Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about ADOM’S influence from the KINGDOM OF DARKNESS or the WORLD/REALITY around him that ULTIMATELY lead him to EMBRACE an IDENTITY that lead him RITE into the DEPTHS of the KINGDOM OF DARKNESS.

The KINGDOM OF DARKNESS OBVIOUSLY comes from the MIND of DARKNESS or is the PHYSICAL REALITY of the DARKNESS that the MIND is CONFINED to. Question, HOW MANY of you like and watch HORROR MOVIES? Well weather you see this DEEP into it or not, what you are seeing is a PICTURE of the OPERATION of SOMEONE’S MIND. What do I mean? Movies are DESIGNED to PRESENT a CERTAIN REALITY, or CREATE a CERTAIN understanding of REALITY. So what is HAPPENING when YOU watch a HORROR MOVIE is, you are EMBRACING a PICTURE of SOMEONE’S REALITY, and what that REALITY DOES is CONNECT YOUR GENETICS and FACULTIES to that REALITY to build an UNDERSTANDING FOR YOU on this or that. So when you EMBRACE the MIND of DARKNESS you train your FACULTIES to EMBRACE DARKNESS and you TRAIN YOUR GENETICS to RESPOND to that EMBRACE. So once you have TRAINED you FACULTIES and GENETICS to RESPOND a CERTAIN way, you become COMFORTABLE with the DARKNESS that you are EMBRACING. So what that means is YOU BECOME ONE WITH THAT DARKNESS so it’s NO LONGER DARKNESS for you because you have TRIANED your GENETICS to RECEIVE LIFE from all the ACCULT and DEMONIC activity that you are EMBRACING. But do you know what else happens. Because YOU BECAME ONE with THAT REALITY and have TRAINED your FACULLTIES and GENETICS to RECEIVE LIFE from it, YOU COMPLETELY UNCONSCIOUSLY will REPRODUCE that REALITY in the PHYSICAL WORLD/REALITY in SOME DEGREE. But what ALSO happens is YOU lose CONNECTION of the REALITY that YOU were a part of BEFORE you EMBRACED SOMEONE ELSE’S MIND/REALITY. So basically what JUST happened is the movie writer just MULTIPLIED HIMSELF within YOUR GENETICS and FACULTIES while YOU ENJOY and eat popcorn.

So NOW that you have TRAINED your GENETICS to receive LIFE from DARKNESS what happens to your IDENTITY as CHILDREN OF LIGHT? What happened to ADOM? So your RESPONSIBILITY to the REALITY you were CREATED to PRODUCE IN and RECEIVE LIFE FROM becomes ALIENATED from your GENETICS. So you begin to LOSE the AUTHORITY you had over your OWN GENETICS and FACULTIES, and the REALITY of DARKNESS begins to FLOOD your GENETICS and FACULTIES to use you as a HOST VESSEL for the FURTHERANCE of the KINGDOM OF DARKNESS. And THIS HAPPENS just watching  movies. So the MIND that GENERATED that MOVIE OBVIOUSLY belongs to a CERTAIN REALITY and it has a CERTAIN ORIGIN, so if YOU allow SEEDS from that ORIGIN to be sown in your PSYCHOLOGICAL GARDEN, what type of HARVEST and GARDEN is EXPECTED to be PRODUCED? One thing that I want to talk to y’all about in the NEAR future is HOW LINEAGE, SPIRITUALITY, OTHER DIMENSION and TIME WORKS. The way that TIME and WORLDS WORK are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from the UNDERSTANDING that is PRESENTED to the WORLD. Because we are in the TIME of the GENTILES and they LITERALLY CONTROL the PRESENT REALITY of this WORLD, NOTHING IS ACCURATE. But the REASON why it’s SO important to understand is, Because of the WAY TIME and SPACE is being PRESENTED to you it EFFECTS YOUR PERCEPTION of YOURSELF, YOUR ORIGIN and the WORLD AROUND YOU. Many of you PROBABLY KNOW this ALREADY, but the EARTH is ACTUALLY FLAT, THERE IS NO GLOBE SHAPED EARTH. We live under a DOME that is called FIRMAMENT written in SCRIPTURE. All the stuff you are PRESENTED with about REALITY is ALL LIES and DECEPTION to ALTER your RELATION with it and The CREATOR. NASA who we get ALL of our UNDERSTANDING of SPACE(HEAVENS) LITERALLY means DECEPTION in HEBREW, so they ONLY are in EXISTANCE to HELP RETAIN a CERTAIN REALITY on the EARTH. So when I say to YOU that YOU COME FROM and BELONG to a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT REALITY, IT’S LITERAL. This is WHY there is SO much CONFLICT with GENTILE scientists over the AGE of the EARTH. They are dating EVERYTHING from the WRONG REALITY and UNDERSTANDING of TIME and SPACE.

Yesterday I TOUCHED on the AUTHORITY that ADOM had OVER the EARTH, and I ALSO told you that LUCIFER STOLE ALL his POWER on the EARTH from ADOM/MANKIND. So the REALITY that we were DESIGNED to OPERATE in is the REALITY that YAH CREATED for the EARTH, which is the REALITY ADOM OPERATED in. Y’all notice that YEARS became COUNTED AFTER the FALL, BUT at the ACTUAL time of the CREATION of MAN the EARTH was ALREADY SIX THOUSAND years old. There was a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TIME SCALE because there was a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT REALITY and PRINCIPALITIES PRESENT in this DIMENSION. YOUR GENETIC DESIGN is CUSTOM FIT for a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT REALITY of LIFE. So my point is, the BEINGS of MIXED GENETICS have COMPLETELY SEPARATED the EARTH from the REALITY it was CREATED in and MADE it THEIR HOME fitted with it’s on TIME SYSTEM, HEAVENS, GOD, EVERYTHING. And ALL of this EFFECTS your UNDERSTANDING and PERCEPTION of EVERYTHING. YOURSELF, YOUR GENETICS, LIFE, YAH, SCRIPTURE, SPIRITUALITY, FAMILY ETC… I can’t be long with you today because of something I need to tend to this morning. But I wanted to lay some foundation for us because we about to stack some heavy shit on it…

Tomorrow we continue our course



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