Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about LIFE and BEAUTY being the MAIN food SOURCE for DEATH and SHAME. And how those who are ONE with DEATH and SHAME will ALWAYS DESTROY and DEVOUR LIFE and BEAUTY because the REALITY of DEATH needs its ENERGY to have ANY EXISTANCE AT ALL…

What I want to talk about a little today is the ILLUSION that the GENETICS of MANKIND can EMBRACE and SUBSCRIBE to TWO DIFFERENT REALITIES and ACTUALLY STILL see LIFE. In this PRESENT REALITY that is ALL the FRAMEWORK of the GENTILE MIND, or the MIND that is the ENEMY of YAH and the LIFE that comes with YAH. WE are GIVEN the ILLUSION that those that are ONE with the GENETICS of YAH can ACTUALLY LIVE in a MULTIPLICITY of DIFFERENT REALITIES like GENTILES do and STILL see LIFE. What you HAVE to UNDERSTAND is the ILLUSION of LIFE that you see GENTILES OPERATING in is ALL CENTERED around their GENETICS THEMSELVES belonging to DIFFERENT REALITIES. This is what gives them the ILLUSION of AUTHORITY in this PRESENT REALITY. They have DESIGNED an ACTUAL REALITY for their GENETICS to OPERATE in that gives the ILLUSION of LIFE. We are made to THINK that EVERYTHING in this REALITY is centered around SKIN COLOR, but that is a COMPLETE LIE. EVERYTHING in this REALITY is BUILT BY and is the DERIVATIVE of PSYCHOLOGICAL and SPIRITUAL GENETICS that belong to the KINGDOM of DARKNESS. One thing that makes the KINGDOM of DARKNESS a little DIFFICULT for MANY to IDENTIFY is it’s DIVERSITY and the MULTIPLICITY of DIFFERENT FACTIONS. What do I mean?

MANKIND descends from YAH and was CREATED from the GENETICS of EARTH. We have ALREADY discussed what type of REALITY THOSE PARTICULAR GENETICS were DESIGNED for AND CREATE on there OWN when there is NO INFLUENCE from DARKNESS. But GENTILES on the other HAND DESCEND from a MULTIPLICITY of DIFFERENT FATHERS and MOTHERS ALL with VERY DIFFERENT REALITIES that their GENETICS belong to. I gave you the NAME of the ALPHA DRACONIANS because we have been DISCUSSING WHERE the SERPENT and HIS LINEAGE descends FROM. So the ALPHA DRACONIANS are your NUMBER ONE ENEMY, this is ULTIMATELY who your MIND is in BONDAGE to because THEIR LINEAGE is the ONE that HAD rites to the GENETICS of MANKIND. And their LINEAGE is the one that CREATES the MULTIPLICITY of ILLUSIONS and LIES to DECEIVE the GENETICS of MANKIND because they STOLE the SECRETS and CODES from HAWAH to be able to do that. But the ALPHA DRACONIANS are FAR from being the ONLY LINEAGE/RACE of BEINGS that are fighting for CONTROL of the EARTH and it’s REALITY. EVERY SINGLE MAJOR SUPER POWER and EVEN the SMALLER GOVERNMENTS have a GOD or an AUTHORITY that it SUBMITS to, this is what give NATIONS SOVEREIGNTY. They have a GOD or an AUTHORITY that comes from a BEING of HIGHER POWER and UNDERSTANDING. You THINK that a NATION is made a NATION by the PEOPLE that are part of that NATION, but the TRUTH is, a NATION is made a NATION by the MIND OF THE PEOPLE and THOSE PARTICULAR PEOPLES MIND DESCENDS FROM a GOD or FATHER of SOME SORT. So WHATEVER GOD that the GENETICS of that MIND BELONGS TO, is the ONE that CONTROLS that NATION or the REALITY of those people.

We will talk about this A LOT MORE LATER, but JUST LIKE there are GOVERNMENTS in this PHYSICAL WORLD that GOVERN the AFFAIRS of their PEOPLE, the VERY SAME is what HAPPENS in the HEAVENS with the GODS of those PEOPLE. There is a LITERAL GOVERNMENT of ALIEN BEINGS that GOVERN the AFFAIRS of the PEOPLE that BELONG to their KINGDOM/REALITY/NATION/ WORLD. So just like MANKIND being ONE with the FATHER and having the GENETICS of the FATHER and the EARTH, GENTILES DEPENEDING on their ORIGIN or the FATHER they DESCEND from are ONE with THEIR FATHER and MOTHER, whatever she may be. So in this PARTICULAR NATION were there is such a VARIETY of DIFFERENT people and GENETICS, and ALL those GENETICS having an ORIGIN or a REALITY that they are RESPONSIBLE to CREATE, this is the REASON there is SUCH VAST amount of DIFFERENT REALITIES and ILLUSIONS for YOU to get sucked into. EVERYONE is TRYING to STRENGTHEN THEIR KINGDOM and LINEAGE, or PRODUCE AFTER their OWN KIND. And the ONLY way to ENSLAVE YOU to a REALITY is THROUGH the VERY SAME METHOD that the SERPENT and the KINGDOM of DARKNESS used on ADOM and HAWAH. Pulling YOU out of the REALITY of your CREATION and INTO theirs ONE WAY or the OTHER. The KINGDOM of DARKNESS IS NOT a UNITED FRONT AT ALL, so DO NOT THINK THAT for ONE SECOND. The TRUE KINGDOM of LIGHT is of course a UNITED FRONT, but the KINGDOM of DARKNESS, again, is JUST a MULTIPLICITY of DIFFERENT GODS and BEINGS that are ALL fighting for CONTROL and POWER for EXISTANCE. This is the VERY same BEHAVIOR you see being played out in the GENETICS of the PEOPLE that DESCEND from them. And just like HAWAH became a part of the LINEAGE of the SERPENT and is NOW FORCED to CREATE his REALITY for him and STRENGTHEN his KINGDOM, the same thing goes for ALL the OTHER BEINGS and LINEAGES that are PRESENT on the EARTH. But what may come as MORE of a SURPRISE is, in the REALM of the GODS(the reality that ALL the FATHERS of LINEAGES operate in) there is PEACE among them. The WAR that they FIGHT is ALWAYS done through the GENETICS that they have FATHERED. We will get more into that at a LATER date. But the REASON there is PEACE in that REALITY is because they are ALL SOVEREIGNS and are CREATORS of REALITIES. When I RECEIVED my CROWN from the KING, ALL of them GREETED me as if they UNDERSTOOD that they Couldn’t TOUCH me ANYMORE and NOW wanted to PAY RESPECT. ALL EXCEPT the SERPENT or even the FATHER of the ALPHA DRACONIANS, and I’m sure you can understand WHY? They KNOW what this MEANS and WHAT I REPRESENT… Even though ALL of them had AGENTS in the PHYSICAL REALM that they either sent to TRY AND take my LIFE or DESTROY it in some way or ANOTHER. So they THEMSELVES are “UNTOUCHABLES”, EXCEPT by The Most High YAH of course.

But BACK to my POINT of it being IMPOSSIBLE for YOU to BELONG to TWO different REALITIES, or a MULTIPLICITY of REALITIES and STILL see LIFE. The GODS or FATHERS of the GENTILES are UNTOUCHABLES, correct? This is the REALITY of life that their LINEAGE LIVES in in the REALITY of their CREATION. Why do you think that WHITE PEOPLE are TECHNICALLY UNTOUCHABLES in this REALITY, ESPECIALLY if they CONTRIBUTE to the ORDER and STRUCTURE of this REALITY BEING ENFORCED as LAW? IT’S THEIR REALITY given to them of their FATHER to OPERATE IN. I bet y’all can GUESS WHERE WE are UNTOUCHABLES at, or at least those that have been reading. Not ONLY are WHITE PEOPLE UNTOUCHABLES in this REALITY, but they KNOW IT. As LONG as they MAINTAIN CONTROL and POWER over REALITY and the ABILITY to INFLUENCE it, they are UNTOUCHABLES because of the PHYSICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL and SPIRITUAL LAWS that they CREATED and ENFORCE in this REALITY. So the UNDERSTANDING that ONE with the GENETICS of MANKIND can SUBSCRIBE to a REALITY and IDENTITY OTHER than the ONE GIVEN to YOUR GENETICS, is an UNDERSTANDING that ORIGINATED with the SERPENT. “YOU SHALL NOT SURELY DIE”… DARKNESS being EMBRACED in any FORM makes you a CHILD of DARKNESS even though ALL of your GENETICS were DESIGNED and CREATED for LIGHT. We see this PICTURE with ADOM and HAWAH. The REALITY of their CREATION is where they were COMPETELY UNTOUCHABLE by ANYTHING and ANYONE, and they had the AUTHORITY of YAH and the EARTH to STATE their CLAIM for them. SO the ILLUSION that YOU can LIVE by ANY DOUBLE standards is ALL CONDITIONING done for you COURTESY of the SERPENT… “YOU SHALL NOT SURELY DIE”…

See the MIND of GENTILES DOES NOT RECOGNIZE LIFE and ORDER the WAY it was DESIGNED by YAH, so they DO NOT UNDERSTAND that there ARE LAWS in place in the HEAVENLIES that OUR LIVES are judged by. Because they were CREATED out of REBELLION, the FIRST thing they NATURALLY will do when there is an ORDER of LIFE that DOES NOT ORIGINATE with them or REVOLVE AROUND THEM IS REBEL. They are LOCKED into the REALITY of their CREATION. What y’all HAVE to UNDERSTAND is, the JUDGEMENT that is being sent to the EARTH is ALL about DESTROYING the REALITIES that have the EARTH and the PEOPLE of YAH in BONDAGE, PERIOD. It is NOT about ONE PARTICULAR INDIVIDUAL being UNACCEPTABLE. It’s about a REALITY and ABILITY to REPRODUCE after it’s OWN KIND the KINGDOM of DARKNESS. So because of the REALITY that the MIND of GENTILES is LOCKED into, this is TAKEN as a PERSONAL ASSAULT. They SEE LIFE and RITES to it BEING FREE for EVERYTHING and EVERYONE as the WAY it SHOULD be because they THEMSELVES have NO LEGAL RITES to it from the UNDERSTANDING that LIFE was CREATED with the UNDERSTANDING and RECOGNITION of their SITUATION as WELL. They have their UNDERSTANDING of GOOD and RITE and in their REALITY THEY ARE GOOD and COMPLETELY FREE from JUDGEMENT. But the LAWS that are written OTHER PLACES then their OWN REALITY says OTHERWISE. This is the CONFUSION that the GENETICS of MANKIND is DECEIVED by. We are TRAINED to THINK from the POSITION of REBELLION and STRIVING for EXISTANCE just like ALL those that BELONG to DARKNESS. REMEMBER DARKNESS has ABSOLUTELY NO RITES to LIFE in ANY form, SO EVERYTHING that IS LIFE is NOT ONLY seen as a FOOD SOURCE, but it is ALSO a THREAT to it’s EXISTANCE. The AGGRESSION that comes from DARKNESS is ALL ABOUT FEAR of NON EXISTANCE.

So when you EMBRACE the REALITY that comes from the MIND of DARKNESS you will AUTOMATICALLY see the LAWS of LIFE as a PROBLEM for you. COMPLETELY DIFFERENT REALITY that you have NO RITES to ACCESS, and it HAS SUPREME AUTHORITY over ALL OF CREATION because it was ALL CREATED by YAH for the PURPOSE of LIGHT and LIFE. So what HAS to be UNDERSTOOD is, if you HAVE EMBRACED DARKNESS, LIGHT will ALWAYS be a THREAT to your EXISTANCE in some form or another, YOU have an OBLIGATION to MULTIPLY DARKNESS. So you will ALWAYS be OFFENDED by LAWS that are CREATED by LIGHT to FACILITATE the MULTIPLICITY of LIGHT, it’s that simple. So as the GENETICS of MANKIND, the DESIRE to BEHAVE the WAY YOU FEEL FITS YOU as opposed to BEHAVING according to the LAWS of LIFE is EVIDENCE of WHAT? REBELLION against the LAWS of your CREATION and IDENTITY given of YAH for the PURPOSE of LIFE. So how do you EXPECT to SEE LIFE if ULTIMATELY YOU are OFFENDED BY LIFE?…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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