Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about death being confined to this reality and how that it is always working. We also talked about the way that multiple dimensions parallel this reality to be held in bondage to time itself.

Time being the bondage of beast or the reality of the beast because death was given to him and those that would submit to and serve his Kingdom, is the reality that is confined to his very genetics. So just like YAH is the father of mankind and forever is the reality of his genetics, in his children forever would obviously be given to their genetics. So because forever was given to their genetics, forever would be the only reality that would be present in his Kingdom. Children can only be what there father is, correct? So also because death is the reality of Lucifer his reality has to revolve around time because there has to be a time of death… So obviously his children’s reality and the Kingdom that he creates would revolve around time because there is a scheduled time of death.  So because of the reality of death, time is has to hold you in it’s bondage.

Like I have said before the darkness is life for the children of darkness because that’s what was given to their genetics, just like light and paradise was given to the genetics of mankind. But because of the death that mankind suffered for submitting to the darkness our genetics and faculties were possessed by death to be used to multiply it. So we understand that darkness means death or no life or light. So when you multiply the acts of darkness in essence you are multiplying death upon yourself and those that are effected by your acts. So since time equals death, when you multiply darkness what does that do for time concerning you? Look at it like this. Just like we gave kind of an example of the reality of paradise or being outside the bondage of time when we talked about having fun. You are disconnected from the bondage and reality of time on a psychological level. So if you multiply darkness you in essence multiply the effects of time on your being which would give cause in a certain understanding of a sooner death in one understanding or another. So we see that darkness, time and death all work together as the reality but it works exactly like the self regenerating cycle of life that mankind was designed to operate in to multiply life and light. So we see as another example of the life and faculties of mankind being harnessed and used for the kingdom of darkness…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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