Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about reality being influenced by certain beings that descend from the serpent and the way that they use time travel in order to do it.

As I have said before this is why it’s written not to touch the world nor the things of the world, all of it is a trap and a snare. The bondage of the serpent is complete. By the time you realize that you are snared, it’s far passed being too late to do anything about it on your own. Once you have given your life and rites to your life away to the serpent, his authority over you and whatever you produce, even your children are completely under his authority and rule regardless of what you think. That’s the way reality actually works. That’s why he has Religions, Cults, Government, Entertainment, Music, Television etc. All of it is used to multiply darkness through changing reality. We talked a little about blood types yesterday and of course the reason why blood and DNA is so important is because of the reality that actually exists. There is a lineage that Royalty actually belongs to. So if you want to continue to perpetuate the illusion of control you have to control those that have the power, authority and ability to challenge that and change it. The serpent has a lineage of beings that he uses. Most of which descend from the thirteen fake royal bloodlines or the bloodlines of the gods. These are those that are used to control reality through government, politics and money. But Their power and control transcends all those things because all those are illusions formed by the altering of reality through the manipulation of time and space. But the real problem is the power and control they have that’s not tangible, meaning the power they have spiritually and psychologically.

The royal bloodlines have the ability to move like the gods in the understanding that they can possess and control anyone that either belongs to their lineage because they bare the genetics, or they control by someone giving themselves to someone that belongs to that lineage, or submission through deception. We all know that the children of YAH are all people of color. Some may be very lightly pigmented and some darker pigmented, but you know the difference between the children of the watchers(gods/fallen ones) and Hebrew people just from the outward appearance. Do y’all remember we talked about the tares among the wheat and how that the tares look identical to the wheat and only after it’s too late is the identity of the tares recognized? Well the tares are the descendants of the serpent(enemy) but they are obviously pigmented like the children of light for the purpose of concealment. And because they are children they are used for their purpose and to further their Kingdom through the seduction, bondage and the altering of reality. Just like any of those people that are used in their lineage that bare their physical genetics outwardly, they can be accessed for this or that purpose. And like I said before these are those that control and promote Religions and other Occult activity that is presented as something other than the Occult. Of course they don’t know they are being used most of the time, but they do know they are liars and they ain’t shit. But they will never not bend and twist reality, that’s what’s in their genetics to do.

Remember how we talked about after Hawah gave herself to the serpent she was immediately and completely unconsciously used to destroy the man, or the reality from which she came from? Well this is the picture of what happens completely unconsciously to you when you give yourself to the serpent in one form or another, you become a host vessel. All while you think you have a case for the darkness that you are creating. The problem with being in darkness is of course you don’t know you are in darkness until someone brings you light, but by that time you are usually pretty fucked up. But what’s the bigger problem is when the light or truth is not accepted and everything has been made plain to you. “I put before you life and death, I would that you choose life”… The reason why there is any effort to make the truth known is because darkness hides the light from the mind of darkness. And because YAH is just he allows for light to witness to the genetics of all those that bare his genetics. But based on your response to that presentation determines the course of life and reality. Remember what we said the word of YAH does? It divides realities so that a clear path can be made, or a clear choice can be made according to truth. The reality of life and death witnesses to the genetics of many differently, but whatever reality you choose is the reality that bares witness to your entire existence. How do we know that? It’s written, those that love the darkness will never and can never embrace the light. Doesn’t mean that the children of darkness can’t embrace light, because they can. What it means is that darkness is a choice once light has been presented to you, it’s no longer deception so you are made one with the darkness. That’s the way it works. If Lucifer could have convinced my KING to embrace darkness, regardless of who he was and where he came from he would have been confined to darkness, period. That was the reason for the temptation to begin with, because of that very principal. Those who have chosen the light, the KING himself along with YAH extends light to you and we will have our fill of it, trust me. We have a lot to talk about and a lot to do when we begin to meet in the physical form. The KING is sending destruction to this reality and those that belong to it, but not until all of you are sealed as the remnant of The Most High YAH…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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