Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about ADOM POSSIBLY RECOGNIZING HIMSELF as the ONE that FACILITATES PARADISE and being LIFTED up in that fact. And his FOCUS being DRAWN away from PRODUCING PARADISE for those HE is RESPONSIBLE FOR, to it being CENTERED AROUND HIM and his NEW IDENTITY as KING.

I’ve touched on this once before but we DON’T KNOW from SCRIPTURE what the LIVING SITUATION of ADOM and HAWAH was, but what we DO KNOW from SCRIPTURE and through OTHER sources of study is that during this time there were ALREADY highly ADVANCED CIVILIZATIONS on the EARTH. ALONG with HIGHLY ADVANCED HUMANOID BEINGS, the SERPENT HIMSELF is an EXAMPLE of that… We ALL understand that we DESCEND from our ANCESTORS and that our GENETICS ALL lead BACK to an ORIGIN. But what I’m NOT sure that is UNDERSTOOD is JUST HOW MUCH YOU ARE YOUR ANCESTORS. What do I mean? Because of the CURRENT CONDITION of MANKIND, MOST have ABSOLUTELY NO CONNECTION to their HISTORY as far as EXACT LINEAGE is CONCERNED. And because of that MANY DO NOT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING concerning LINEAGE and GENETICS. We were TAUGHT how to be SLAVES and ASSUME the IDENTITY FORCED onto us by GENTILES, those that BY NATURE are the ENEMY of MANKIND. The WAY that it WORKS PHYSICALLY, PSYCHOLOGICALLY and SPIRITUALLY according to GENETICS and LINEAGE is, YOU ARE YOUR LINEAGE… Or YOU ARE an EXACT REFLECTION of WHERE you come from, WHAT you come from and WHAT has been GIVEN or TAKEN away from YOUR LINEAGE. One thing that you HAVE to REMEMBER even if YOU are NOT a SPIRITUAL PERSON YOURSELF is, ALL OF YOUR BEING CAME FROM SOMEWHERE no one is ONE of a KIND, it’s LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE. One may say that there is NO ONE like them in their family, but the ONLY REASON you are YOU is BECAUSE of the GENETICS PROVIDED to you on ALL levels by your ANCESTORS. So YOU may EXPERIENCE LIFE DIFFERENTLY or VEW the WORLD DIFFERENTLY because CERTAIN EXPERIENCES have been PROVIDED to you, but that HAS NOTHING to do with WHERE and WHAT you ORIGINATE FROM.

As we have talked about in the past, YAH commanded us NOT to mix with OTHER tribes of people NOT because he was racists or hateful, but because he was PERSERVING a CERTAIN MIND, SPIRIT and PHYSICAL GENETICS, HIS GENETICS that PRODUCE a CERTAIN REALITY, the REALITY of PARADISE. When you read SCRIPTURE and you see LINEAGE being RECORDED that takes us BACK to the FIRST MAN. The REASON for the RECORD being KEPT was for the PURPOSE of SHOWING PROOF of LINEAGE and ULTIMATELY GENETICS. Because we live in a WORLD that is GOVERNED by the GENTILE MIND, the UNDERSTANDING and IMPORTANCE of showing AUTHENTICITY concerning the LINEAGE and GENETICS of MANKIND has been HIDDEN. When you are NOT the TRUE REPRESENTATION of WHAT was CREATED, there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to SECURE or make AVAILABLE that understanding. Example, CAIN the son of the SERPENT was NOT a TRUE REPRESENTATION of the GENETICS of MANKIND, and we can OBVIOUSLY see this from his ACTIONS and when you STUDY those that DESCEND from him. So he NOT being the TRUE REPRESENTATION of The Most High, he was NOT ABLE to produce what would be PLEASING to The Most High was he? And on top of NOT being able to PRODUCE this from his OWN BEING because of his GENETICS LEADING him down a CERTAIN PATH, what does he do to his BROTHER that WAS able to PRODUCE PLEASURE to YAH from his VERY OWN GENETICS? So we see DEATH ORIGINATE with the SERPENT, then we see DEATH in his SEED. So because of HIS GENETICS being that which was ILLEGAL to The Most High to BEGIN WITH, even in TRYING to be PLEASING to The Most High he is REJECTED and PRODUCES DEATH FROM that REJECTION. So THIS would be a PICTURE of a LINEAGE that has a CERTAIN BEHAVIOR HARD WIRED into it’s GENETICS. So NO MATTER how FAR DOWN the LINEAGE you GET, THE ORIGIN of that LINEAGE is ROOTED in MURDER so EXACTLY WHAT is made AVAILABLE to ALL that DESCEND from that LINEAGE? My KING for example HE HAD TO DESCEND from the TRUE LINEAGE of KINGS, why do you think that is? Because there are CERTAIN GENETICS that MAKE the BLUPRINTS for a KING in the UNDERSTANDING that YAH created, correct? Not ALL the LINEAGES that DESCEND from our people have those PARTICULAR SET of GENETICS available to them. Now of course just because someone may HAVE DESCENT from the LINEAGE of CAIN, it DOES NOT make them a MURDERER(one who sheds INNOCENT BLOOD), it means that they have the PSYCHOLOGICAL and SPIRITUAL GENETICS to PRODUCE that. Same as those that DESCEND from the LINEAGE of KINGS, that DOES NOT MAKE YOU ONE, it means that certain PSYCHOLOGICAL, SPIRITUAL and PHYSICAL GENETICS are made AVAILABLE to you.

Even though we WILL get DEEPER into this a little later we have an UNDERSTANDING that NO ONE just EXISTS outside of an ORIGIN that CAN BE traced to a FATHER of that ORIGIN. With MANKIND being CREATED by YAH and having his GENETICS, we have a CONNECTION to YAH THAT NO OTHER PEOPLE ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET HAVE, PERIOD. This is why your IDENTITY HAS TO BE HIDDEN FROM YOU. But anyway, for those that have BEEN reading you know that the MIND of MANKIND DIED in a CERTAIN STATE. ADOM and HAWAH were LOCKED INTO a CERTAIN UNDERSTANDING of LIFE and BEING, so what that means of course is WE have the VERY SAME UNDERSTANDING of LIFE made AVAILABLE to our PSYCHOLOGICAL and SPIRITUAL GENETICS. DOES NOT mean that we are LOCKED into a CERTAIN REALITY, it means that it’s made AVAILABLE for you to GRAVITATE towards. Let me ask y’all this, WHAT do YOU think would CAUSE for us to GRAVITATE TOWARDS the REALITIES made AVAILABLE to our PSYCHOLOGICAL GENETICS that WERE NOT GIVEN to us by YAH? Of course it would HAVE to be the SAME or a VERY SIMULAR COCKTAIL of EVENTS that CREATED the REALITY to begin with, correct? Those who are GENETICALLY PREDISPOSED to the BEHAVIOR of MURDER(shedding INNOCENT BLOOD) would just need a reason to HATE and THAT would give their PSYCHOLOGICAL GENETICS the TRACTION it needs to GRAVITATE towards shedding INNOCENT BLOOD, correct? So as LONG as you kept that person free from ANYTHING that gave CAUSE for HATRED just like CAIN, they SHOULD be pretty safe RITE? WRONG… The SECOND half of being GENETICALLY PREDISPOSED to a CERTAIN BEHAVIOR is that that BEHAVIOR CREATES it’s OWN REALITY, meaning IF YOU DON’T give it the REALITY of it’s DESIGN, IT WILL CREATE it FOR YOU FREE of CHARGE. So what that means is, IF YOU ARE NOT AWARE of or NOT ACCEPTING of what comes with your ORIGIN and GENETICS you will be TAKEN FOR A RIDE PRETTY MUCH your whole life, because YOU have NO GUIDE to the PATH that you are GENETICALLY PREDISPOSED to take. How do you think the KING was ABLE to be TEMPTED in the WILDERNESS with the ILLUSION of a KING? Because that REALITY was PRESENT with him, it was MADE AVAILABLE to his GENETICS. So what that means is in ORDER to RESIST it, HE HAD TO BE COMPLETELY AWARE of WHO and WHAT he was and WHAT HIS PSYCHOLOGICAL and SPIRITUAL GENETICS were GIVEN to GRAVITATE TOWARDS. There is NO WAY he would have been ABLE to RESIST evil if HE WAS NOT AWARE of the HOLD it had on his PSYCHOLOGICAL BEING. So in other words he HAD to KNOW HIMSELF and what was IN HIM that was NOT the IMAGE of YAH, or the IMAGE of his CREATION in order to AVOID the TEMPTATION, correct?

So by KNOWING his LINEAGE WHERE and WHAT he came from he was able to look at HIMSELF and BUILD the IDENTITY and REALITY of his CREATION, as opposed to building a REALITY around what he FELT(EMOTIONS) he had RITES to, correct? This is why he RESPONDS to LUCIFER with SCRIPTURE. It had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with him just USING the WORD of YAH to resist EVIL, THAT WILL NEVER WORK. He used SCRIPTURE to resist evil because IT WAS HIS TRUE IDENTITY and the GUIDELINES of the IAMGE he was CREATED in. Do you think CAIN USING the WORD of YAH would have KEPT him from MURDERING his OWN BROTHER? HELL NAW that’s what was in his GENETICS, that’s what his FATHER WAS. It would have NEVER worked for him because that’s NOT the IMAGE he was CREATED to RETAIN. So the POWER in the WORD of YAH for HEBREW PEOPLE is CENTER AROUND them BUILDING a REALITY ACCORDING to the IMAGE they were CREATED in, the IMAGE of YAH because they HAVE his GENETICS as opposed to just SAYING some shit that SOUNDS SLICK when you are being tempted. This is why MANY CHRISTIAN people are sooo fucked up and HYPOCRITICAL, the WORD that they CLAIM is GUIDING their LIVES has ABSOLUTELY NO CONNECTION to the REALITY that EXISTS within their GENETICS. So while they CLAIM to be ONE THING and have DECEIVED themselves into BELIEVING it, the REALITY that ACTUALLY EXISTS in them is where the HYPOCRITE is found. So for us HEBREW MEN what does that say to us about the ILLUSION of KING? HE’S THERE, and maybe YOU have NOT been able to see him or even would LIKE to ACKNOWLEDGE him, but the TRUTH is HE’S PROBABLY the REASON you can’t ACKNOWLEDGE him. ADOM wasn’t ABLE to see him EITHER because THAT was the IDENTITY that HE EMBRACED and it EMBRACED him as well. And because that IDENTITY REPLACED the MIND of YAH that he was CREATED to RETAIN, it sits in the HIGH PLACES of the MIND that ONLY The Most High YAH and his MIND and IDENTITY is SUPPOSED to have ACCESS to. So that means that the ILLUSION of a KING became the SOURCE of LIFE for him, or better said the REALITY that ADOM was LOCKED into was the REALITY that LIFE REVOLVED around HIM as the KING and MULITPLYING that IMAGE on the EARTH as OPPOSED to MULTIPLYING the IMAGE of YAH. So ULTIMATELY the KING RESISTING LUCIFER was ALL about RESISTING HIMSELF or a REALITY that was MADE AVAILABLE to his GENETICS. And the POWER that the WORD of YAH PRODUCED for him is the POWER that was MADE AVAILABLE to his GENETICS THROUGH RETAINING the IMAGE of YAH, which is what PRODUCED the REALITY of the TRUE REPRESENTATION of a KING…

Tomorrow we continue our course




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