Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we started talking about the GENTILE MIND and it’s ORIGIN. We ALSO talked about HOW the KINGDOM of DARKNESS is PRESENTED to the CHILDREN of LIGHT as LIGHT for the PURPOSE of SOUL HARVESTING, and HOW that all your FACULTIES are used as a WITNESS against your TRUE IDENTITY and the REALITY of LIGHT that YOU were CREATED to DWELL in.

While we have been talking about the WAR WAGED on the MIND we have learned that the MIND/SOUL of YAH was CREATED to RETAIN a CERTAIN IDENTITY and PRODUCE the REALITY of LIFE and PARADISE. But ONCE a DIFFERENT IDENTITY is RETAINED other than the ONE that was GIVEN to you by the FATHER YAH, ALL of your YAH given FACULTIES became HARNESSED and MANIPULATED by that IDENTITY to PRODUCE the REALITY that that IDENTITY ORIGINATES FROM. We talked about ADOM being SEDUCED OUT of the IDENTITY given to his GENETICS because he SAW HIMSELF, or he SAW HIMSELF as a KING in a REALITY that had NOTHING to do with PARADISE or his RESPONSIBILITY to it. This is WHY he LEFT. But WHERE did ADOM get his UNDERSTANDING of a KING that DID NOT originate from his GENETICS, it HAD to come from SOMEWHERE?… The PEOPLE around him or the WORLD/REALITY that was PRESENT. Remember there are KINGS and HIGHLY ADVANCED HUMANOID CIVILIZATIONS all around him that ORIGINATED from LUCIFER and his FALLEN ones during this time, this is where the SERPENT came from. So ADOM got an UNDERSTANDING of KING OUTSIDE of the GARDEN where he WAS KING that ULTIMATELY LEAD HIM OUTSIDE of LIFE and RELATIONSHIP WITH the CREATOR into the KINGDOM of DARKNESS that that UNDERSTANDING BELONGED to. Y’all remember the COATS of SKINS of DEAD ANIMALS and how that REPRESENTS the WAY YAH sees ADOM and HAWAH now because they SUBMITTED THEIR MIND along with ALL it’s FACULTIES to the SERPENT? Or a BETTER way to say it is that THEIR MINDS ARE NOW MARKED BY THE BEAST. So them being MARKED by the BEAST means that LITERALLY they were VISIBLY or EVIDENTLY PROPERTY OF THE BEAST. That what a MARK is. So because of the REALITY that was PRESENT at the time, the REALITY of BEASTS or BEINGS of MIXED GENETICS, the MAN became SEDUCED into a REALITY that BELONGED to the KINGDOM OF DARKNESS and it ULTIMATEY cost him the LIFE of his WOMAN and HIMSELF. This is WHY we are told NOT to FELLOWSHIP with the WORLD or the REALITY that is the REALITY of BEASTS, or beings of MIXED GENETICS.

Just so we COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND the AUTHORITY that ADOM has on the EARTH at this TIME. HE IS THE LAST OF ALL the CREATED things of The Most High and HE is the ONE that gets to NAME EVERYBODY. So LOOK at it like this, ALL those HIGHLY ADVANCED beings that were of MIXED GENETICS hybrids of the ANIMAL KINGDOM, LUCIFER and the FALLEN ONES had to SUBMIT to the AUTHORITY of this MAN because HE IS THE ONE THAT NAMED THEIR GENETICS. So what that meant is the DOMINION he was GIVEN INCLUDED DOMINION over the GENETICS of those HIGHLY ADVANCED BEINGS… ULTIMATELY YAH will DESTROY all those that DON’T belong to him because they STOLE what HE CREATED and USED it for their EVIL PURPOSE. But he can do that RITE BECAUSE IT’S HIS, regardless of HOW ANYONE FEELS about it. Well this is the VERY SAME AUTHORITY THAT ADOM HAD OVER THE EARTH and the BEINGS on it. THE EARLIEST CIVILIZATION of BEINGS were/are called the ALPHA DRACONIANS. The ALPHA DRACONIANS were the CHILDREN of LUCIFER and the FALLEN ONES MIXED with VARIOUS REPTILES. This is ALSO who the REPTILIANS DESCEND from, but they came MUCH LATER. But ANYWAY, these alien beings felt and STILL DO FEEL that the EARTH belongs to them because they were the FIRST ADVANCED beings to live here. So when MANKIND was CREATED and The Most High GAVE MAN ALL the AUTHORITY over the EARTH they were EXTREMELY PISSED and set out to DESTROY MANKIND. This was the REASON for the SERPENT being CREATED and SENT, he DESCENT from the ALPHA DRACONIANS… Now because ADOM is the KING of the EARTH ALL AUTHORITY in NATURE belonged to him, so what that meant was, when YAH said be FRUITFUL and MULITPLY, REPLENISH the EARTH and SUBDUE IT. That LITERALLY meant, BECAUSE you are ONE WITH the EARTH because YOU came from it, it is YOURS and ALL the CREATURES and their GENETICS are NOW SUBJECT to YOU and YOUR GENETICS or YOUR LINEAGE. So ADOM was GIVEN the EARTH and DOMINION OVER IT, so the AUTHORITY that MANKIND had was to CREATE the REALITY of PARADISE on the EARTH or shall I say BUILD A PHYSICAL KINGDOM OF LIGHT ON THE EARTH. So you can OBVIOUSLY GUESS what would have happened to those that were NOT of LIGHT and who had DEFILED the EARTH before he got there. SO you see it was about CONTROLLING REALITY and CREATING either a KINGDOM OF LIGHT on the EARTH or a KINGDOM OF DARKNESS. OBVIOUSLY the PRESENT KINGDOM on the EARTH or PRESENT REALITY is the KNIGDOM OF DARKNESS because we are in the TIME of the GENTILES or the DESCENDANTS of LUCIFER

So BEFORE HAWAH gave HERSELF to the SERPENT they LITERALLY HAD NO WAY to WIN the WAR over the EARTH, or to SAVE the HOME THEY STOLE and ESTABLISHED their KINGDOM on. We were just too STRONG and we had LITERALLY ALL THE AUTHORITY over the EARTH. WHO’S KNOWN FOR STEALING LAND AND IDENTITIES? Children can ONLY be what their FATHER is CORRECT? So we SEE the GENETICS of the CHILDREN of DARKNESS will ALWAYS GRAVITATE TOWARDS HAVING AUTHORITY or taken AUTHORITY THROUGH DECEPTION to CONTROL SHIT that they LITERALLY have NO RITES to. So NATURALLY they would be JOINED to and PROMOTE SOUL/MIND STEALING RELIGIONS and OTHER ACCULT ACTIVITY for the PURPOSE of STEALING the LIFE and ENERGY given to YOUR GENETICS by the FATHER for the USE and FURTHERANCE of the KINGDOM of LIGHT to be HARNESSED and SIPHONED as USABLE LIFE and ENERGY for the FURTHERANCE of the KINGDOM OF DARKNESS. Just like what happened to ADOM and HAWAH. They were MARKED by the BEAST so NOW ALL of their FACULTIES and GENETICS are seen as PROPERTY of the BEAST for the FURTHERANCE of the KINGDOM OF DARKNESS. So when we look at CAIN who KILLED his OWN BROTHER because HE WAS NOT ACCEPTABLE to YAH, what is this SHOWING us? It’s showing us the PICTURE of a WAR going on within the GENETICS CAIN. What do I mean? Cain DESCENDS from the SERPENT which means HE IS THE SERPENT, but he ALSO has the GENETICS of MANKIND. So we are getting a PICTURE of the INSTABILITY LOCKED within his GENETICS because he IS a SERPENT, but he is RECOGNIZED as a MAN so there is certain RESPONSIBILITIES that come with MANHOOD that are a SERIOUS burden to him such as BEING HIS BROTHER’S KEEPER or PROTECTOR. So we see the ANIMALISTIC NATURE being what he GRAVITATES TOWARDS when he is GIVEN the OPPORTUNITY to LEARN HOW to be a MAN and be PLEASING to The Most High, or KILL, STEAL and DESTROY LIFE. So CAIN is SENT AWAY and he builds his own CIVILIZATION, OBVIOUSLY another FACTION of the KINGDOM OF DARKNESS.

So let’s talk about MIXED GENETICS. First UNDERSTAND this before you UNDERSTAND ANYTHING. YOU ARE WHAT YOUR FATHER IS, YOU ARE YOUR FATHER’S SEED. Obviously you HAVE your MOTHER’S GENETICS as well, but YOU ARE YOUR FATHER. So YOUR SOUL/MIND COMES from your FATHER’S LINEAGE. But that MIND/SOUL WILL have CERTAIN FACULITIES that comes from your MOTHER’S LINEAGE as well. So if your FATHER is HEBREW YOU ARE HEBREW. But if your MOTHER is NOT HEBREW, then CERTAIN FACULTIES have the ABIILITY to INFLUENCE you to GRAVITATE towards whatever LINEAGE your MOTHER belongs to. Let me QUICK EXPLAIN the DIFFERENCE between FACULTIES and GENETICS. Look at your GENETICS like the COMPUTER in front of you if you are reading from a computer, including ALL the HARDWARE and COMPONENTS that MAKE IT AN ACTUAL COMPUTER. Now look at the SOFTWARE that OPERATES within the HARDWARE of that COMPUTER, those would be your FACULTIES. So if CERTAIN of your FACULTIES/SOFTWARE have the ABILITY to EFFECT the PERFORMANCE of the COMPUTER, or have the ABILITY to CHANGE the PURPOSE of it’s USE, that DOES NOT CHANGE the COMPUTER and it’s RESPONSIBILITY to do what it was CREATED to do. CAIN was of MIXED GENETICS, BUT HE HAD A RESPONSIBILITY to PRODUCE ACCORDING to his DESIGN, HE HAD NO OTHER CHOICE. It is WRITTEN, “I put before you LIFE and DEATH, but I WOULD that you CHOOSE LIFE”. Obviously YAH is talking to those of HIS GENETICS, we were the ONES GIVEN the OPTION of LIFE IN OUR GENETICS AND FACULITIES. And because he says that “I WOULD that YOU CHOOSE LIFE”, he’s saying that his WILL for you is to GRAVITATE TOWARDS LIFE. So that means that the OPTION of LIFE or the ABILITY to GRAVITATE TOWARDS what is LIFE GIVING is LOCKED UP with the GENETICS or LINEAGE of MANKIND. So CAIN with NO OUTSIDE INFLUENCE from YAH or the SPIRIT of YAH COULD ONLY GRAVITATE TOWARDS ONE OPTION when given the OPPORTUNITY to choose.

Now MANY that ARE NOT of HEBREW DESCENT may be says that they would have NEVER been able to CHOOSE what CAIN did and you’re PROBABLY RITE. But what you COULDN’T do WITHOUT the SPIRIT of YAH is BE the PROTECTOR over the GENETICS of MANKIND. What do I mean? The SERPENT BELONG to and DESCENDS FROM a CERTIAN REALITY, correct? Meaning there was something WORKING in his LINEAGE and GENETICS LONG BEFORE he got to wear them, correct? And Just like his FATHER HIS ORIGIN had a SERIOUS PROBLEM with the GENETICS of MANKIND, correct? Do y’all remember what The Most High said he was going to do to the SEED of the SERPENT and the SEED of the MAN? YAH said HE was going to put ENMITY between the TWO, HATRED… So even though MANY would NEVER shed INNOCENT BLOOD INTENTIONALLY that DOES NOT mean that YOU ARE NOT part of a REALITY and LINEAGE that DOES. So if you are BELONGING to the KINGDOM OF DARKNESS you don’t NECESSARILY HAVE to be the ONE to COMMIT the MURDER to be a MURDERER, if you PRODUCE in and GIVE ENERGY to the KINGDOM OF DARKNESS YOU ARE GUILTY. REMEMBER you ARE YOUR ANCESTORS, REGARDLESS how ENLIGHTEN and ADVANCED you THINK you are because you have had DIFFERENT LIFE EXPERIENCES afforded to you. But if thrown in a MUCH DIFFERENT REALITY, or if you had MUCH DIFFERENT LIFE EXPERIENCES you will GRAVITATE TOWARDS WHATEVER is GIVEN to your GENETICS. NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS… This is WHY KNOWING and UNDERSTANDING your ORIGIN and what’s IN YOU is so IMPORTANT. How ELSE will you be ABLE to KNOW EXACTLY what you will GRAVITATE TOWARDS in CERTAIN SITUATIONS and BUILD a REALITY of PROTECTION around this or that? This is why being BITCHES and NOT APPROACHING TRUTH because somebody’s punk ass feelings MIGHT get hurt is so DESTRUCTIVE. The REALITY WRITTEN in YOUR GENETICS ULTIMATELY will be the REALITY that YOU are left to ANSWER for, IT DOESN’T MATTER what YOU THINK. Like I ALWAYS SAY, “YOU CAN THINK WHAT YOU LIKE”, but that ain’t got SHIT to do with what the TRUTH IS…

Tomorrow we continue our course




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