Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. We left off talking about death being the reality of the beast and his children and how that their reality has to revolve around time, because there is a scheduled time of death.

So only because there is death is time a reality in any form. This is what gives a being the status of a god, the ability to appear timeless, or if a being can give the illusion that time itself has no hold on them. The problem with that is the understanding of time that is present in this reality. Because time was not involved in the creation of Mankind because there was no death, Mankind’s perception of time itself is completely an illusion in the understanding that we have no rites to it, so it doesn’t fit any of our genetic make up. And because it doesn’t fit our genetic make up the only real understanding that we have of it is what we perceive from being within it’s confines. First what you have to understand is that time does not always move in a linear motion, so what that means is that not only is time travel possible, but it’s done all the time everywhere. This is another reason that you can’t believe the present reality in many situations. Time itself and the events of time are not locked into a linear forward motion. We have talked a little about portals other dimensions/worlds wormholes etc, and what you have to understand about all these things is that all of them are used to manipulate reality itself.

Obviously Lucifer and his fallen ones know all of this and teach these understandings to their children that are used for the purpose of controlling the world, or controlling reality. I have said this to you before and hopefully you will begin to see the truth of it, but everything is an illusion. What I mean by that is, you build a reality on understanding the world around you and how it correlates to your perception of life and being. But if what is being presented to you is not actual in the understanding that certain events were altered to develop a certain reality in the present reality, then it’s an illusion that was formed in the mind of some being and is embraced as reality by those that receive it as truth or actual reality. Like I have said before, government, law, this country, everything is an illusion. None of it is real. From the laws that govern this country to the understanding of the world, all of it is illegal on all levels and it forms an illusion for everyone to operate in to sustain the current reality. Example, many of us Hebrew/Black people don’t realize this, but all of you are still owned by the Queen of England and everything about that bitch is a lie. Along with all of the thirteen royal blood lines. Soon we will talk about those bloodlines and how they effect you. Blood type has everything to do with lineage, but of course they won’t teach you the reality of blood types and how the different blood types are used to control reality and the world. But anyway, that bitch is the incarnate of the serpent and she is over four hundred years old. Which we will get into later. You think the world is controlled by money, but it’s not, money is just a physical representation of energy. Money is what is used to bring energy into a physical measurement or understanding. Governments and money is the framework of bondage in one form or another. You need money in this reality, but if money is the physical representation of your energy or energy given to you, why is it that all of your energy is the energy being spent and you have no money? The whole system of money and it’s principals are all based on the lie or illusion. All the people who control money/energy stole that energy through manipulation of reality, not through hard work and wisdom.

Many of you have seen the movie “Get Out”. Well what you see in that movie is all real, host bodies and souls are stolen and produced from all day everyday. Some of you people who are part of these cults, and yes Christianity is a cult, I’ll bust all that down for you too. But, anyway when you give yourself to these occult organization, whatever spirit is controlling the mind of that body of people through seducing them, has rites to not only you, but your children. And all that spiritual shit that you think is some holy spirit or whatever is actually a multiplicity of spirits used to create a certain reality for you to operate in. But when you give yourself to these spirits you give them rites to use your children as host vessels. And guess who is controlling all of this? All those that control and manipulate reality. Time travel is done through portals and wormholes for the fallen and children of the fallen. The way that it works is through lineage. Remember we talked about lineage not being confined to time? Well the way that these people control reality is keeping a position of power within a certain bloodline and if there is something that needs to be altered in history, that can influence this by traveling either in their physical body if the other family member is aware of their responsibility. Or it’s done spiritually because they have rites and access to those genetics because they descend from them. So in essence what happens is the being that would be in the past would have their genetics influenced in this or that way in order to make a certain decision that would effect the course of history and change the present reality, or influence it in a major way. I myself am not confined to time or this present reality. I have the ability to see any and everything concerning my lineage. This is not something that is out of the ordinary for the highly advanced beings of darkness, this really is the only way they have maintained control of reality on the earth. People like myself of Hebrew descent who have this ability are very few and usually killed before they can reach the point of being able to influence anyone according to truth. Obviously that would be a very big problem for the Kingdom of Darkness, especially if someone descends from a particular lineage. Remember blood is everything, so blood type is everything. There is obviously a Real Royal Bloodline according to truth that descends from YAH himself. Why do you think mass amounts of information is always gathered about blood types and DNA, they are tracking blood types. Still to this day the FBI has a Law that forbids rise of a Black MessiYAH/Messiah, they have a lineage that he is to descends from and blood type to identify all the possibles and a weeding out process is done if they can get the rites to his life through some type of deception. They can’t just kill him, trust me that won’t be happening again, very big no no. When the KING was to be born Lucifer and his lineages knew because it was announced in the heavens, then what happened. The Second mass murdering of Hebrew babies started, the first was with Moesha/Moses. And you thought the current abortion system is something new, abortion systems forced onto us has always been the norm when YAH is set to send someone to change reality for his people and bring them out of bondage…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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