Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about the fact that ADOM ACCEPTING an IDENTITY and REALITY that was COMPLETELY foreign to his GENETICS caused for him to COMPLETELY lose CONNECTION with his UNDERSTANDING of MANHOOD and PURPOSE for CREATION.

Like we discussed last night, ADOM locked HIMSELF into a REALITY that was COMPLETELY disconnected from his EXISTANCE and PURPOSE for CREATION and because he was LOCKED into that REALITY, guess who gets to REAP the BENEFIT of HAVING that VERY SAME REALITY available to their GENETICS? But the PROBLEM is HE DOESN’T KNOW that he’s LOCKED into a REALITY COMPLETELY FOREIGN to his GENETICS, because NOT only does the REALITY ITSELF WELCOME his MIND/SOUL it is FITTED with DEVICES that MAKE him BELIEVE that his ENERY being HARNESSED and SIPHONED is his energy being used to benefit HIM in some way. And he has REAL EMOTIONS about this or that that MAKES THIS REALIY and COURSE REAL to him. It is WRITTEN that a VIRTUOUS WOMAN’S worth is FAR above RUBIES, correct? Basically it’s a WOMAN who has VERY HIGH STANDARDS centered around MORALITY and LIFE. So would it be SAFE to say that HAWAH being FORMED straight from the FLESH of ADOM and HANDCRAFTED by YAH HIMSELF was the EXAMPLE of VIRTUOUS? I would say so… So we could VERY EASILY say that ADOM was GIVEN the TREASURE of the EARTH. She was FORMED from his OWN FLESH by The Most High, so she was CUSTOM made and FITTED JUST FOR HIM. She was DESIGNED to MULTIPLY PARADISE for him on ALL LEVELS because she was OF HIS FLESH. So what that means is, SHE COULDN’T get it wrong… A GOOD tree only bears GOOD fruit RITE? HAWAH is the FRUIT of ADOM and YAH so she was not only CREATED to MULTIPLY PARADISE, she was a REFLECTION of PARADISE ITSELF. NOTHING was GIVEN to her being IN THE REALITY she was CREATED and DESIGNED to OPERATE in that could even FORM ANYTHING OUTSIDE of what she was CREATED to PRODUCE, PARADISE… And ADOM LEAVES PARADISE and HER COMPLETELY UNCOVERED… Family lost his goddman MIND… ESPECIALLY after BEING WITHOUT HER and having to LABOR so hard and LONG for her…

But NOT ONLY does he LEAVE her COMPLETELY UNCOVERED, but he LITERALLY has NO CONNECTION to ANYTHING concerning his RESPONSIBILITY towards HER and the IDENTITY he was CREATED to RETAIN that COVERS her and YOKES HIM to The Most High YAH. So like we said YESTERDAY, his MIND has been TURNED in on ITSELF, he TRAINED himself to RECOGNIZE his GENETICS to have a MUCH DIFFERENT RESPONSIBILITY. A RESPONSIBILITY to the KING as opposed to the KINGDOM, what do I mean? Who CROWED ADOM KING, YAH correct? For the PURPOSE of MULTIPLY HIS IMAGE on the EARTH and CREATING the WHOLE EARTH into a PARADISE, correct? So ADOM was CREATED for a PURPOSE that he was to BENEFIT FROM, as OPPOSED to BEING the PURPOSE HIMSELF and ASSUMING the AUTHORITY to CHANGE it… Meaning KING in the REALITY that HE was CREATED in MEANT HE was the FIRST RESPONSIBLE for FACILITATING the MULTIPLICATION of the IMAGE of YAH and PARADISE ITSELF, and the BENEFIT was that he gets to LIVE in PARADISE with The Most High and the WOMAN that was given to him. But as we pointed out the other day, after ADOM changed his IDENTITY and is LOCKED into that UNDERSTANDING of HIMSELF we see that his RESPONSIBILITY to HIMSELF is what he RECOGNIZES as the STANDARD for his GENETICS. He doesn’t even CONNECT with PARADISE and the LABOR he put in to REALIZE it, he’s too busy BLAMING EVERYBODY ELSE FOR HIS NOT BEING WHAT HE WAS CREATED TO BE. So we see that the IDENTITY of KING that he is RETAINING has ABSOLUETLY NO CONNECTION to the IDENTITY of KING that was GIVEN to his GENETICS. Or shall we say HE REPLACED the TRUE KING with an IMPOSTER…

So he is GIVEN the GENETICS of The Most High on ALL LEVELS, GIVEN PARADISE and the WHOLE EARTH as his CANVAS, the TREASURE of the EARTH and GIFT of The Most High, HAWAH, he has UNLIMITED ACCESS to and COMMUNION with YAH and he walked away from ALL of that, WHY? I BELIEVE that ADOM SAW HIMSELF… What do I mean? BEFORE he got the WOMAN PARADISE was NOT PARADISE for him, he was ALONE. But once he GOT the WOMAN, or was ACTUALLY GIVEN the FRUIT of his LABOR he SAW his ABILITY to PRODUCE a CUSTOM FITTED TREASURE through the LABOR of his GENETICS and became LIFTED within HIMSELF… Now he has a WOMAN that was CREATED SPECIFICALLY for HIM and he KNOWS that WHATEVER he PLANTS in her SHE WILL PRODUCE, no questions ASKED. And on top of ALL that, the REALITY of her VERY EXISTANCE is DESIGNED around HIS GENETICS. I believe that ADOM THOUGHT he could MULTIPLY HIS IMAGE and UNDERSTANDING of KING on the EARTH, ULTIMATELY TAKING him OUT of the MIND that he was CREATED with. It is WRITTEN that “YAH BREATHED into the NOSTRAILS of MAN and MAN BECAME a LIVING SOUL. So what that means is, the MIND that ADOM was CREATED WITH was the MIND of YAH that served the PURPOSE of YAH of MULITPLYING YAH’S IMAGE on the EARTH. ONCE ADOM received an ACTUAL HARVEST for his LABOR, I BELIEVE that the WORK SLOWLY but SURELY became CENTERED around MULTIPLYING the IMAGE of KING as opposed to the IMAGE of YAH. I believe that ADOM THOUGHT he could MULTIPLY his IMAGE WHERE EVER he WANTED and the WAY he WANTED. Remember HIS LABOR is what MADE HAWAH and PARADISE a REALITY, so WHO is RUNNIN THE SHOW?… And WHO gotta sit and WAIT for him to FINISH?…

As we discussed before, the TRUE KING YAHUSHUA was tempted with the REALITY of a KING but it WAS NOT the REALITY of a KING that was GIVEN to his GENETICS, it was the REALITY of a KING that SPOKE to his current SITUATION of BEING in the WILDERNESS and his LONGING to BRING LIFE to his PEOPLE and there SITUATION. So the ILLUSION of a KING that the KING is TEMPTED with is an ILLUSION that was CENTERED around HIS OWN PERSONAL DESIRES as opposed to the DESIRES of his FATHER, the ONE who CROWNED him KING.  So what we see is, THE KING had to WORK for his BRIDE JUST LIKE ADOM, but he had to RESIST the VERY SAME TEMPTATION made AVAILABLE to his GENETICS by ADOM before he could RECEIVE HER/US. So we see that the UNDERSTANDING of KING that MANKIND GRAVITATES TOWARDS is an UNDERSTANDING that is VERY DIFFERENT from the UNDERSTANDING of KING that comes from The Most High. We as MEN think that being KING is about SERVICE to US because we are so great being FIRST and having the ABILITY to STAND ALONE, but being KING ACTUALLY has NOTHING TO DO WITH US AT ALL. It has EVERYTHING to do with THOSE YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR. WE brothers were GIVEN PARADISE within OUR GENETICS so that WE CREATE PARADISE on the EARTH for ALL those that BELONG to US, and so that The Most High can dwell with ALL that BELONG to US. PARADISE became about ADOM because he RECOGNIZED HIMSELF as a KING, as opposed to BEING RECOGNIZED as one by those that HE was RESPONSIBLE for PRODUCING PARADISE FOR… LET THE GREATEST AMONG YOU BE YOUR SERVANT…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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