Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about the WAY DARKNESS has the ABILITY to cause you to see things that are NOT THERE, and the WAY that a WHOLE case can be BUILT about this or that in COMPLETE and TOTAL DARKNESS.

Yesterday I said the WAY DARKNESS works is you SEE NOTHING but you FEEL EVERYTHING. So those that are of the LIGHT that LIVE and SUBSCRIBE to DARKNESS have TRAINED their SENSES to RESPOND to DARKNESS the WAY you were CREATED to OPERATE in the LIGHT. WE NEED TO FIX THAT… We have been talking about MANKIND being CONNECTED to the EARTH’S NATURE and how that the GENTILE MIND not only SEES ITSELF as being COMPLETELY DISCONNETED from NATURE, but it ALSO FORCES that REALITY onto YOU. The PROBLEM with that is, THAT’S part of the REALITY of your BEING. Those who have GROWN to ADULTHOOD without the GUIDANCE, SUPPORT and WARMTH of a MOTHER would understand the BEST, the ORBIT or FEELING of NOT being GROUNDED to ANY REALITY that SUPPORTS your ENTIRE BEING without ANY EFFORT, ASSISTANCE and DESIRE for that matter on your part that comes from NOT being CONNECTED to a MOTHER. MOTHERS CONNECT you to REALITY or to the SENSES the that YOKE you to the REALITY of the WORLD AROUND YOU. What do I mean? When you have a GOOD STRONG IMAGE of a MOTHER to DRAW FROM as a CHILD it gives you the CONFIDENCE NECESSARY to SEE the WORLD from the PERSPECTIVE of a CHILD, which is the PERSPECTIVE of someone who has the ABILITY to be TAUGHT REALITY as it EXISTS from the REALITY that BIRTHED YOU, or the REALITY that YOU COME FROM. So in OTHER WORDS THROUGH your MOTHER’S CARE for your BEING is WHERE YOU LEARN HOW to OPERATE in the REALITY that SHE COMES FROM through YOUR SENSES, or you CONNECT with REALITY through HOW YOUR MOTHER TEACHES you to by the CARE she SHOWS YOU. So because CHILDREN are YOKED to their MOTHER’S BEING, the MOTHER’S CARE or LACK thereof is what DETERMINES HOW a CHILD INTERPRETS REALITY. Children are BORN as their MOTHER and GROW into their FATHERS. Or a DIFFERENT way to SAY it is, CHILDREN GROW into the UNDERSTANDING of their FATHERS THROUGH the REALITY PRESENTED to them by their MOTHERS.

SO if the FATHER PROVIDES a PARADISE for his WOMAN to OPERATE in and CREATE HER REALITY WITHIN, when the MOTHER gives BIRTH to the CHILD the CHILD CONNECTS with it’s REALITY the way the MOTHER’S REALITY ALLOWS for HER to TEACH him to. So depending on the MOTHER’S REALITY the CHILD is BOND to be a PRODUCT of it. So in other words THE MOTHER is THE FIRST and MOST IMPRORTANT TEACHER. The MOTHER is the ONE that GIVES the CHILD their VERY FIRST IDENTITY and REALITY to OPERATE in. So if the REALITY that the MOTHER OPERATES in and TEACHES her CHILDREN to RESPOND to is the REALITY that ADOM provides of PARADISE, then the MOTHER even with the CHILD at a VERY YOUNG AGE is teaching them NOT only the ORDER of LIFE in which THEY WERE CREATED to OPERATE in, but ALSO teaches them that REALITY of PARADISE that’s GIVEN to the CHILD THROUGH the MOTHER is their FATHER’S PROVISION and DESIRE for their REALITY… Now let me ask y’all a question… What HAPPENS to the CHILD when the CHILD is DISCONNECTED from the MOTHER at an EARLY AGE? They have NO WAY to CONNECT their BEING to the REALITY in which it came from. Or in other words they have NO CONFIDENCE to or ABILITY to CONNECT with AND BUILD a REALITY according to the truth of their DESIGN because their GENETICS are NOT being GIVEN the GUIDANCE on a PHYSICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL and EMOTIONAL LEVEL. SO the ONENESS that a MOTHER SHARES with her CHILDREN is what BUILDS their UNDERSTANDING on REALITY and HOW they are to CONNECT with it through their GENETICS.

MANKIND was FORMED out of the DUST of the EARTH, so what that means is JUST LIKE YAH said “BEFORE I FORMED YOU in the WOMB I KNEW YOU”. The EARTH that we COME from is the MOTHER’S WOMB. So what that means is, SHE IS THE MOTHER of YOUR ENTIRE BEING and ALL of YOUR PHYSICAL GENETICS and the ABILITY to CONNECT them to CREATING a REALITY AROUND them COME FROM HER. So the WAY you FEEL BEAUTY is the WAY SHE(earth) FEELS about the BEAUTY that YAH GAVE HER. SO the PARADISE that was GIVEN to the GENETICS of MANKIND is the BEAUTY in which YAH PROVIDED for her(earth) to PROVIDE to US as a GUIDE to PRODUCE ACCORDING to. Those that DO NOT have PARADISE given to their GENETICS to GRAVITATE TOWARDS as a REALITY, DO NOT COME FROM THE EARTH, it’s THAT SIMPLE. To prove that ALL you have to do is turn on the TV. So your CONNECTION to the EARTH is WHAT BUILDS your UNDERSTANDING on HOW YOU are SUPPOSED to CONNECT with REALITY through ALL YOUR GENETICS since SHE is YOUR MOTHER…

There was a GARDEN/PARADISE that we were GIVEN as a HOME and there is a HOME that was GIVEN to us as a PEOPLE to DWELL in. The other day while we were talking about ADOM LEAVING and I said that there was NO WAY that MAN JUST LEFT his PARADISE, the HOME that YAH GAVE HIM as an INHERITANCE, the HOME that he WORKED on EVERYDAY, the HOME he BUILT for his SOON to be PRESENT WIFE and CHILDREN, the HOME that was ALSO HIS CONNECTION to HIS MOTHER and the WAY he INTERPRETS REALITY, that would have NEVER JUST HAPPENED because he ALL of a SUDDEN just DECIDED to do something DIFFERENT. It would have had to NOT be HOME and EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL ANYMORE for HIM to JUST LEAVE. So by LEAVING his HOME and the CONNECTION to the EARTH(his mother) that YAH gave him, THEN YOU CAN SEE HOW DARKNESS was ABLE to have a PLACE with ADOM. HE IS ALIENATED from the REALITY of HIS CREATION, and the PURPOSE of HIS BEING. So we can say that ADOM was THROWN OFF his SQUARE in sense with HOME NOT BEING HOME ANYMORE. So the REALITY that he BUILT AND was a PART of CONNECTED him to the REALITY of HIS CREATION and GAVE HIM HIS PURPOSE for LIFE. COULD this be WHY YAH gave his PEOPLE their OWN LAND, could it be SOMETHING ABOUT the LAND ITSELF and the PEOPLE it was GIVEN to that CONNECTS them with a CERTAIN REALITY? WE will talk MUCH MORE about that part LATER. But ANYWAY, the EARTH’S NATURE MINISTERS to your BEING a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT WAY when you are AWARE of it’s INFLUENCE OVER your BEING for ONE, but TWO when YOU ARE HOME or the PLACE that YOUR BEING RECOGNIZES is the PLACE IT WAS DESIGNED to CONNECT with the EARTH’S NATURE on a PERSONALIZED LEVEL.

So WHEN you DISCONNECT MANKIND from the REALITY of it’s MOTHER by COMPLETELY DISCONNECTING us from the REALITY that we are ONE with the EARTH and it’s NATURE, YOU are COMPLETELY DISCONNECTING us from the REALITY of OUR CREATION and the ABILITY to CONNECT with it. If I tell you that EVERYTHING that goes on in your PHYSICAL being is best EXPLAINED from the DARK, DEMONIC level of SCIENCE, I’m telling YOU that I AM YOUR REALITY and I CONTROL YOUR REALITY through means of BUILDING TOOLS and THINKING about shit that I DON’T UNDERSTAND because I have NO ABILITY to SEE. That’s the REASON for the TOOLS to BEGIN BUILT, BLINDNESS. So DISCONNECTING YOU from the REALITY that YOU ARE ONE with the EARTH and IT’S NATURE I’m DISCONNECTING YOU from YOUR ABILITY to RECOGNIZE YOUR FATHER the WAY he EXISTS as WELL. Remember a LITTLE bit ago we talked about the MOTHER’S RELATIONSHIP with her CHILD and how the CHILD will build his UNDERSTANDING on REALITY from the REALITY of his MOTHER or the REALITY that is PROVIDED to his MOTHER by his FATHER? And that CHILDREN are BORN there MOTHER’S, but GROW into their FATHERS? Well if I DISCONNECT you from the REALITY of your MOTHER that was PROVIDED to her by your FATHER, I just DISCONNECTED YOU from your FATHER and the REALITY that HE INTENDED for YOU to OPERATE in. Now if I CONNECT your MIND to an UNDERSTANDING of a MOTHER that REVOLVES around SOMEONE’S DARKNESS and BLINDNESS being MEASURED by TOOLS that they have BUILT JUST to give you an ILLUSION for an ORIGIN, WHAT BECOMES YOUR ORIGIN or WHAT LAWS LAY CLAIM to your IDENTITY, NATURE and GENETICS and WHO is YOUR FATHER? And in THERE LIES the EPITOME of DECEPTION… Your MOTHER and FATHER BECOMES WHOEVER and WHATEVER makes themselves REAL to YOUR GENETICS in a WAY that YOU WILL BUILD the REALITY of YOUR BEING AROUND it’s NATURE and the LAWS IT is BOUND by…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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