Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked a little about your disconnection from the EARTH or NATURE being ONE of the devices to keep you from the REALITY that you were CREATED to live in.

Before we talk today I BELIEVE that I need to give understanding concerning a FEW things that I wrote so that I am CLEAR on position with this or that. Because I don’t say names or IDENTIFY people openly in these writings I believe some of what I’ve said has been MISUNDERSTOOD. There are those that are of my family, but NOT of the same fold that I have STRIVED WITH from the VERY BEGINNING. Because of my LOVE for these people about seventy five percent of what I have written thus far has been centered around the CHRISTIAN RELIGION. I have STRIVED with you AND COMPLETELY DISMANTLED your RELIGION and it’s LIES, BUT YOU have chosen to be WILLINGLY IGNORANT and cleave to your LIES. Of course ALL of this is COMPLETELY YOUR CHOICE, AND I WILLINGLY ASSUMED a POSITION concerning YOU that REQUIRED MUCH MORE than I was ORDERED to. I have STRIVED with YOU because of my LOVE for you and the FACT that YOU belong to the KING and he is NOT WILLING that ANY should perish. I was given ORDERS concerns YOU that I exceeded and even after being SHOWN that YOU would REMAIN COUPLED in darkness because of your love for your RELIGION, I PERSISTED. No one but MYSELF, the KING and The Most High YAH knows ALL OF THE FASTING and WARRING in the SPIRIT that I have DONE to MAKE SURE that in NO WAY POSSIBLE would your CHOICE of DARKNESS have ANYTHING to do with my FIGHT. I have been COMMITTED and LOYAL to YOU and the FIGHT for YOU to see TRUTH, but the UNDERSTANDING that I am fighting and sacrificing for people that DO NOT WANT it was made clear to me, so I resigned my position. ALSO there are those in my family that ARE of my FOLD that on a PERSONAL LEVEL I have ONLY SHOWN LOVE and COMPASSION for in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE, these KNOW EXACTLY who they are, that have OPENLY SIDED with my ENEMIES and cut my back out FOR NO REASON AT ALL. These NEITHER will I NOT be LOYAL to ANYMORE. I have NEGLECTED the TOTALITY of the TRUTH because my EMOTIONS were involved and I MOSTLY CENTERED my energy AROUND issues with my FAMILY, NO LONGER will I DO THAT. This is MY POSITION. In no way am I turning my back on those that have been supportive and chosen LIGHT family or not.

Yesterday we talked about your CONNECTION to NATURE and how it EFFECTS the PERCEPTION of YOURSELF and the REALITY you operate in. Please understand this, the power and understanding of HEALING is NOT given to EVERYONE. But I still have a RESPONSIBILITY to teach HOW it works to those that are advanced enough to understand, so some of this may fly over some of your heads. But those that it is for at this present time understand completely. The KING has COMPLETE DOMINION over the EARTH because it was GIVEN to his GENETICS as an INHERITANCE. So because he UNDERSTOOD the WILL of the FATHER from the BEGINNING, he UNDERSTOOD that his Responsibility was to USE that dominion OVER NATURE and it’s PRINCIPALITIES for the FURTHERANCE of the KINGDOM of LIGHT. You have to see yourself as part of NATURE and having the LAWS of NATURE in your GENETICS. Why is that so important? If you DON’T see YOURSELF as ONE with the EARTH or NATURE YOU will NEVER be able to CONNECT with ANY of the REALITY INTENDED for you from the BEGINNING. This doesn’t mean you need to be a FARMER or a HIPPIE, you just NEED to understand that the LAWS of NATURE BACK your CLAIM for RITES to this or that. It would NEVER be a REALITY of HEALING and MIRACLES if you don’t understand that YOU ARE ONE WITH the LAWS of NATURE. Remember yesterday I said that those that are of the MIND of DARKNESS or have NO CONNECTION to the EARTH would see the FIG TREE, WALKING on WATER, rebuking the STORM and the water being turned into WINE as defying the LAWS of NATURE? But ACTUALLY it’s not defying ANY LAWS because DOMINION was given to MANKIND over the EARTH/NATURE in the BEGINNING. What did the KING say to CEPHA/PETER when he asked to come out on the water? He said “COME” so CEPHA was able to WALK ON WATER or WATER and it’s LAWS became SUBJECT to the WILL of MANKIND. But once his NATURAL MIND began to RECOGNIZE he wasn’t SUPPOSED to be able to do that, or the MIND that told him he was NAKED became what he SUBSCRIBED to, he began to sink.

If you watch ANY of the X-MEN movies you understand that different characters have different power to harness and manipulate the ELEMENTS in NATURE. These are mimics of the GREEK GODS and their SUPPOSED power over the ELEMENTS. This is their UNDERSTANDING that man has the ABILITY to influence NATURE and it’s ELEMENTS to some degree. Where do you think that understanding came from? We live in a REALITY that is almost COMPLETELY DISCONNECTED from the REALITY of NATURE and it’s RESPONSIBIITY and LAWS concerning us and our LIFE. When you have NO REALITY CONNECTED to NATURE and it’s LAWS, you CAN NOT CONNECT WITH the REALITY OF LIFE in GENERAL, everything is ARTIFICIAL including LIFE itself. So what happens when you connect a MIND that is in DARKNESS to an ARTIFICIAL REALITY? You get a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT understanding of LIFE to OPERATE in. YOU YOURSELF become ARTIFICIAL having NO AUTHORITY AT ALL that LAYS CLAIM to your PHYSCIAL BEING. So you can THINK about being HEALING someone or some type of PHYSICAL MIRACLE, but the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND where HEALING is GENERATED that is CONNECTED to your GENETICS is COMPLETELY disconnected from the REALITY it was DESIGNED to RECEIVE healing from. When the KING healed anyone, it was the POWER to INFLUENCE NATURE that CREATED the healing, it didn’t just HAPPEN. There has to be AUTHORITY GIVEN to ALLOW ENERGY to FACILITATE HEALING on a PHYSICAL LEVEL.

Yesterday I said to you that the LAWS of NATURE were DESIGNED around MANKIND and the LIFE given to us. So just how we understand that TREES give us OXYGEN, but MOST of us have NO REALITY of just HOW that happens. This is the VERY SAME WAY HEALING and MIRACLES work, it’s a LAW written in NATURE because NATURE has the RESPONSIBILITY to FACILITATE LIFE to the PHYSICAL aspects of MANKIND. So the KING given the POWER to heal is a show of his AUTHHORITY over NATURE and it’s ELEMENTS. When you cut yourself, NATURALLY HEALING begins IMMEDIATELY. This is the LAWS OF NATURE FACILITATING HEALING to you, correct? So why wouldn’t it be NATURE LAWS that FACILITATE HEALING when you REQUEST it from the FATHER. The FATHER USES NATURE and the EARTH to FACILITATE LIFE to you, so why would you think it’s by ANY other POWER that he FACILITATES HEALING to you? Just like a MOTHER has HEALING and nurturing as her specialty, this is the way that the EARTH and NATURE works? I apologize for being so brief with you this morning, but I have something I need to do this morning…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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