Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked the REALITY that MANKIND is LOCKED into, a REALITY that has rendered the MAN COMPLETELY SEPARATE and of NONE EFFECT to his woman PSYCHOLOGICALLY, EMOTIONALLY and SPIRITUALLY. Which happen to be ALL the FACULTIES NECESSARY in her GARDEN to CONNECT to the GROUND of her BEING and CULTIVATE LIFE.

Yesterday we talked about ADOM being LOCKED into a CHILD LIKE STATE when he ATE from the TREE of ALL KNOWLEDGE, and is in EFFECT RENDERED almost COMPLETELY USELESS to HER and HIMSELF in MANY ways. So what we see with the MAN being GIVEN the FRUIT by his WOMAN as I have SAID before is the PICTURE of ROLE REVERSAL within the MIND of MANKIND. You have the PICTURE of the WOMAN GIVING her HUSBAND an IDENTITY of one that RECEIVES SEED from HER as OPPOSED to the OTHER WAY AROUND. But EXACTLY WHO is that seed coming from? So the REALITY of DEATH that HAWAH is CONFINED to ULTIMATELY is FORCED onto the MAN, or shall we say he is GIVEN a REALITY that is CONTROLLED by the SERPENT JUST LIKE HIS WIFE. SLAVERY?… So we see that MANKIND as a WHOLE is COMPLETELY ENSLAVED to a REALITY that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with his GENETICS, PARADISE or The Most High YAH the CREATOR and FATHER of us HEBREW PEOPLE. So because we DO NOT possess the IDENTITY that was GIVEN to our GENETICS we can NOT PRODUCE the REALITY that OUR GENETICS was CREATED to PRODUCE. So brothers the IDENTITY that we OFTEN GRAVITATE TOWARDS, the IDENTITY that BELIEVES it can CREATE a CASE against our WOMAN and BELIEVE that it is JUSTIFIED because this IDENTITY has the EMOTIONS and REALITY to BACK IT, is EVIDENCE of WHAT? THAT CHILD LIKE STATE OF MIND THAT WE ACQUIRED FROM ADOM… Remember I said the other day that HAWAH’S REBELLION was NOT seen as REBELLION against the WORD of The Most High like LOT’S wife? EVEN though HAWAH was the VEHICLE USED to DELIVER DEATH to MANKIND, HAWAH’S REBELLION was against the IDENTITY that her HUSBAND EMBRACED OUTSIDE of HER that caused for her IDENTITY and REALITY to CHANGE. This is why MANKIND as a WHOLE had to SUFFER and NOT just HAWAH. So ADOM CREATED his VERY OWN DEATH, but he blames his WOMAN because he was in a PLACE that HE didn’t RECOGNIZE his OWN AUTHORITY and KINGSHIP.

Y’all REMEMBER the OTHER DAY we talked the KING being TEMPTED in the WILDERNESS by LUCIFER, and how that he was TEMPTED with an ILLUSION of KING but it was NOT FROM The Most High so it WAS NOT a KING according to his GENETICS that he was being TEMPTED with? In other words THIS is a MAN that has KING SCREAMING at him from ALL of his GENETICS on ALL LEVELS PHYSICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL, and SPIRITUAL. And he KNOWS he IS KING OF THE EARTH, but he is TEMPTED WITH being KING of THE EARTH in a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT REALITY and UNDERSTANDING than the KING of HIS GENETICS. What are we seeing a PICTURE of? He the SON of MANKIND/ADOM, correct? He has COME for the PURPOSE of REDEEMING MANKIND BACK to The Most High, correct? So HE had to be TEMPTED in ALL POINTS and OVERCOME them if HE is to GAIN the TITLE and AUTHORITY as KING before The Most High. PEOPLE think that the KING being TEMPTED in ALL POINTS MEANS that he was LITTERALLY tempted with EVERY SINGLE EVIL known to MAN. That is JUST NOT TRUE. What being TEMPTED in ALL POINTS REALLY MEANS is that HE WAS TEMPTED WITHOUT any HELP because of WHO he was and he was STILL WITHOUT SIN(AGAINST The Most High). So he didn’t get ANY SPECIAL PREVILAGES because he is SON of The Most High even though HIS WHOLE LIFE he got HELL THROWN AT HIM and NOT just the WILDERNES, he EARNED his CROWN. That’s what’s being said. You can ONLY be TEMPTED with what YOUR GENETICS GRAVITATE TOWARDS, weather it be because of an ACQUIRED taste DEVELOPED, or by RITES GIVEN by YOU or because of SOMETHING that goes FAR past what YOU had ANYTHING to do with. So the KING HAS to be TEMPTED with KING, you can’t TEMPT his GENETICS and MIND with ANYTHING LESS. This is the ONLY REALITY that would have COMPLETELY CHANGED his IDENTITY.

So back to my QUESTION, the KING being TEMPTED by LUCIFER with being the KING of the EARTH when it was ALREADY GIVEN to HIS GENETICS by The Most High is a PICTURE of WHAT? It’s a PICTURE of ULTIMATELY what HAPPENED to ADOM… He was CREATED and CROWNED KING in the IDENTITY of the GENETICS that he was GIVEN, but he LEFT that IDENTITY ULTIMATELY LEAVING his KINGDOM and his QUEEN COMPLETELY uncovered for the SERPENT to come and STEAL. This is HOW LUCIFER got the be GOD of the EARTH to BEGIN with, he STOLE it from ADOM. But anyway, he is TEMPTED by KING in a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT IDENTITY and REALITY. How do we KNOW this? You brothers that FELT(EMOTIONS) some type of way about HAWAH’S SIN and would have let her REAP the BENEFIT of DEATH KNOWING that her SINS were ONLY because of OUR LACK, WHAT GAVE YOU the AUTHORITY to ELEVATE YOURSELF SO HIGH? What ALLOWED for YOU to JUSTIFY your ACTIONS as “FOR THE GREATER GOOD” while the WOMAN that YOU are RESPONSIBLE FOR, the WOMAN that came out of your VERY FLESH is CONDEMNED to DEATH. Would that be the ILLUSION of AUTHORITY given to an IDENTITY of KING that is COMPLETELY OUTSIDE of the UNDERSTANDING and REALITY of KING given to your GENETICS? Of course it is… ABSOLUTELY NO CONSCIOUSNESS of the REALITY of KING that makes YOU and ONLY YOU RESPONSIBLE for what goes on in YOUR KINGDOM the WAY you were CREATED. ADOM SLAVED for that WOMAN, and he was KING over her, HE WORKED FOR IT and EARNED IT. But he has NO CONNECTION with RESPONSIBILITY to the CAUSE of HER ACTIONS, instead when HE is APPROACHED by The Most High FIRST because he was KING, the ONE RESPONSIBLE that THEIR GENETICS see LIFE, and he ELEVATES HIMSELF above the REALITY of KING in his GENETICS to a REALITY of KING that BELONGS to a MUCH DIFFERENT IDENTITY.

Ultimately BROTHERS you were ABLE to CONDEMN HAWAH so EASILY because of WHO and WHERE YOU got your UNDERSTANDING and IDENTITY of KING… And as we can SEE, THIS is the REALITY that TRUE KINGS live in, TEMPTATION of a REALITY of KING that is COMPLETELY DISCONNECTED from the WOMAN and the KINGDOM GIVEN to your GENETICS. AN ILLUSION OF KING… I asked the other day if there was ANY HEALING in that REALITY? ABSOLUTELY NOT… What you HAVE to UNDERSTAND that was MADE VERY CLEAR for ADOM is, the ILLUSION of KING is what RENDERED him COMPLETELY POWERLESS over even YOUR OWN GENETICS, so WHAT you think you FINNA do for somebody ELSE? Give them an ILLUSION of HEALING like we been TRAINED to do and like we BEEN DOING. This is ALSO why we are so QUICK to JUDGE WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING any and EVERYBODY, we have been made into KINGS that OPERATE ONLY in the ILLUSION of KING, or a REALITY COMPLETELY DISCONNECTED from the REALM of TRUTH. So we STILL have the ABILITY to HOLD FAST to an IDENTITY of KING, but it’s NOT the IDENTITY of KING GIVEN to YOUR GENETICS. ADOM WORKED for the PLEASURE and LIFE of his WOMAN, or for the PARADISE that she COULD ENJOY and would bring him, but OBVIOUSLY the PARADISE/KINGDOM that he worked so hard FOR and would have had to CONTINUE working for the LIFE of had BECOME a BURDEN for him because he EMBRACED KINGSHIP in a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT IDENTITY and UNDERSTANDING. An IDENTITY and UNDERSTANDING that HE FELT(EMOTIONS) he had RITES to, NOT because it was GIVEN to him, BUT BECAUSE HE WAS THE MAN…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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