Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we touched on ONE of the ways the MIND of DARKNESS MULTIPLIES the KINGDOM OF DARKNESS into the SOULS of those that MAY NOT originate from DARKNESS itself. We also began to talk about the PRESENT REALITY of the KINGDOM OF DARKNESS.

You MAY have heard people THROW around the TERM “DISCERNMENT”. Many CHRISTIANS claim to HAVE the SPIRIT OF DISCERNMENT but have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHAT it is and EXACTLY WHAT they are SAYING about themselves. First off, if you have the SPIRIT OF DISCERNMENT that MEANS that YOU RETAIN a SPIRIT that REVEALS this or that to you that OTHERWISE may be CONCEALED from your ABILITY to PERCEIVE(SEER). If you have to have the SPIRIT OF DISCERNMENT that is because DISCERNMENT WAS NOT GIVEN TO YOUR GENETICS, or the ABILITY to PERCEIVE LIFE and INTENT.  So in OTHER WORDS, because YOU are in DARKNESS or DARKNESS has CONSUMED your GENETICS and FACULTIES you need HELP from an OUTSIDE SOURCE. The PROBLEM with THAT is, THAT OUTSIDE SOURCE can ONLY come FROM and WITNESS to the KINGDOM OF DARKNESS. We have been talking about ADOM and the AUTHORITY he had ON the EARTH and OVER The EARTH. The EARTH was CREATED for HIM and HIS LINEAGE. Because ADOM was GIVEN DOMINION OVER the EARTH that meant that EVERYTHING and EVERYONE was SUBJECT to him. What does that mean? Well what it DOESN’T MEAN is that EVERYONE SUBMITTED to him and his AUTHORITY. Of course MANY DID, which we will get into LATER. But OBVIOUSLY MANY of the HIGHLY ADVANCED beings that were PRESENT hated him and the AUTHORITY he was GIVEN over their GENETICS. See when you are KING or you have a CERTAIN AUTHORITY the CROWN or the AUTHORITY that you have ALWAYS SPEAKS for itself and it ALWAYS will REVEAL to you WHAT EXACTLY needs to be UNDERSTOOD to RETAIN and MULTIPLY that AUTHORITY. So because ADOM was CROWNED KING and ALL the BEINGS on the EARTH were MADE SUBJECT to his AUTHORITY what that means is, they were SUBJECT TO REVEAL THEMSELVES, THEIR INTENTIONS, THEIR ORIGIN and THEIR END to his LITERAL GENETICS. So there was no SPIRIT OF DISCERNMENT NEEDED for ADOM/MANKIND EVERYTHING was SUBJECT TO him his GENETICS and the CROWN. NOTHING WAS HIDDEN FROM HIM IT WAS ALL SUBJECT TO HIM AND HIS AUTHORITY. So he OPERATES on a LEVEL that is so far above what all those other beings were CAPABLE of GRASPING that NOTHING had the ABILITY to be HIDDEN from him. Sounds JUST like YAH RITE? NOTHING is HIDDEN… So because ADOM came from YAH we see YAH in his VERY GENETICS and the AUTHORITY that comes with him. Children can ONLY be what their PARENTS are, correct? So NO matter what the PRESENTATION of the BEINGS that were present at the time were, their GENETICS TOLD ON THEMSELVES in his PRESENCE because they were SUBJECT to the AUTHORITY given to him. This is how TRUE DISCERNMENT WORKS, it’s determined by AUTHORITY not some dumb ass evil spirit that you have RETAINED that can ONLY show you shit to MULTIPLY more LIES and DARKNESS.

The LINEAGE of MANKIND fell from the AUTHORITY given to it and that AUTHORITY was SEIZED UPON by the LINEAGE of the SERPENT. And that LINEAGE had control of that AUTHORITY until the SACRIFICE of MY KING RESTORED the AUTHORITY BACK TO THE LINEAGE and GENETICS OF MANKIND. So we see that LINEAGE is ACTUALLY NOT CONFINED to TIME. What do I mean? If an AUTHORITY is GIVEN to a CERTAIN LINEAGE it would ONLY be GIVEN for the PURPOSE of the FURTHANCE of that LINEAGE. So LINEAGE ITSELF is NOT confined to TIME, BUT even though YOU are PART of your LINEAGE, YOU ARE CONFINED TO TIME. What do I mean by CONFINED TO TIME. Being CONFINED to OPERATE within a CERTAIN SPACE in this PRESENT REALITY and OPERATION of PRINCIPALITIES. So if YOU are CONFINED to TIME but the LINEAGE you DESCEND from IS NOT, meaning it has CONTINUED WITHOUT CEASING from it’s ORIGIN through REALITIES and PRINCIPALITIES that have been PRESENT in this DIMENSION, this is EVIDENCE of a FEW THINGS. If you want to take an AUTHORITY from a PEOPLE and RETAIN it for YOURSELF, YOU have to INFECT the ACTUAL LINEAGE ITSELF and NOT just a PERSON or GROUP of PEOPLE that are CONFINED ONLY to a CERTAIN SPACE in that PRESENT REALITY. So how would you do that? What did the SERPENT DO? SEDUCED the WOMAN, INFECT her and now because she belongs to HIS LINEAGE she has the RESPONSIBILITY and DUTIES of that LINEAGE now. So she is used by the KINGDOM of DARKNESS to NOT only STEAL the GENETICS of MANKIND, but she was used to steal the AUTHORITY of MANKIND as well.

So what we see is, the GENETICS of the WOMAN ACCESSED by the SERPENT to STEAL the AUTHORITY from MANKIND. Of course this is NOT about bashing the woman because we all understand that the woman was a PRODUCT of the MAN, but we are LAYING foundation… We understand that ADOM had FALLEN into DARKNESS before he ate off the TREE, this is the REASON he ate from the TREE, he was in DARKNESS. But did you NOTICE that their EYES were NOT opened UNTIL ADOM ACTUALLY ATE FROM the TREE, or UNTIL the MIND ACTUALLY DIED? So even in DARKNESS HIS GENETICS THEMSELVES RETAINED a CERTAIN AUTHORITY, or a BETTER way to say it is. Because YAH CREATED MANKIND in his IMAGE for the PURPOSE CREATING a PHYSICAL KINGDOM OF LIGHT ON THE EARTH LIKE IT IS IN THE HEAVENS, THAT was STILL in OPERATION within his GENETICS even though his MIND was OCCUPIED by DARKNESS at this POINT. So the AUTHORITY was GIVEN to HIS LINEAGE and it was INTACT LOCKED UP in his GENETICS even in his DARKNESS to be PASSED to HIS SEED, or his LINEAGE. So again we have a small PICTURE of LINEAGE and WHAT’S GIVEN to it NOT being CONFINED to time. But ONCE a DRIECT ACT OF REBELLION against YAH and the ORDER of HIS GENETICS that he GAVE MANKIND occurred, DEATH and DISCONNECTION to the AUTHORITY given to his GENETICS and LINEAGE was MANKIND’S REALITY. We talked a LITTLE BIT about what ADOM’S authority LOOKED like during this TIME, he had AUTHORITY over the VERY EARTH and the PRINCIPALITIES on it. The WORD “DOMINION” LITERALLY means SOVERIEGNTY and “SOVERIEGNTY” LITERALLY means SUPREME POWER. So “LET THEM HAVE DOMINION” LITERALLY MEANT LET THEM HAVE SUPREME POWER AND CONTROL OF THE EARTH and EVERYTHING ON IT.

We know that YAH ONLY OPERATES in FOREVERS, meaning WHATEVER is DONE was NOT CONFINED to the UNDERSTANDING of TIME as we KNOW IT. So WHERE DID TIME COME FROM?… BONDAGE… CAPTIVITY… DEATH… Is it SAFE to say that because the EARTH was CREATED for MANKIND and the AUTHORITY GIVEN to MANKIND that the EARTH was SUBJECT to the VERY DEATH of MANKIND. Or better said, the PRINCIPALITIES that the EARTH was CREATED with and are set in it’s ORDER and CYCLE of LIFE were CENTERED around the LIFE that YAH BREATHED into the NOSTRAILS OF ADOM. And because they were ONE, meaning there was NO THOUGHT of ONE without the OTHER, there was ONLY a CERTAIN REALITY that could be RETAINED as LONG as MANKIND held the AUTHORITY. Look at the EARTH like the WOMAN, his AUTHORITY CONCERNING her GENETICS was ABSOLUTE because SHE CAME FROM him, so REGARDLESS of this or that she COULD ONLY PRODUCE according to HIM. Now let me STRETCH your MIND just a LITTLE bit. The EARTH is CALLED the “MOTHER” because it BIRTHED MANKIND, or MANKIND came from her WOMB. The WORD of YAH is ACTUALLY his SEED, that’s what the WORD REPRESENTS, SEED. He SPEAKS to the EARTH and it FORMS the ADOM, then he BREATHS HIS SOUL into ADOM and ADOM is NOW ALIVE with the GENETICS of YAH and the EARTH. So he is JOINED to BOTH far passed just being a MAN CREATED. He is the SEED of YAH, BIRTHED WITH and FROM the GENETICS of the EARTH. So not ONLY DOES the FATHER have certain OBLIGATIONS of CARE for ADOM, but the EARTH does as well REPRESENTING his MOTHER. So look at it LIKE this, the EARTH BELONGED to ADOM because HE CAME from it, and BECAUSE he CAME from it the PRINCIPALITIES and ORDERS of it are ALSO WRITTEN in the GENETICS of ADOM/MANKIND. How ELSE would ADOM been able to REPLENISH it, he would have HAD to HAVE SUPREME AUTHORIITY OVER IT AND be ONE with it at the SAME TIME.

SO let’s talk a LITTLE about TIME ITSELF. People SAY and is ACTUALLY the TITLE of ONE of my favorite Janet Jackson songs “FUNNY HOW TIME FLIES” when you’re HAVING FUN. Fun is ACTUALLY an EMOTION produced by PERCEPTION of REALITY and it’s RELATION to your GENETICS. So if your PHYSICAL GENETICS INTERACT with your PRESENT REALITY in a PLEASURABLE way, your PSYCHOLOGICAL GENETICS INTERPRET this as FUN. So your PSYCHOLOGICAL GENETICS and ALL it’s FACULTIES become DISCONNECTED from the REALITY OUTSIDE of the ONE that is GENERATING the PLEASURE for YOU. So the TEMPORARY PARADISE, if you will, causes for the BURDEN of TIME to lose it’s HOLD on your BEING TEMPORARILY. And you are in ESSENCE OPERATING OUTSIDE of the CONFINES of TIME on a PSYCHOLOGICAL LEVEL. TIME EQUALS CONFINEMENT in an UNPLEASURABLE REALITY, you can NEVER ENJOY TIME. If your PRESENT REALITY is PLEASURABLE to you in ANY way, TIME is a REMINDER that ONLY a CERTAIN SPACE is ALOTTED for PLEASURE. And if the REALITY you are EXPERIENCING is NOT PLEASURABLE, then TIME is a REMINDER that you are CONFINED to THAT CERTAIN EXPERIENCE for a CERTAIN space. So BASICALLY TIME is a CONSTANT REMINDER OF BONDAGE and COMMITMENT to UNPLEASURABLE REALITIES. So let me ask y’all this. How do you think TIME worked in PARADISE? Before you answer that add this to your THOUGHT PROCESS. ALL OF REALITY is SUBJECT to ADOM and the PRINCIPALITIES of the EARTH ITSELF for the FURTHERANCE of PARADISE. We understand TIME from the MIND of DARKNESS, this is why DAYS in this PRESENT REALITY END IN DARKNESS. But the way that REALITY on the EARTH is DESIGNED to WORK is how it’s WRITTEN in SCRIPTURE where the DAYS END in the MORNING, or in LIGHT. The SCRIPTURE says that “THE EVENING AND THE MORNING WERE the FIRST DAY” as opposed to the MORNING and the EVENING. So we see that TIME and DAYS THEMSELVES have been CHANGED with the THEFT of REALITY. But EXACTLY WHAT does that do for the GENETICS of those that are ONE with the REALITY of it the other way AROUND just on a SMALL scale? It STOLE the TRUTH of REALITY in NATURE and the WAY it’s PERCEIVED.

“One day with YAH is as a THOUSAND YEARS and a THOUSAND YEARS as ONE day”. So the BEAUTY of YAH LOOSES the BONDAGE of TIME which is PARADISE of course. Those who have read me write in the past understand that the DAYS of CREATION ACTUALLY are ONE THOUSAND year TIME LAPSES or cycles. So the SIXTH day when MANKIND was CREATED, the EARTH been in EXISTANCE for SIX THOUSAND YEARS. But it was SIX THOUSAND YEARS for WHO? Those that were OUTSIDE the REALITY that YAH SET on the EARTH and in PARADISE where he DWELLS because their GENETICS were CONFINED to that REALTIY. So if your GENETICS are CONFINED to that REALITY, PRODUCING TOOLS to DATE the EARTH when it was CREATED in a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT REALITY then the MIND you are USING to BUILD the TOOLS to date the EARTH, how can your CALCULATIONS EVER be ACCURATE? WHAT UNDERSTANDNG and REALITY of TIME and SPACE do you think the GENETICS of MANKIND was CREATED and DESIGNED for? We were CREATED for PARADISE and PARADISE was GIVEN to our GENETICS to MULTIPLY, so our ENTIRE BEING along with ALL IT’S FACULTIES were WIRED to FACILITATE PARADISE and the TIME SCALE that is ACCOMPANIED with it. So when ADOM LOSES his AUTHORITY over the EARTH and is REMOVED from PARADISE, the REALITY that he is FORCED into is a REALITY of BONDAGE to the TIME SCALE of THE BEAST, or the TIME OF THE GENTILES. So what’s BEING SAID IS, MANKIND is HELD in BONDAGE UNTIL the END of TIME or the END OF THE TIME OF THE GENTILES. One UNDERSTANDING of LIFE LITERALY MEANS “FOREVER”. So your GENETICS were DESIGNED and CREATED for a FOREVER TIME SCALE. But what I want you to try and do is look at FOREVER from the understanding of LINEAGE for a MOMENT, even though it doesn’t JUST APPLY to LINEAGE.

So because the FALL, MANKIND can ACTUALLY die a PHYSICAL DEATH, correct? But the KING DIED so WE DON’T have to, that’s why he’s ALIVE NOW just NOT CONFINED to the REALITY/DIMENSION of THE TIME OF THE GENTILES. HE’S in PARADISE where ONE day is as a THOUSAND YEARS and a THOUSAND YEARS as ONE DAY. A completely DIFFERENT DIMENSION. So when he RETURNS to this DIMENSION through the VERY SAME PORTAL that he LEFT out of AFTER THE TIME of the GENTILES has EXPIRED, what will be the TIME SCALE ONCE AGAIN? The TIME SCALE that was GIVEN to the EARTH and the GENETICS of MANKIND. THOSE that are OF his LINEAGE and GENETICS will RULE and REIGN with HIM over the EARTH like we were CREATED to do in the BEGINNING for a THOUSAND YEARS. Which would be the SEVENTH DAY or the COMPLETION of THIS CYCLE of LIFE that the EARTH is PRESENTLY in. Then OF COURSE LIFE and PARADISE is REGENERATED and a NEW EARTH and NEW HEAVENS will be ESTABLISHED for MANKIND to DWELL with YAH, just like he INTENDED from the BEGINNING. Question, during that ONE THOUSAND year SPAN, it will be a THOUSAND YEARS for the GENETICS of WHO? GENTILES, they will be those with the BURDEN of the BONDAGE of TIME because their REALITY will no longer be the REALITY that the PRINCIPALITIES of the EARTH is held CAPTIVE to… It’s funny how this REALITY witnesses to the GENETICS of some. SOME not MANY, people can KNOW you your WHOLE LIFE and have ONLY been shown LOVE, kindness and a SENSE of RESPONSIBILITY concerning them and can be PRESENTED with a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT REALITY of you by the CHILD of the SON of PERDITION, and COMPLETELY FORGET the REALITY of WHO you are and WHAT you’ve DISPLAYED to them. We’ve talked about TRUE DISCERNMENT and those that ACTUALLY possess it TRULY UNDERSTAND how it works, YOUR GENETICS TELL ON YOU REGARDLESS of your PRESENTATION. And your SECRET CONVERSATIONS are NOT so SECRET…

Tomorrow we continue our course



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