Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about some of the abilities that the fallen and their children have to keep the children of light in bondage and keep control of the earth for the furtherance of the Kingdom of darkness.

Remember a little while back we talked about exactly what happened when Hawah gave herself to the serpent and birthed Cain or “The Man of Sin”. Remember I said the biggest issue is that she gave away all the secrets to all of our genetics and the way they were designed to work. So in essence she gave the enemy and his children the ability to create a whole world of illusions for our genetics to be deceived by. What you have to remember is that reality itself is wrong, not just that the world has some bad and some good, it’s not about that. Reality is being presented to you in a way that’s keeping you in a state of psychological and spiritual bondage. It is written that the whole world is deceived by the beast and that everyone small and great received his mark or is marked by him. That’s because the reality of life is all an illusion centered around his rule and his Kingdom of Darkness. The Darkness is made to look like light, even after the mind of Mankind is subject to darkness. So there is literally no way to connect with the reality of the fact that everything is a lie that has been manipulated to keep the authority of the earth in bondage to darkness.

Those who have chosen the light we have a responsibility not only to multiply that light within ourselves, but we also have the responsibility to walk in the light, or to avoid walking in darkness. Those who are of Hebrew descent walking in the light is all about your perception of yourself as a child of light and being one with your Father in the understanding that he sent his son, the KING Yahushua to be the sacrifice for the sins of the genetics that you were given and the lineage you belong to. See salvation of the mind has already been given to your genetics through the sacrifice of the KING, the only problem you have in not accepting his gift according to the truth and reality it was given to you. What do I mean? If the chosen, the children of light, those that are the lineage of YAH are confined to the bondage of death of the mind and the reality of the beast is the reality that you subscribe to and perpetuate, exactly who and when is the KING going to return to establish his reality and Kingdom on the earth with? There has to be people to build a Kingdom with if there is going to be a Kingdom correct? So do you see why it’s so important that reality be manipulated to give you the illusion of freedom and peace, while you are still enslaved to the beast? They maintain control of the earth using it and it’s resources for the furtherance of the Kingdom of Darkness. There is no one for the KING to return to if everyone is in darkness. So in essence as long as darkness and bondage has the children of light held captive, the earth and the return of the King is held subject to that darkness. Regardless of what you are made to think by the world, it’s literally all about you. The Earth was given to the genetics of Mankind, not the fallen ones. This is why they have to manipulate reality in order to keep control of it and you.

What I want for y’all to understand is, the bondage of Mankind is different now since the sacrifice of the KING and him redeeming Mankind back to YAH. The difference is the power that is made available to you now. What do I mean? Before the sacrifice of the KING our people knew exactly who they were, they knew they were the people of YAH, the descendants of Mankind. But before the sacrifice of the KING it didn’t much matter because we had no power because the death of the mind that we suffered. So we were subject to this or that as a people because the mind of YAH that we were given died and we were subject to the bondage of the beast, or sin and death. But since the sacrifice of the KING and life and light was given back to our genetics and it can’t be taken away, now your identity has to be changed and hidden from you in order to hide you from the power that has been made available to you, because it was given to your genetics through birth. The Kingdom of Darkness has it’s thirteen fake royal families, but the Kingdom of Light has Twelve real Royal families or lineages. These are the true possessors of the earth and the reality is the time of the gentiles is over and they know it. What do I mean by they know it. The governments of the world are preparing for the return of the KING and they know he’s going to return soon because of a particular announcement made in the heavens. There is scripture written that says that the wicked men of the earth run to hide in the rocks and pray for them to fall on them for fear of the KING and his wrath. Well all of the fake royalty and the elite of this world have built literal underground cities and cities hidden inside of mountains that they have stocked and equipped to sustain life for them. These highly advanced beings know exactly what’s coming and they know exactly where their only chance for life will be. Their world/reality is being destroyed and the reality of Light will be the supreme authority on the earth…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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