Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about the illusion of power and the Law of YAH that is written in the Heavens. And how that the illusion of power is designed to deceive you into a certain understanding because it in fact is not absolute power, only power that was stolen or given through deception and darkness.

Before we talk today I need to address a few things, FIRST starting with my behavior and display to a certain extent. I first need to apologize to those that really do hunger after truth and righteousness and those that read in support. I need to apologize to you for not acknowledging your commitment to the light and to the FATHER of us all. Believe it or not I can see, hear and feel ALL of you. Even those whom I’ve never met. Even though none of this is about me at all, your love, support and concerns for me and my well being is felt and greatly appreciated. But I have neglected you to a certain degree. Many of those who truly are loyal people understand that LOYALTY is really not optional if it is given to your genetics, it’s LAW. You can’t turn it off even when you NEED to, you have to learn how to fly above those that are NOT deserving of it. As a MAN coupled with certain genetics, the reality of failure is NOT optional, especially when it is concerning those whom you hold dear to your heart and soul. Especially when you KNOW what’s coming. But none of this is an excuse for my neglect concerning those of you who have remained loyal, respectful and supportive. Even though you were/are my target as well as the KING’S, along with my personal family from the beginning, I have allowed for my emotions to dictate my actions and I in a certain understanding I turned my back on those that I should have been completely loyal to from the beginning. It is written that MANY will come from the East and West and will sit down with ABBA AVRAHEM, YITSHAQ, and YAACOV and the CHILDREN of the KINGDOM will be cast into outer darkness where there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. And I’ve known this from the beginning, I’ve literally seen it. This was MOST of the reason for my vigor, sacrifices, diligence and loyalty to a reality that does not belong to truth. Those of you that have chosen the light, as I said the other day you will be filled to capacity with it. Not because I am saying so, because it is written and it is the will of the KING. I told y’all that we have ALL KNOWLEDGE, ALL UNDERSTANDING, ALL WISDOM and ALL POWER LITERALLY, I wouldn’t say any of those things if it wasn’t true. But as I have said before and what has been my goal for EVERYONE up until recently, is to HELP to PRESENT the REALITY of LIFE, it only is manifest in a certain REALITY, the REALITY we were created in and for. Literally there is no limits there and this is what your ENEMIES are afraid of. AND LITERALLY ALL the work has already been done for you.

Your ENEMIES rule through ignorance and fear, their power LITERALLY only has reach in darkness. Like I’ve said to you yesterday, this is why you are reading these, them bitches can’t do anything to me. I know some of you have expressed concerns for my safety and are wondering why my ass is still alive. Of course they have been trying for a VERY LONG time and there has been MANY MANY attempts on my LIFE. Some were out rite someone trying to kill me and others have been where they just jump into people that are close to me that they have access to through BLOODLINE, and use them to try and harm me. But I have the CROWN now so EVERYTHING is different. I literally have ALL of the SECRET KNOWLEDGE and KNOW the ORDER of ALL THINGS, INCLUDING LIFE. This is what they have been hiding from the WORLD and it was given to us as a gift from the KING. We have NOT even scratched the surface of the DEPTHS of these things, LITERALLY. Do y’all remember what DOMINION means? Well the KING restored DOMINION to the GENETICS of MANKIND and that is EXACTLY what is being hidden from you, the fact that you HAVE DOMINION ALREADY, you are just being DECEIVED out of it. The KING had to be TEMPTED in ALL points and RETAIN the IMAGE given to his GENETICS in order for us to have LIFE and DOMINION. He had to do that to REDEEM us from the BONDAGE of DEATH, or REDEEM us BACK to the FATHER that set the LAWS that NATURE are to abide by concerning you to facilitate LIFE to you.

Question, is a STOLEN LIFE any LIFE at all? No it’s the ILLUSION of LIFE only ENERGIZED by the ENTERTAINMENT of a LIE. So what that means is, it’s ONLY LIFE because ENOUGH people BELIEVE that it’s a LIFE. So it has NO LEGAL RITES to harness and ACCEPT ANYTHING from NATURE as concerning it’s EXISTANCE. This is the way you have to begin to look at your ENEMIES, they are ILLUSIONS of LIFE ENERGIZED by your IGNORANCES and BELIEF in this or that. So they LIVE off of the LIFE that YOU give them. This is how the WHOLE KINGDOM of DARKNESS works, just like the Sun ALLOWS for there to be ANY form of DARKNESS, those that are of the LIGHT have to ALLOW DARKNESS. The scripture says that AFTER ADOM ate from the TREE of ALL KNOWLEDGE his eyes were OPENED. I explained to you that EYES BEING OPENED is speaking to his being open to ALL the POSSIBILITIES of evil, NOT LITERALLY that he FINALLY realized that they didn’t have any clothes on. Them seeing themselves as NAKED is just the understanding that they NOW SAW THEMSELVES in a way that was NOT given for them to see. They ACCEPTED a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT REALITY about themselves. So in essence the understanding would be that they just got a NEW INSTALLMENT ADDED to the understanding of themselves, or a NEW MIND to use concerning this or that. Obviously this NEW MIND would be the MIND of DARKNESS, correct? Remember we talked about the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND being HARDWIRED to your GENETICS and that THIS is the MIND that YAH speaks to. Why does he speak to the SUBCONSCIOUS part of the MIND? Because that’s the part of the MIND that is CONNECTED DIRECTLY to your GENETICS. So in this understanding when The Most High speaks to this part of the MIND, he’s NOT ASKING or REQUESTING anything from you, he’s telling your GENETICS this or that is LAW. And EXACTLY WHAT are your GENETICS connected to? The HEAVENS, NATURE, EARTH, REALITY… So for example if YAH says you are to be HEALED, it’s NOT a REQUEST or OPTIONAL, it’s LAW. So ALL of the PRICIPALTIES in NATURE HAS to abide by that LAW and FACILITATE HEALING to YOU. Do you see why being CONNECTED to the EARTH and NATURE is such a THREAT for the KINGDOM of DARKNESS? ALL OF YOUR GENETICS COME FROM IT and the PRINCIPALITES CONCERNING them. So if you CONNECT with your TRUE IDENTITY and you REALIZE that YOU are ONE with the EARTH or the LAWS of NATURE, you realize that the LAWS in NATURE CONCERNING your LIFE and HEALTH is what is the is LAW concerning YOU and you have NATURE and ALL it’s ENERGY to back you.

So what am I saying? The MIND of DARKNESS DISCONNECTED ADOM from the REALITY he was CREATED in, so he was DISCONNECTED from the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND that connected him to the REALITY he belong to and NOW his NEW MIND, or the MIND of DARKNESS is the MIND that he is USING to NAVIGATE through LIFE. So the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND that YAH HARDWIRED to the GENETICS of MANKIND, the MIND that CONNECTED him to YAH and NATURE has been made the MIND that he is NOT FAMILIAR with because he has a NEW UNDERSTANDING of LIFE. Death means to CEASE to EXIST, or the LAWS in NATURE NO LONGER HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY CONCERNING YOU or FACILITATING LIFE to you ANYMORE. So DEATH of the MIND was about NATURE NOT BEING BOND to FULFIL it’s OBLIGATION to FACILITATE LIFE ANYMORE. YOU have to begin to look at LIFE from the understanding of your CREATION as opposed to the ARROGANCE and THEFT of LIFE that we are taught by the GENTILE MIND. They DESTROY the EARTH and NATURE and the LAWS written in them because they have NO CONNECTION to it. But the EARTH and NATURE is LIFE for us because we come from it, and ONLY by the LAWS of NATURE do we have LIFE in any form. Our PHYSICAL body comes from the EARTH and NATURE and it’s ELEMENTS is what FACILITATE LIFE to us. Oxygen comes from TREES, correct? TREES are part of NATURE, correct? So in essence when you cut down TREES what you are doing is ATTACKING the very source in which you get LIFE from correct? But who made TREES FACILITATE OXYGEN for you to breathe? YAH correct? So there where LAWS written in NATURE concerning your LIFE, you can’t see them, they aren’t written down anywhere but you can break them and that’s EXACTLY what ADOM did, he broke the LAWS of NATURE that were written in his GENETICS. That’s why he was DISCONNECTED from the REALITY he was CREATED with. Him NOT eating off the TREE was a LAW written in NATURE and the HEAVENS, this is why NATURE and the HEAVENS didn’t FACILITATE LIFE to him ANYMORE, or he was SENT OUT of the GARDEN for it to ONLY BARE him thorns and thisles, DEATH and DISCONNECTION from the AUTHOURITY over the EARTH and NATURE to produce LIFE FOR HIM. As long as there are TREES they are GOING to FACILITATE LIFE to you because that’s what they were TOLD to do. So you KNOW the LAW EXISTS, but your CONSCIOUS MIND doesn’t SHOW much RESPECT for it does it? Why do you think that is? DEATH OF THE MIND, or a different way to say it is, the INTRODUCTION of the NEW MIND or WAY of THINKING and PERCEIVING the world.

So ADOM being in his NATURAL STATE is NOW a PROBLEM or the WAY that he is CONNECTED to NATURE is NOW a BURDEN for him. So the DEATH OF THE MIND SERVERED him from being AWARE of NATURE’S RESPONSIBILITY to facilitate LIFE and NOW his NEW MIND is what he GRAVITATES towards for his understanding of LIFE. What I want y’all to see is this… Do you remember when the KING CURSED the FIG TREE for NOT PRODUCING any FIGS? Where did he get the AUTHORITY to do that? Where did he get the AUTHORITY to STOP the STORM? Where did he get the AUTHORITY to walk on water? Where did he get the AUTHORITY to turn WATER into APPLE FLAVORED CIROC? All of these things DEFY the LAWS of NATURE, OR DO THEY REALLY?… Remember I said that ADOM had to have power OVER the EARTH and be ONE with it if he was to REPLISH IT? This was the DOMINION or SUPREME AUTHORITY given to the GENETICS of MANKIND over the EARTH because we are ONE with it because we came from it. So the EARTH/NATURE had to ABIDE by  VERY PARTICULAR LAWS and it was CENTERED around MANKIND having AUTHORITY OVER it along with ALL it’s ELEMENTS. So the KING cursing the fig TREE that was an imposter was just a show of the AUTHORITY given to his GENETICS OVER NATURE because he is ONE WITH it and the FATHER give it to his GENETICS. So NATURE/EARTH and all of it’s ELEMENTS are SUBJECT to the AUTHORITY of the KING. Do you know what ELSE that AUTHORITY covers? Where did the GENETICS of MANKIND come from? The EARTH/NATURE correct? So because MANKIND is ONE with the EARTH because we share the GENETICS of the EARTH, that would mean that one who has AUTHORITY over the EARTH has COMPLETE AUTHORITY OVER the PHYSICAL ASPECTS of THOSE who bare the GENETICS of the EARTH. So healing NATURALLY WOULDN’T be a PROBLEM for someone like this correct? So the TRUE UNDERSTANDING of HEALING has EVERYTHING to do with WHAT MIND or REALITY you belong to. Being able to TRULY HEAL someone has EVERYTHING to do with TRULY UNDERSTANDING the POWER and AUTHORITY to do so which was GIVEN to MANKIND in the BEGINNING.

Your LIFE ceases to exist once NATURE’S LAWS concerning YOU have EXPIRED. So NATURE/EARTH and the ELEMENTS that make it HOME for MANKIND are the LAWS given by YAH to FACIILITATE LIFE, LIFE doesn’t just HAPPEN. And if LIFE doesn’t just HAPPEN like you are made to believe by the MIND of DARKNESS, but actually has an ORDER and REALITY that it belongs to, HOW can you see LIFE without it? Healing is ALL about having COMPLETE AUTHORITY in NATURE, or being able to INFLUENCE NATURE to FACILITATE HEALING or WHOLENESS. This is what is interpreted in the MIND as a miracle. So just like the FIG TREE, the STORM, and WALKING on WATER are ALL CONSIDERED DEFIANCES of NATURE’S LAWS, actually it’s ONLY DEFIANCE to LAWS that are written in the GENETICS of BEINGS of the MIND of DARKNESS and HAVE NO AUTHORITY with the EARTH. So just like the AIR that comes from the TREES is NECESSARY to facilitate LIFE for MANKIND, just like the WATER that is given to the EARTH to facilitate LIFE for MANKIND, the LIFE of MANKIND is ONE with NATURE. THESE ARE THE LAWS THAT YOU WERE CREATED TO ABIDE BY, EVERYTHING else is the WITNESS of DEATH… So TRUE HEALING, the HEALING that comes from the FATHER is centered around a CERTAIN REALITY being embraced, the reality that AUTHORITY for HEALING BELONGS to THOSE that COME FROM the EARTH so they have AUTHORITY over it and the BEINGS that are ONE with IT. This is why DISCONNECTION from the EARTH, NATURE and the REALITY it was CREATED is so important to have concerning you by the KINGDOM of DARKNESS. You are COMPLETELY disconnected from the REALITY that YOU ARE THE EARTH and there are LAWS written that MAKE the DESCENDANTS of MANKIND the AUTHORITY OVER it and ALL the BEINGS that share GENETICS with it. So disconnecting you from the EARTH or the REALITY in NATURE and PRESENTING it to you in a COMPLETELY different UNDERSTANDING, is DISCONNECTING you from the ABILITY to CONNECT with the AUTHORITY given to the GENETICS of MANKIND and it’s understanding of NATURE’S LAW written in the HEAVENS to FACILITATE LIFE to you in whatever way it is needed. Being made WHOLE or HEALING is simply put as, NATURE and the POWER OVER it that was GIVEN to MANKIND in the BEGINNING is FACILITATING LIFE to you in the way that is NECESSARY. This is why the KING would ALWAYS ask if someone BELIEVED that he was able to do this or that. What is being said is do you BELIEVE that the POWER to make you whole was given to the GENTICS of MANKIND, the SON of YAH the SECOND REPRESENTATIVE of MANKIND, or do you SUBSCRIBE to the REALITY of YOUR CREATION…

Tomorrow we continue our course



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