Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about EVERYTHING producing after it’s OWN KIND and how the MIND of DARKNESS will ONLY produce DEATH and DARKNESS, and the MIND of LIGHT will ONLY produce LIGHT and LIFE.

You have read my writing on what is WRITTEN about ADOM and HAWAH’S EYES being OPEN, and it NOT MEANING that they FINALLY REALIZED they didn’t have any clothes on. It meant that their MIND was OPEN to all the POSSIBILITIES of SIN and DEATH that it NEVER had any UNDERSTANDING of PRIOR to them EATING off the TREE. Them seeing that they were NAKED is the PICTURE of them seeing that their VERY OWN NATURE WAS ILLEGAL. What do I mean by their VERY OWN NATURE WAS ILLEGAL? They began to SEE LIFE from the REALITY of DEATH, so that means that EVERYTHING that was LIFE GIVING is NOW LOOKED upon as if YOU should be SUPICIOUS of it’s CLAIM to the WILL of YAH or RIGHTEOUSNESS. So we could say that the MIND of DEATH created a SORT OF DUAL CITIZENSHIP of TWO SEPARATE REALITIES operating inside ONE BEING. So NAKED and NOT ASHAMED was a REALITY that their UNDERSTANDING of LIFE OPERATED in, meaning WHO and WHAT they WERE was COMPLETELY UNCHALLENGED in the understanding that SHAME had NO HOLD on their REALITY and being, IT WAS COMPLETELY ILLEGAL to them. Yesterday I talked about the birds singing outside my bedroom window while I was writing, do you think they have ANY CONSCIOUSNESS of SHAME in their SONG or the WAY it’s SANG? ABSOLUTELY NOT… Do you know WHY? The REALITY that they are CONFINED to has NO UNDERSTANDING of SHAME, meaning they are NOT CONSCIOUS of SHAME, they SING COMPLETELY absent of ANY PREDETERMINED STANDARD for SONG and LIFE. So it’s NOT they don’t care  what anybody thinks, THERE’S NO ONE ELSE in their REALITY for them to care, they SING from a PLACE of COMPLETE ONENESS with YAH and the EARTH’S NATURE and their CONSCIOUSNESS of BEAUTY and LIFE is COMPLETELY SEALED in that understanding.

So they have NEVER seen “AMERICAN IDOL” and have absolutely NO CONSCIOUSNESS that the MIND of DARKNESS HAS A RESPONSIBILITY to JUDGE EVERYTHING that RESEMBLES SONG, or EVERYTHING PERIOD. So their ONENESS with YAH is the REALITY they are CONFINED to and their NATURE is ONE with the EARTH, so what they SING about and what they DO HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with a CONSCIOUS MIND of ANY SORT JUDGING them. They have the AUTHORITY of YAH and NATURE to back their RITES to SONG, LIFE and BEAUTY. So what that means is, YOU WILL NEVER HEAR A MORE BEAUTIFUL SONG and YOU WILL NEVER be ABLE to TAKE IT AWAY FROM THEM. They have COMPLETE AUTHORITY to OPERATE in that REALITY and they OWN NO ONE any EXPLAINATIONS on WHY they DO. What I want you to UNDERSTAND is the SERPENTS AGENDA from the BEGINNING was to CONTROL the EARTH and REALITY of MANKIND, and the ONLY way to do that was to SEPARATE them from the REALITY that they BELONGED to that had ABSOLUTELY NO CONSCIOUSNESS of SHAME or DOUBT of their AUTHORITY with the FATHER and the EARTH. So the MIND of DEATH is the MIND that is CONSCIOUS of INFERIORITY and SHAME. And WHY is that so IMPORTANT for the SERPENT to have that? CONFINEMENT and CONTROL… You have to be CONFINED to a REALITY of DEATH in order for them to be able to CONTROL YOU. Remember, with the LIFE and AUTHORITY that we HAVE in YAH that was PRESENT in the BEGINNING, there was NO WAY for the SERPENT or ANYONE for that matter to even GAIN ACCESS to THINK about HARMING us in ANY WAY. YAH gave them their OWN GARDEN or REALITY for them to OPERATE in and he would DWELL with them. And ADOM was GIVEN the RESPONSIBILITY of GUARDING the GARDEN. So in order for them to even be FUCKWITABLE they had to be PULLED OUT of the REALITY of their CREATION so they could be JUDGED by the LAWS of SHAME and DEATH that NOT only the SERPENT is a PART of, but ACTUALLY CONTROLS.

If you can make a man ASHAMED of his LOVE for his WOMAN, what did you just do to THEIR REALITY as ONE FLESH? YOU just COMPLETELY DESTROYED it. But NOW that their REALITY of ONENESS and BEAUTY is COMPLETELY DESTROYED by some OUTSIDE JUDGING PARTY, NOW that OUTSIDE JUDGING PARTY has the ABILITY to CONTROL their LIFE to some degree in ONE FORM or ANOTHER. “By WHOM a MAN is OVERCOME, by the SAME is he BROUGHT into BONDAGE”. So the REALITY of DEATH uses some VERY POWERFUL weapons to KEEP you in it’s GRIPS and it’s CALLED SHAME and FEAR. If we could SOMEHOW get inside the REALITY that the BIRDS operate in and convince them that the SONG they FEEL in their HEARTS would sound a little better on a DIFFERENT TRACK, we just COMPLETELY STOLE HIS REALITY of BEAUTY and LIFE and BROUGHT him into BONDAGE to OUR JUDGEMENT and REALITY. “WHO TOLD YOU YOU WERE NAKED”… Naked WAS and IS the REALITY of DEATH, it’s a CONSCIOUSNESS ABSENT of LIFE. What do I MEAN? NAKED has NOTHING to do with CLOTHING, it’s a PERCEPTION of EXISTENCE. If YOU see NAKED it’s BECAUSE YOU ARE NAKED or ASHAMED of the REALITY of YOUR BEING. SO it’s INFERIORITY PRODUCED into a REALITY, the REALITY of the SERPENT with COMPLETELY ILLEGAL GENETICS. This is the WAY he has made MANKIND to see themselves if YOU take a LOOK AROUND you and within yourself. You are made to be an ALIEN to the EARTH and the REALITY of LIFE and BEAUTY(strangers and pilgrims on the earth). So the WHOLE TRICK was for US to ADOPT a REALITY of SHAME and DEATH so WE COULD BE CONTROLLED by it. Or confined to REALITIES that BELONG to OTHERS that they have FORCED onto YOU to OPERATE in. So the BEAUTY and STRENGTH of NAKED and NOT ASHAMED is a REALITY that was GIVEN to MANKIND to OPERATE in. Or the ABSENCE of a PREDETERMINED REALITY FORCED onto you by CONSCIOUSNESS of ANYTHING outside of the REALITY given to your GENETICS.

So if WE CONVINCE the BIRDS over here that they would do pretty good for themselves if they were to sign with US, what would happen to the REALITY and BEAUTY of their SONG? It would NO LONGER EXIST… Remember the LIFE AND BEAUTY that comes from their SONG has EVERYTHING to do with their REALITY REVOLVING around YAH and the EARTH’S NATURE that’s WRITTEN in their GENETICS. So their SONG is a PRODUCT of their REALITY, as opposed to them FORMING a REALITY around the SONG. That’s the DIFFERENCE between LIFE and DEATH. LIFE PRODUCES LIFE and BEAUTY, DEATH PRODUCES DEATH and SHAME. DEATH sees the PRODUCT as LIFE because it HAS NO LIFE to PRODUCE ANYTHING on it’s ON. LIFE on the OTHER HAND PRODUCES LIFE in ABUNDANCE, so there is NO NEED for REVOLVING a REALITY around the PRODUCT, YOU HAVE IT IN ABUNDANCE…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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