Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about the REALITY that HAWAH was FORCED to build based on ADOM’S OBVIOUS INSTABILITY, and how that ULTIMATELY he reaped a HARVEST of INSTABILITY that he WAS NOT PREPARED FOR.

There is a PRINCIPALITY written in the HEAVENLIES that PROTECTS the IDENTITY and REALITY CREATED by The Most High and his image. What do I mean by that? There are LAWS SURROUNDING BEARING the IMAGE of The Most High within the GENETICS of MANKIND. So what that means is, YOU WILL be a TRUE REPRESENTATION or YOU will be REMOVED, PERIOD. SEE in the REALITY that the SERPENT PROVIDES you don’t HAVE to be a TRUE REPRESENTATION of ANYTHING, as LONG as YOU are an ENERGY SOURCE you can get in and ride that mfka ALL DAY. So the WAY that it works is, YOU WILL WORK to RETAIN the IMAGE of The Most High, it IS NOT FREE, but you will REAP the BENEFIT of GETTING the PRESENCE of The Most High YAH within your GARDEN leading you to LIFE and PARADISE. But if you BARE the GENETICS of The Most High and you are FOUND NOT WORTHY or LACKING, YOU get a COMPLETELY different REALITY. I believe that ADOM got wrapped up in his ILLUSION of a KING and he felt(EMOTIONS) that because HE was the FIRST and the ONLY REPRESENTATIVE of The Most High that things OPERATED according to HIS TERMS. I believe he thought that he could PUT AWAY working so HARD for the PARADISE he was CREATED for, the PRESENCE of The Most High YAH and the PLEASURE of his WOMAN, and STILL REAP the BENEFIT of HAVING ALL of them. THE ILLUSION OF A KING?… NOTHING as concerning the GENETICS of MANKIND WORKS that way, and THAT’S a PRINCIPALITY that The Most High set in ORDER. We were CREATED with the REALITY of FREE CHOICE, WHY WOULDN’T The Most High PROTECT HIMSELF and HIS IMAGE that way?… We SEE why now OBVIOUSLY… Imagine WHAT MANKIND would do with the IMAGE, POWER and AUTHORITY that comes with BEING a TRUE REPRESENTATIN of The Most High YAH, within a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT IDENTITY, REALITY and UNDERSTANDING? Just look at HOW MANY of US would have LEFT HAWAH completely on her own and LET her DIE according to OUR OWN INSTABILITY. Now just IMAGINE if that PRINCIPALITY was NOT there in place to KEEP us from doing BULLSHIT like that SOLELY BASED ON THE FACT THAT WE FEEL…

So when I say that there are PRINCIPALITIES set in the HEAVENLIES what I’m saying is, there are LAWS WRITTEN within the GENETICS of MANKIND. One that we ALL are FAMILIAR with is “BE FRUITFUL and MULTIPLY”. That’s a PRINCIPALITY(LAW) written in our GENETICS, you CAN’T turn it OFF and YOU CAN’T take it OUT, IT’S THERE. So because of that PRINCIPALITY(LAW) you have the URGE to FIND a SPOUSE and BUILD in a WAY that your LOVE and BEAUTY towards one another causes you to CREATE LIFE within one another in a MULTIPLICITY of ways. So the LAW was WRITTEN WITHIN your GENETICS concerning the LIFE that was GIVEN to you. Another EXAMPLE is PARADISE ITSELF. The PRINCIPALITY or LAW of PARADISE was WRITTEN in the GENETICS of MANKIND, that’s why we SEEK to WORK and BUILD a PARADISE for ourselves OR are LEAD to ATTEMPT to do so. Because PARADISE was WRITTEN in your GENETICS. Dogs don’t seek PARADISE do they? LUCIFER HIMSELF doesn’t SEEK PARADISE either does he? Because it’s NOT written in their GENETICS. EVERY SINGLE GENETIC REPRESENTATION of The Most High, if they are OPERATING WITHIN their RITE MIND or IDENTITY given to their GENETICS, UNCONSCIOUSLY SEEKS to make WHATEVER situation we are THROWN into or CREATED INTO a PARADISE of a SORT. Even if YOUR situation is FAR FROM a PARADISE, YOU STILL ASPIRE TOWARDS it. This is ONE of the MANY ways you see where PEOPLE ARE in their LIFE and WHAT they ARE, do they GRAVITATE towards CREATING PARADISE for THEMSELVES and THOSE that they CARE FOR, or NOT. So we SEE just HOW the LAWS written in your GENETICS is the LAW that is GIVEN to you to CREATE a CERTAIN IMAGE. NO law of ANY RELIGION or RELIGIOUS LEADER has the POWER and AUTHORITY to WRITE LAWS within your GENETICS, so it’s NOT about BUILDING you into the IMAGE you were CREATED in, it’s about BUILDING YOU into an IMAGE they can CONTROL. Only The Most High has RITES to SAY what HIS IMAGE should look like.

So NOW that we KNOW exactly what having PRINCIPALITIES WRITTEN in your GENETICS means, what do I mean when I say that there are LAWS written in the HEAVENLIES as CONCERNING the IMAGE of The Most High BEING PROTECTED. We of course understand that the HEAVENS are MULTI-DIMENSIONAL, but what I want to mostly talk about here is the HEAVENS of your MIND and the HEAVENS that The Most High DWELLS in. The HEAVENS that The Most High dwells in is the IMAGE of The Most High DWELLING in the HEAVENS of your MIND/SOUL. So in the HEAVENS that HE DWELLS there is ONLY HIS LAW and AUTHORITY that has PLACE, correct? Meaning nothing MOVES UNLESS it’s done by HIS WILL and AUTHORITY. So when you read that “YAH BREATHED into the NOSTRAILS of MAN and MAN became a LIVING SOUL, what made HIM ALIVE? The PRESENCE of The Most High YAH and HIS MIND/SOUL, correct? But that was DONE AFTER he CREATED MAN in HIS IMAGE, correct? So once the IMAGE was CORRECT, then came LIFE… But NOT just ANY LIFE, the LIFE of The Most High YAH is NOW ALIVE in HIM. So you have ONLY a CERTAIN IMAGE being the IMAGE of The Most High YAH and you have ONLY that IMAGE receive the BREATH that CAME DIRECTLY from the BEING of The Most High. So a CERTAIN IMAGE, IDENTITY and REALITY was CREATED FIRST, then it gets the stamp of APPROVAL with LIFE and the ABIILTY to MULTIPLY it, correct? Then IMMEDIATELY after that the MAN is PLACED in a GARDEN/PARADISE. So again YOU have the PERFECT IMAGE that has GOTTEN the APPROVAL from The Most High by GIVING HIM HIS MIND/SOUL. So ADOM gets The Most High’s PHYSICAL GENETICS, MIND, the ABILITY to REPRODUCE it and PARADISE all of which he did NOTHING for up until this POINT. Then he is TOLD to WORK…

What we have is The Most High CREATING HIMSELF and a DWELLING for HIMSELF INSIDE the BEING of MAN that he just CREATED. So the HEAVENS of your MIND/SOUL, the SOUL that HE BREATHED into MAN is WHERE The Most High YAH has his THROWN set. So we have the PICTURE of the ORDER of The Most High and we get HAWAH. So we have NOTHING but the ORDER of The Most High, HIS IMAGE, IDENTITY, MIND and his PARADISE/REALITY ALL given to the GENETICS of MANKIND, which is what GAVE him the POWER and AUTHORITY as KING and RULER of the EARTH. But THEN with the FREE CHOICE ADOM LEAVES the IDENTITY given to him and the REALITY of PARADISE. So in ESSENCE what ADOM did was LEAVE HIS CREATION, meaning he is NO LONGER a TRUE REPRESENTATION of what The Most High CREATED. And as we DISCUSSED he LEFT ALL this for the ILLUSION of a KING that has NOTHING to do with his GENETICS and CREATION. The PROBLEM is the KING that is IN HIS GENETICS was CONFINED to a CERTAIN IDENTITY and REALITY and THAT is WHERE ALL the POWER AND AUTHORITY of his GENETICS LIES. So ADOM eats of the TREE of ALL KNOWLEDGE and he is given the POLAR OPPOSITE of what he was CREATED to DWELL in and PRODUCE because of the LAWS written in his GENETICS that RESTRICT him from PRODUCING ANYTHING OUTSIDE of the WILL of The Most High WITH the POWER and AUTHORITY that comes from The Most High. Those of us brothers that felt like HAWAH and LOT’s WIFE got there just DUE, can we SEE the DESTRUCTIVE NATURE of the ILLUSION of a KING and what we WOULD CREATE in the NAME of The Most High YAH if there were NOT PRINCIPALITIES/LAWS that are SET that KEEPS us FROM OBTAIN TRUE POWER and AUTHORITY in that IDENTITY and REALITY?…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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