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I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about the CONFESSION of SIN/INACCURACY and that it is a STATE of BEING, as opposed to something that you PAINT a PICTURE with your WORDS to DECEIVE yourself into an FALSIFIED IMAGE of ACCURACY.

Confession of INACCURACY is a CONSCIOUSNESS, not an OUTWARD ASSIGNMENT given to ESTABLISH the ILLUSION of ACCURACY. CONFESSION of INACCURACY is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from REPENTANCE of INACCURACY. CONFESSION is a STATE of BEING, REPENTANCE is an ACTION that REQUIRES ALL of your FACULTIES to be involved. So CONFESSION is a CONSCIOUSNESS that YOUR DISPLAY is INACCURATE. In other words CONFESSION is the CONSCIOUSNESS that ALLOWS for your ENTIRE BEING to RECEIVE LIGHT into the DARKNESS that may have DEVELOPED in this or that area so that REPENTANCE can be ACTUAL REPENTANCE according to THE LIGHT. What do I mean by REPENTANCE being according to the LIGHT? HOW can YOU REPENT of an action if you DON’T KNOW ULTIMATELY what CAUSED it? YOU CAN NOT TURN FROM SOMETHING if you DON’T KNOW WHERE it is, where it came from and HOW it was able to get in? If a MAN UNINTENTIONALLY HURT his woman of course and OUTWARD CONFESSION of INACCURACY needs to be done to make his woman aware that HE RECOGNIZES that HIS INACCURACY caused her PAIN, but THAT DOES NOT keep it from HAPPENING AGAIN. So with CONFESSION of INACCURACY being a STATE of BEING that ALLOWS for you to be GUILTY BEFORE the LIGHT, you’re NOT just BEING made aware of the SIN and HARM you CAUSED, you’re being made aware of the INACCURACY that allowed for you to CAUSED it. Most people RUN from LIGHT becasue we have been TRAINED to SEE OURSELVES as RIGTHEOUS based on our OWN STANDARDS. So VERY FEW actually ACCEPT GUILT for the PURPOSE of GROWTH.

OPEN CONFESSION is ALL ABOUT ALLOWING the LIGHT in to EXPOSE the DARKNESS and MISUNDERSTANDINGS that CAUSED your INACCURACY. So it is a PROCESS of HEALING for the ONE that is GUILTY of the INACCURACY. REPENTANCE means to turn from something with NO POSSIBILITY of RETURNING to it. So it could NEVER be TRUE REPENTANCE if you don’t even KNOW or WOULD even ACKNOWLEDGE the ACTUAL CAUSE. And there is NO way to DO that if YOU have NOT made YOURSELF GULITY and OPENLY CHALLENGED YOUR own being for a MORE REFINED VERSION of YOURSELF. I don’t usually allow for MANY people to be CLOSE to me on a personal level, mostly because of my personal DESIGN. But I NEVER ALLOW people around me who are NOT AWARE of themselves, or people who can NEVER be WRONG or GUILTY. If SOMEONE is NOT STRONG ENOUGH to be GUILTY, or strong ENOUGH to CHALLENGE THEMSELVES, if you let them CLOSE ENOUGH to you they WILL HARM you in some form or ANOTHER. MATHMATICAL CERTAINTY… Those that are of the LIGHT, THRIVE on the LIGHT. Meaning JUST LIKE ALL of NATURE THRIVES from the LIGHT provided by the SUN, the VERY SAME is the DESIGN of ALL that are ONE with the EARTH’S NATURE WE NEED LIGHT TO GROW and FLORISH.

My walking in OPEN CONFESSION is MY being DISPLEASED with my OWN DISPLAY because of MY CONSCIOUS INTENTION to MULTIPLY LIGHT. So when LIGHT is NOT seen in my actions, or I ALLOW something OTHER then MY INTENDED GOAL of LIFE and LIGHT to access ANY of my FACULTIES, it feels COMPLETELY UNNATURAL to my ENTIRE BEING. Why is that? I HAVE TRAINED MYSELF according to the LIGHT. So just like those who THRIVE off of DIVERSION of GUILTY because they receive LIFE from DARKNESS, I have TRAINED all of my FACULTIES to RESPOND to LIGHT and RECEIVE LIFE from it. And AGAIN this is MORE about you ALOWING GUILT and EXPOSING yourself to LIGHT to EXPOSE the SOURCE of DARKNESS, as opposed to just SAYING some words to LIGHTEN the LOAD of GUILT…

MANY do NOT understand the IMPORTANCE of the STATE of BEING of OPEN CONFESSION. EVIL ABIDES IN DARKNESS, PERIOD… When you are FILLED with DARKNESS YOU have no IDEA what’s HIDING within that DARKNESS. When someone is having a demonic spirit cast from their BEING, it’s ALL about that SPIRIT being EXPOSED to LIGHT. Or another way to say it is, WHATEVER DARKNESS that the SPIRIT was USING as CONCEALMENT has been SNATCHED away from him so he has NOTHING to HOLD on to within your BEING and CONTROL you with. I have had some people get DELIVERED from DEMONIC POSSESSION JUST from them BEGINING to ALLOW GUILT and OPEN CONFESSION. I want y’all to start to look at DARKNESS as a PRINCIPALITY, meaning it’s a PRINCIPAL by which the KINGDOM of DARKNESS is ESTABLISHED. So what that means is, DARKNESS ITSELF being ALLOWED is an UNDERSTANDING that YOU ARE ONE WITH the REALITY of DARKNESS. So you CONSCIOUSLY are ONE with ALL the ELEMENTS that have RITES to DARKNESS.

So EXACTLY WHAT is OPEN CONFESSION doing to YOUR BEING? YOU are TRAINING YOURSELF to NOT TRUST YOUR UNDERSTANDING and APPLICATION in this or that UNTIL LIGHT is ALLOWED in to CORRECT YOUR UNDERSTANDING so that your DISPLAY can be ACCURATE to LIGHT, as OPPOSED to BEING accurate to your OWN UNDERSTANDING of RITE. HAWAH DID NOT allow GUILT, she ONLY SAW it being a PROBLEM that SHE didn’t GET what she WANTED, that’s why she BLAMED the SERPENT for her EVILS. So her NOT ALLOWING OPEN CONFESSION, or being OPENLY GUILTY to HERSELF FIRST, she was CONFINED to the REALITY of the DARKNESS that she was ONE with and CONCEALED. Like I said before, her desire to be a GOD is a REFLECTION of the INFLUENCE that NOT only the WORLD around her had on her, but ALSO it’s a small PICTURE of her being COMPLETELY DETACHED from ALL of the REALITY of her creation. Meaning WIFE and MOTHER had COMPLETELY LEFT her BEING, she NEEDED to be SERVED now as OPPOSED to being someone that SERVES according to their IDENTITY, INACCURACY… SO she is COMPLETELY ONE with DARKNESS at this POINT and there is NO way to CORRECT it. Which brings me to my NEXT POINT.

OPEN CONFESSION is a STATEMENT that YOUR BEING belongs to the LIGHT. If I am OPENLY CONFESSING INACCURACY and SEEKNG for the LIGHT to EXPOSE the SOURCE or ROOT of it, NOT only are you making a STATEMENT to YAH that the LIGHT that YOU EXCEPT is for the PURPOSE of GROWTH and EDIFICATION, but you are ALSO making an OPEN DECLARATION to the DARKNESS that IT DOES NOT HAVE SUPREME AUTHORITY over your BEING. When some of the people that I have cast devils OUT of BEGAN to OPENLY CONFESS, becasue of the LIGHT that they were ALLOWING into their BEING MANY of those DEMONIC SPIRITS LEFT COMPLETELY ON THEIR OWN. They were EXPOSED to LIGHT and in the PRESENCE of LIGHT… So if LIGHT ALONE with NO REAL EFFORT OTHER than OPEN CONFESSION is what BROKE some of these people’s BONDAGE, HOW do you think the CHILDREN of the LIGHT were DESIGNED to LIVE WITH ONE ANOTHER? OPEN CONFESSION is a STATE of BEING that TRAINS you to LEARN how to GROW FROM LIGHT, as opposed to HIDING from it like DARKNESS has TRAINED MANY to DO. YOU CAN NOT MULTIPLY LIGHT if YOU ARE NOT ONE with it, and YOU can NOT GROW UNLESS you are ONE with it. Again ALL you have to do is LOOK at NATURE, EVERYTHING GROWS from LIGHT it’s a PRINCIPALITY of LIFE. So REMEMBER GENTILES see themselves as NOT being ONE with NATURE, so NATURALLY LIGHT would NOT EFFECT their BEING the SAME as YOU who ARE ONE with NATURE and it’s LAWS.

It’s is WRITTEN that “The MAN and his WOMAN were NAKED and NOT ASHAMED. I have said to you before that NAKEDNESS was a STATE of BEING as well. Another way to LOOK at NAKED is being COMPLETELY EXPOSED to LIGHT and NOT BEING ASHAMED. They were NAKED because LIGHT is for GROWTH. So ADOM and HAWAH being COMPLETELY NAKED to ONE ANOTHER is a REFLECTION of their RELATIONSHIP and the WAY it was ORIGINALLY DESIGNED, they were COMPLETELY OPEN to ONE ANOTHERS LIGHT. Why would that be COMPLETELY NECESSARY for LIFE and GROWTH with THEM? THE LIFE REGENERATING CYCLE that they were DESIGNED to LIVE and OPERATE in. If they were NOT NAKED(exposed to light) HOW could ADOM MULTIPLY HIMSELF in his woman and HOW would she be ABLE to MINISTER LIFE and HEALING to the NECESSARY areas of her HUSBAND? So LIGHT is what KEEPS EVERYONE GROWING according to the TRUTH of their DESIGN, correct? So OPEN CONFESSION is ALL ABOUT THE NAKEDNESS that WE HAD IN THE BEGINING. THis is the ONLY WAY TO SEE LIFE AND LIGHT…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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