Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about reality being altered to hide Mankind from the power given to our genetics and keep us in illusions and lies about everything. Subsequently using Mankind as host vessels to facilitate darkness and keep the earth in complete bondage.

The other day we began talk about the bloodlines of the gods and the way they use the power they have to manipulate reality and keep Mankind in the understanding of illusion and confusions about themselves and the reality of life that we belong to. One thing that I want to talk about is the illusion of power. Lucifer and his children rule through ignorance and fear. These two realities are forced onto the mind of Mankind through embracing their understanding of reality. First what I want y’all to understand is, the Kingdom of Darkness only has authority over what belongs to it, trust me or my black ass would have been dead a very long time ago. This is why a world of illusions have to be forced onto you as well, once you have signed on the dotted line yo ass is enlisted, period. We are multi-dimensional beings correct? So what that means is within our being alone we have three separate realities working together to make a complete being. Or a different way to say it is, you have different aspects of your being that work together to create a reality for you to operate in. And the way that the Kingdom of Darkness deceives the mind of Mankind to facilitate it’s Darkness is through disconnection to one, two or all of these different aspects of your being causing a break or disconnect from the reality you were created to operate in. What do I mean?

You were created as multi-dimensional beings in order to connect you with the Father, the Earth and Mankind as a whole, but the mind is where all of these different aspects are orchestrated from in order to create that reality. Now ask yourself, living in this present reality how many of these things are you connected with in the understanding that you are one with them in truth… Now based on your answer let me explain this. Your reality was designed around these things, your Father, the earth and the furtherance of you genetics or the multiplication of life. Now if I disconnect you from the reality of truth in one of three of all these things what did I just do to you? I just disconnected you from your reality, or the reality you were designed to operate in. So in essence I just made you yourself an illusion, just an energy source to be used by this or that understanding because I just uprooted you from being ground to the entire reality of your creation based on what you give certain aspects of your being to. So for those that would gravitate towards being more spiritually inclined like those that would descend from the Tribe of Levi because that was given to their genetics as an inheritance, you have Religions and other occult activity to occupy their need for a spiritual oneness with the/a Father. So you see the illusion is designed around the need for this or that. The Tribe that I descend from Yahudah/Judah, Dominion and Kingship was given to this Tribe, so you see why the KING had to be tempted with KING. Because Dominion and Kingship was given to his genetics. So the illusion of KING that has place in this reality was designed to be the illusion that keeps all those spinning that would descend from this tribe and having those particular genetics and character traits. What I want y’all to remember is nothing is real in the understanding that everything is rite where it is because that’s the design of this reality. Education itself although necessary to sustain life in this reality, is all lies and darkness for the furtherance of the Kingdom of Darkness. If you learn how to live and contribute to the life of Darkness, you are in Darkness, period. But my point is the world and everything that we embrace as reality does not come from the reality that we are designed to operate in.

The children of Darkness are used just like the children of light are used. One thing that you have to understand about the highly advanced beings that control the reality of this world is, there is no such thing as love and compassion in the understanding that Mankind was created with. What do I mean? I mean they literally have no ability to connect with love and compassion. The love and compassion that descends from the serpent and his children are conditional and it is formed out of a completely different reality of life. The serpent loves evil of course or anything outside of the reality of truth, but his genetic design is to love what serves himself. So in the garden what motivated Adom to build a paradise for Hawah? Love… But who came and destroyed everything pertaining to life to serve their own purpose, or the purpose given to their genetics? So we see life and love stolen by the serpent because of his type of love, or his self serving love. This is how the Elite and the fake royalty are designed, they are designed to perpetuate lies for the love of themselves or the reality that they belong to. So death for you is just a necessary part of their love for their own reality and Darkness, but again they have to have rites to bring death upon you, or you have to be part of their Kingdom in some way or another to have rites to your life. Was Adom/Mankind a threat to all the other beings on the earth? Of course he was, but what could they do about it as long as he stayed out of their Darkness, nothing. Why is that, why couldn’t they just kill Adom? Why does the Sun rise in the East and set in the West? That’s the Law…

We all understand Laws that come from governments and authorities, but what Mankind has been completely disconnected from is the Laws that come from YAH, or the Laws written in all the heavens. YAH told the Sun to rise in the East and it’s been doing that since he said it, it’s Law… When you die what that means in a certain understanding is, you cease to exist, or the Laws in nature concerning you don’t have the responsibility to facilitate life to your genetics anymore. “In that day you shall surely die”, or Nature and it’s Laws to facilitate life to you will no longer be applicable, Darkness. So as long as the Sun continues doing what it was told to do, he ain’t got to worry about no one taking his woman(moon). He ain’t got to worry about losing his identity and understanding for creation. He ain’t got to worry about being killed, none of this. Why?… Because the principalities surrounding his assignment from YAH is set as Law in the heavens. So that means that no one can formulate an understanding on how to manipulate the Sun off his square. He would have to disobey the order himself which would force him into a completely different understanding of himself, correct? Could we call it a Sun if it didn’t rise? Could we call it a Sun if it could be manipulated with money? Would we be able to put any trust in it if it only gave it’s light when it was paid to do so? So we see an example of the Law that comes from YAH, it seals you into the heavens in a certain understanding.

One thing that I want y’all to understand is Real Power is set as Law in the Heavens and then you have the illusion of power that is gained through deception. As we see real power comes from YAH, but what makes it real is that all of creation has to respect it even Darkness. Darkness leaves everyday when the Sun gets up correct? But as long as he’s asleep, even though Darkness is not complete because the Moon has something to say about when her Husband gets up, it has the ability to create a certain understanding. But it only has the ability to do that as long as Law concerning the Sun allows for it to. So the reality of Darkness is based on what reality of understanding you belong to. Those that would be of a dark understanding would see Darkness as having some power and say so over light and life. But on the contrary, Darkness is subject completely to the light and the authority given to it. So we see that the understanding of Darkness equals power to the mind of Darkness, but the reality is Darkness is given it’s place so it has no say so at all. “Let there be light”…

We have talked a little about some of the power and abilities that the fallen ones have to manipulate reality such as time travel and the illusion of government. But these are all illusions of power, meaning it was power given or allowed, it’s not Law set in the Heavens so it’s not absolute power like they boast. If they had absolute power you would not be reading this and getting understanding of any of this because I would have been killed. The illusion of power is deception itself designed to force you into accepting a certain reality as truth and submitting your being to it. If I felt like the life that was given to me was subject to the Darkness, my life would have been taken by Darkness. So if one would create an illusion big enough, one could deceive you into believing that something will eventually get you and no need to retain an image that has little to no place in this current reality. So if darkness can show the light on television getting killed for absolutely nothing other than being light, how does the light that exists feel about its existence and what energy will it apply to retaining it’s identity as light? Or if Darkness can influence light to behave like whores and devils by only showing the illusion of whores and devils as a glorified images of light, what happens to the lights ability to retain it’s identity if it belongs to that reality? So we see that it’s not actually the power of darkness that’s the problem, it’s the understanding of Law written in the heavens that the problem and the mind interpreting it…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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