Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about what ACTUALLY HAPPENED in the GARDEN picture as OPPOSED to the WAY the MIND of the SERPENT MAY have TRAINED some of us to view REALITY.

It’s FUNNY how DARKNESS has the ABILITY to DISTORT FACTS and REALITY. And the VERY FIRST SON of the CREATOR, hand CRAFTED of YAH HIMSELF with the MIND of YAH concerning EVERYTHING pertaining to LIFE, who we CLEARLY SEE is the ONLY ONE operating in the TRUTH of YAH and ACTUALLY putting in LABOR according to that TRUTH is made to be the VILAN. Not ONLY was it through HIS BLOOD, SWEAT, TEARS and COMMITMENT to YAH is there even LIFE for the GENETICS of MANKIND at all, but we ACTUALLY KNOW IT. So EXACTLY WHAT FOUNDATION do we have that HE was ACTUALLY the REASON for the DOWNFALL to BUILD a WHOLE REALITY on that UNDERSTANDING? NONE rite… So WHY was it SO easy to make YOU see this PICTURE that way?… DARKNESS… I painted a pretty clear PICTURE for you of JUST HOW MUCH LABOR and TIME was SPENT making PARADISE a REALITY, and how MUCH ADOM not only LONGED for the BEAUTY and LOVE of his woman, but ACTUALLY needed it. The MAN was ALONE… For all those that thought ADOM was probably out with ANOTHER WOMAN, EXACTLY WHERE did THAT understanding COME FROM? Could that have been the ILLUSION of a QUEEN GRAVITATING towards making the DARKNESS SHE is CONFINED to the REALITY of EVERYBODY’S BEING? Bereshith/Genesis 2 v20- So the MAN gave NAMES to all the LIVESTOCK, and the BIRDS of the heavens, and to EVERY beast of the FIELD. BUT for the MAN there was NOT FOUND A MATE/COMPANION/HELPER/HELP MATE/WOMAN for HIM as his COUNTERPARTS… There WAS no other WOMAN that COULD be that, all of the HUMANOID BEINGS at that time were products of THE ANIMAL KINGDOM and the KINGDOM of DARKNESS. So when the YAH said the MAN was ALONE, he was REALLY ALONE. This is what GAVE him the ENERGY and PASSION to work so hard and long. He had to REMEDY his ONE PROBLEM, LONLINESS.

So again I ask YOU, ON WHAT GROUND is the FOUNDATION of this MAN’S EVIL based on? Y’all remember how the ILLUSION of a KING that EVENTUALLY did become the REALITY of ADOM saw his RESPONSIBILITY to his WOMAN? Completely DISCONNECTED and having NO sense of RESPONSIBILITY concerning the WOMAN that came from his VERY FLESH. DO you SEE why that is NOW, especially while they were being QUESTIONED by YAH on their BEHAVIOR. REMEMBER the ONLY thing ADOM shows us there is that HE OBVIOUSLY didn’t want ANYTHING to do with her ANYMORE, he wouldn’t even take RESPONSIBILITY for her ANYMORE. But HAWAH’S FIRST WORD was “SERPENT”, she smelled like the SERPENT, SHE’S PREGNANT with HIS CHILD, AND YOU KNEW ALL OF THIS, but you were STILL able to SEE ADOM as the PROBLEM with ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE of EVIL AT ALL on his part… This is how DARKNESS works, YOU SEE NOTHING but you FEEL EVERYTHING… This is why DARKNESS will ONLY BRING DEATH. YOU were ABLE to see the IMAGE of YAH doing EXACTLY what the IMAGE of YAH DOES because that’s the ONLY thing GIVEN to his GENETICS, but HE STILL WASN’T SHIT huh?… THE ILLUSION of a QUEEN… Remember SHE don’t really give a fuck about NOBODY but HERSELF and her OWN IMAGE being ENERGIZED and GLORIFIED. Matter of fact to PROVE it, she threw the SERPENT under the bus as well. He didn’t DECEIVE her, she KNEW what his NAME was AND SHE knew what his BUSINESS was ALL about. She KNEW EXACTLY what she was DOING…

See what you have to understand is ADOM was the ONE that came from YAH and the EARTH, HE was the ONE that got the orders from YAH and HE was the ONE that COMMUNED with YAH in the COOL of the DAY AFTER he bust his ass ALL DAY. So NOT ONLY did HAWAH NOT have to do ANYTHING to RECEIVE ALL this BEAUTY and GLORY, but SHE had NO ACTUAL RELATIONSHIP(exchange) with YAH other than being JUDGED from what we can see. Why do you think that is?… ORDER… If HAWAH could just BYPASS ADOM and get LIFE STRAIGHT from YAH, why do she even NEED ADOM? Matter of FACT, why does YAH even need ADOM, he can just MULTIPLY his IMAGE in the WOMAN and START his LINEAGE that way. See the ILLUSION of a QUEEN ABSOLUTELY HATES ORDER, order does NOT ALLOW for HER IMAGE to be SEEN BEFORE ANYTHING and ANYONE. Order REPRESENTS BONDAGE to the ILLUSION of a QUEEN. ADOM REPRESENTS ORDER and the SERPENT REPRESENTS OPTIONS to her. But in ALL ACTUALITY she don’t REALLY give a fuck about EITHER one of them niggas, it’s ALL ABOUT HER. So NOW do you see why ALL the EVIL MFKAS get the SMYPATHY and those who ACTUALLY put the REAL WORK in for RIGHTEOUSNESS get CLOWNED? COMPLETE and TOTAL DARKNESS and the WRONG REALITY… This is WHY the CURRENT REALITY is SET up the WAY it is, while the HAWAH is COMPLETELY fucked up on ILLUSIONS DESTROYING HER OWN HUSBAND and ONLY ACCESS to LIFE in ANY form, she is doing it with her NECK STRETCHED OUT and her HEAD HELD high because so THINKS she got a LIFE with the SERPENT. But that slick talkin ass nigga don’t have a LIFE to give her and EVEN though deep down she KNOWS this, she’s CONFINED to the IDENTITY that she DIED in, THE ILLUSION of a QUEEN…

My BEAUTIFUL SISTERS y’all KNOW I LOVE y’all as much as a brother could possibly LOVE y’all and if I HAVE NOT PROVEN that, at SOME point I WILL. And because I LOVE YOU I HAVE A RITE and RESPONSIBILITY to TELL you the TRUTH about YOURSELF and your SITUATION STRAIGHT FOWARD. YOU ARE and WERE the TARGET for the DESTRUCTION of MANKIND as a WHOLE. Of course I’m NOT BLAMING SISTERS for the INCONSISTANCY and LACK of us BROTHERS, but what I AM saying is this. The PROBLEM that YOU HAVE was NOT CAUSED by NO MAN. I’m not SAYING that a MAN maybe didn’t CAUSE you pain in some form or another, BUT THAT’S NOT EVEN the PROBLEM… MEN are NOT HEALERS, I don’t mean that MEN don’t have the GIFT of HEALING and are DESIGNED to be INSENSITIVE. What I am talking about is MEN CAN NOT HEAL THEMSLEVES. If ADOM could have FIXED his LONELINESS HIMSELF he wouldn’t have worked sooo hard for the REALIZATION of his WOMAN, the WOMAN that was SUPPOSED minister LIFE and HEALING to him. But do YOU know WHY that’s GOOD for YOU? Because YOU CAN NOT LEAD, PROTECT and COVER YOURSELVES… So we have a bit of a SITUATION don’t we? Y’all can keep BLAMING us for shit we can’t fix on OUR OWN, and WE can keep acting like Y’ALL ain’t OUR RESPONSIBILITY. But WHERE EXACTLY is that LEADING ALL of us? At some point we ALL gonna have to FACE OUR OWN BULLSHIT REGARDLESS of what the REALITY that YOU belong to is telling you. And we can ALL ACT like we ain’t fucked up and continue partying like it’s 1999, but it’s NOT. Matter of fact it ain’t even a REAL PARTY. HAWAH was in LOVE with the WAY the WORLD made her FEEL, STRONG, CONFIDENT and EMPOWERED as an INDEPENDANT WOMAN, NOT someone who was DESIGNED to PRODUCE according to the ORDER SEEN in NATURE and the WHOLE REALITY as it EXISTS. HAWAH saw HERSELF as the REASON LIFE was SO BEAUTIFUL, as opposed to HER showing her HUSBAND why the LIFE HE GAVE HER was for the PURPOSE of MULTIPLYING BEAUTY. And she BECAME SO BEAUTIFUL that she DIDN’T even NEED LIFE anymore. Being LOCKED into a REALITY/WORLD of ILLUSIONS with your EMOTIONS and UNDERSTANDING of YOURSELF being MANIPULATED for you by the one YOU have given AUTHORITY of YOUR LIFE to REGARDLESS if YOU acknowledge it or NOT, IS NOT a SAFE place to be AT ALL. I would RECOMMEND some UNDISTRACTED, UNTIMED REAL SEARCHING of YOURSELVES to be DONE to DETERMINE WHERE EXACTLY the RIDE is GOING and are YOU gonna be OK with the DESTINATION…

Tomorrow we continue our course



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