMAN and FACILITATES LIFE to her in the WAY that we were CREATED to. So we DIED in a STATE of HAVING an IDENTITY  that DOES NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for what is OUR OWN LACK, and is COMPLETELY SEPARATE from the RESPONSIBILITY given to us to COVER our WOMAN. How do we KNOW this? What did ADOM say when questioned about HIS ACTIONS? “THE WOMAN YOU GAVE ME” This shows us that he had ABSOLUTELY NO understanding of RESPONSIBILITY to HIS OWN ACTIONS, NEITHER DID HE HAVE ANY UNDERSTANDING OF RESPONSIBILITY CONCERNING HIS WOMAN, and he DEAD in that STATE or was LOCKED INTO THAT IDENTITY by DEATH. So he was LOCKED into a REALITY that BLAMES THE WOMAN FOR HIS LACK… So when we see that it is WRITTEN that HAWAH BROUGHT or GAVE her HUSBAND the FRUIT, it means that there was a CONSCIOUS EFFORT to BRINGING him this fruit, she DIDN’T just so happen to have some extra FRUIT laying around, THIS WAS DELIBERATE. Remember the WHOLE OBJECTIVE for the SERPENT is to STEAL the GENETICS of the WOMAN and DESRTOY ADOM in a WAY that he is NO LONGER a THREAT to HIM and his LINEAGE. How do we KNOW that? What did The Most High say to the SERPENT? I WILL put ENMITY between YOU and the MAN, and BETWEEN YOUR SEED and the MAN’S SEED. He will BRUISE your HEAD and YOU will BRUISE his HEEL. I have written to you in the PAST that IT NEVER said WOMAN and the way we KNOW this is BECAUSE the WOMAN DOES NOT EVER HAVE SEED. It was changed for the PURPOSE of DECEPTION. But back to my point… This is HOW we KNOW that the INTENTION of the SERPENT was to RENDER MAN COMPLETELY INEFFECTIVE in ANY way to RESPOND to WHAT was DONE. The Most High BASICALLY tells him that he WILL NOT WIN THE WAR that he STARTED and he will get his HEAD CRUSHED.  HAWAH is LEAD to give ADOM FRUIT that will OF COURSE bring DEATH of the MIND to the MAN, but let’s LOOK at EXACTLY what the MAN is BEING LOCKED into.

He is BEING LOCKED into a STATE of PSYCHOLOGICAL and EMOTIONAL SEPARATION from the WOMAN. In other words he was CAUGHT at a TIME and LOCKED into an IDENTITY that KEEPS him from RECOGNIZING his DUTY and RESPONSIBILITY to his WOMAN. And THAT IS EXTREMELY CONVENIENT for the SERPENT isn’t IT. The MAN is LOCKED into a CHILD LIKE STATE or IDENTITY where he has NO ABILITY to RECOGNIZE the NEEDS and CARE of his WOMAN ABOVE his very OWN. So in other words he DIED in an IDENTITY that KEPT him COMPLETELY NONE EFFECT concerning the LAWS and RESPONSIBILITIES of his GENETICS as CONCERNING PROTECTING, SEEDING and LABORING for the LIFE of his WOMAN… Now I want y’all to LOOK around yourselves and EVEN in your OWN LIFE, DO YOU SEE THIS? The WOMAN is in BONDAGE to the SERPENT and the MAN is in BONDAGE to an IDENTITY that KEEPS him COMPLETELY INEFFECTIVE to ANYTHING concerning his WOMAN and what she PRODUCES. Do you STILL think it just ENDED UP like THIS?… DEATH of the MIND, NO ABILITY to GRAVITATE TOWARD ANYTHING LIFE giving. It would be LIFE giving if ALL of us BROTHERS took RESPONSIBILITY for WHAT we were GIVEN AND WHO we REALLY are. But AGAIN we were LOCKED into an IDENTITY SEEPARATE from that REALITY to some degree or another. The Most High told ADOM that he would TILL the GROUND OUTSIDE the GARDEN, or the GARDEN of his MIND and it would BARE THORNS and THISTLES. That is a PICTURE of PUTTING ENERGY and WORK OUTSIDE of the MIND/IDENTITY you were GIVEN and it will BARE you ONLY things that are COMPLETELY USELESS to you. BASICALLY he was FORCED into a MIND/IDENTITY he WAS NOT CREATED and DESIGNED for and IT WILL BARE NOTHING BUT BULLSHIT, as opposed to the GARDEN or PARADISE that he was CREATED to REAP a HARVEST from EVERY SINGLE TIME he sowed SEED into it. It would be VERY USEFUL if we had OUR IDENTITY back WOULDN’T it? That would put a WHOLE of shit BACK in it’s PROPER PLACE wouldn’t it, INCLUDING the IDENTITY that CAUSES us to ELEVATE ourselves above the REALITY that our WOMAN is a PRODUCT of our OWN CREATION and LACK and NO ONE ELSE…

So we see that HAWAH was NOT ONLY LEFT COMPLETELY UNCOVERED by an IDENTITY that ADOM embraced OUTSIDE of HIS GENETICS, which caused for his RESPONSIBILITY to her to become OPTIONAL. But we see that MANKIND DIED in that state of being COMPLETELY PSYCHOLOGICALLY, EMOTIONALLY and SPIRITUALLY SEPARATE and ALIENATED from her. THIS is WHY it was so easy for MANY of us brothers to KNOW that what HAWAH did was a RESULT of OUR OWN LACK and BULLSHIT, but STILL FEEL(EMOTIONS) COMPLETELY JUSTIFIED in JUDGING her with ABSOLUTELY NO REGARD for WHAT the ACTUAL CAUSE was. This my brothers is the IDENTITY that was MADE AVAILABLE to our GENETICS by ADOM and the DEATH he CAUSED. This is WHY the KING was SENT and SACRIFICED, FOR us to have LIFE and HAVE IT MORE ABUNDANTLY. In other words he was SENT so that WHATEVER you GRAVITATE TOWARD will PRODUCE LIFE, he is SAYING you will NEVER RUN out of IT. It will LEAD you back to the IDENTITY of your CREATION, the IDENTITY that CREATES the REALITY of PARADISE around your WOMAN and those that BELONG to you. The IDENTITY that CREATES a DWELLING for The Most High in YOUR GARDEN. See we can THINK that we are ALL together because THIS world/reality has it’s STANDARDS of what TOGETHER means, but I KNOW this spoke to your GENETICS. As long as we live to OPERATE within the IDENTITY that has been FORCED onto us, OUR REALITY will ONLY BE the ILLUSION that it has ALWAYS been for us HAVING NO CONNECTION to our OWN REALITY, the REALITY of PARADISE given to our GENETICS…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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