Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about the REALITY of GOOD and EVIL being the REALITY of DARKNESS and how that it LOCKS you into DARKNESS and COMPLETELY DISCONNECTS you from the REALITY of your CREATION as LIGHT, to FORCE you into an UNDERSTANDING of yourself that DOES NOT have RITES in the LIGHT.

The CONSCIOUSNESS of GOOD and EVIL HAS to always be LOOKED upon as an ENEMY to the LIGHT that you NOW LIVE in. Why do I say that? The KNOWLEDGE of GOOD and EVIL is the REALITY that you BUILT an IDENTITY of DEATH around for yourself, so EVERYTIME you seek for the JUDGEMENT of GOOD and EVIL concerning yourself you’re looking for the IDENTITY that ONLY MINISTERS DEATH to your BEING to give it’s DETERMINATION on your course. So EXACTLY what is the KNOWLEDGE of GOOD and EVIL concerning OURSELVES… The KNOWLEDGE of GOOD and EVIL concerning yourself is LITERALLY the ABILITY to SEE YOURSELF, meaning your IDENTITY as a CHILD of LIGHT as being SUBJECT to a JUDGEMENTS and ORDERS that DO NOT ORIGINATE from YAH or the EARTH’S NATURE… So basically it’s a REALITY for YOURSELF or OTHERS that belong to the LIGHT with INFINITE AMOUNTS of IDENTITIES for you to use as INTERCHANGEABLE IMAGES to multiply after DEPENDING upon the CURRENT NEED for ENERGY, either for YOURSELF to use, or some OUTSIDE ENTITY to use as a CLOAK for DARKNESS … So in other words the REALITY of GOOD and EVIL is designed like a maze with ENDLESS AMOUNTS of POSSIBILITIES of and EXIT, but NO REAL ACTUAL EXIT… So the REALITY of GOOD and EVIL is just a CONSCIOUSNESS and REALITY to keep you in a state of PERPETUAL ORBITS with no way to be GROUNDED to the REALITY of your CREATION… Why are you made ABLE to feel GUILTY about shit that was GIVEN to you in the LIGHT and you CLEARLY see is NECESSARY SURVIVAL and can be found EVERYWHERE in NATURE? Because the REALITY of GOOD and EVIL has been ENERGIZED and IMPLIMENTED as the REALITY that your BEING should be LEAD by, as opposed to the REALITY of LIGHT that YOU were CREATED in that says YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE and it’s NEVER an ISSUE of GOOD and EVIL. It’s a CONSCIOUSNESS of AUTHORITY and LACK thereof FORCED ONTO YOUR BEING that has NOTHING to do with your ACTUALLY IDENTITY to be ABLE to CONTROL your VIEW of YOURSELF and ULTIMATELY your ACTIONS…

If I can make you feel you are GOOD then I just COMPLETELY STOLE your ABILITY connect with your TRUE IDENTITY even though WE are made to believe GOOD is ACTUALLY GOOD. Why is that? Because GOOD is a STANDARD that is INTERCHANGEABLE based on UNDERSTANDING and EXPERIENCE. So if I ACCEPT an IDENTITY as GOOD, I just made myself a WILLING VICTIM to those that DO NOT INTERPRET GOOD the SAME way that the PERSON who ORIGINALLY gave me the IDENTITY to OPERATE in INTERPRETS GOOD. This is why ALLOWING people to have AUTHORITY OVER you or WITH YOU that are NOT of the SAME UNDERSTANDING and REALITY as YOU are so DANGEROUS to your IDENTITY as an INDIVIDUAL born of the LIGHT. Once someone is CLOSE to you their JUDGEMENT of YOURSELF matters, even if you try to ACT like it doesn’t, and because their JUDGEMENT matters it is OFTEN USED as ENERGY to build this or that IDENTITY of YOURSELF UNKNOWINGLY. So the KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING of GOOD and EVIL ONLY gives EVIL and DARKNESS the AUTHORITY over your BEING to be CONTROLLED in this or that direction. When YOU are LOCKED into the UNDERSTANDING of yourself that ORIGINATES from LIGHT, meaning YOU VIEW YOURSELF as BELONGING to a REALITY that is NOT TOUCHED by the DARKNESS of the REALITY of DARKNESS, you GENERATE your OWN REALITY that was GIVEN to YOUR GENETICS… So the SUBSCIOUS MIND, the part of the MIND that is HARDWIRED to YOUR GENETICS, the EARTH’S NATURE and YAH, is where YOUR REALITY is SUPPOSED to be built from…

How do IDENTIFY what’s your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND and what is your CONSCIOUS MIND? Your SUBSCONCIOUS MIND is the MIND that INTERRUPTS your THOUGHTS or CONSCIOUS MIND, some people call it their FIRST MIND. The REASON they CALL it their FIRST MIND is because THAT’S THE MIND THAT LEADS YOUR BEING IF YOU HAVEN’T DROWNED IT IN EVIL and CONFUSION. Remember I said the OTHER day that your SUBSCONCIOUS MIND is what GENERATES the SEEDS to be SOWN into your CONSCIOUS MIND? Well THOSE SMALL INTERRUPTS in thought is your SUBSCONCIOUS MIND speaking up. Your CONSCIOUS MIND is the MIND you think with, and the DESIGN is, YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND SUPPLIES the SEEDS for the CONSCIOUS MIND to SOW and NOURISH into becoming a REALITY for your CONSCIOUS MIND to have a PICTURE of the REALITY that YOU were CREATED to OPERATE in and PRODUCE AFTER. This is why Hebrew people are ALWAYS trying to GRAVITATE towards PARADISE being their REALITY, because that’s what’s GIVEN to our GENETICS to PRODUCE after. Y’all ever NOTICE how when your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND speaks or you FIRST MIND, and it interrupts your thoughts that it ACTUALLY has ARRESTED your WHOLE ENTIRE BEING as to say “HEY GODDAMN IT, LISTEN”? So it’s NOT ONLY your THOUGHTS being ARRESTED by your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND, but your ENTIRE BEING is HELD CAPTIVE until the SEED is ACTUALLY SOWN into your CONSCIOUS MIND. This is the MIND that YOU NEED to LEARN to LISTEN to and RECOGNIZE as YOUR LIFE SOURCE.

The PROBLEM that YOU have to be CAREFUL of is the CONSCIOUS MIND trying to TRICK ITSELF into HEARING this or that. One thing that I want to tell y’all that MANY may ALREADY know is, YOUR MIND is like a CHILD that HAS TO BE DISCIPLINED in order to grow PROPERLY and become a PRODUCTIVE ADULT. YOUR OWN MIND WILL PLAY TRICKS ON YOU TO GET EXACTLY WHAT IT WANTS based on the DIET YOU have been FEEDING it. You have to see your mind NOW as SOMETHING that NEEDS to be CONQUORED and have his ass beaten into submission to YOUR WILL, seriously. If you have been living in DARKNESS, YOU DO NOT HAVE CONTROL of YOUR MIND, DO NOT BELIEVE that for ONE SECOND. Remember YOU CAN NOT TRUST THAT MFKA UNTIL YOU HAVE PROPERLY EXERCISED YOUR SENSES according to the TRUTH. Y’all REMEMBER my saying that GENTILE people HAVE to HAVE the SPIRIT of YAH LEADING them because of what MAY have access to the MIND through RITES of GENETICS? Well this is WHY the GENTILE MIND is at ENMITY with YAH, because it’s DESIGNED to PRODUCE SEEDS according to it’s ORIGIN just like Hebrew people. And if that MIND is what LEADS you in your PURSUIT for LIFE, IT WON’T HAPPEN. But I will break down ALL that to for y’all so you understand what being LEAD by the SPIRIT REALLY IS.

So the SEEDS of LIFE for a MAN and the SEEDS of LIFE for a WOMAN OBVIOUSLY will DIFFER because we were DESIGNED for DIFFERENT RESPONSIBILITIES. The SEEDS for LIFE that would be GENERATED for the MAN would ALL REVOLVE around his IDENTITY as the MAN. The SAME goes for our BEAUTIFUL SISTERS, the SEEDS of LIFE that would be GENERATED would ALL revolve around their IDENTITIES as BEAUTIFUL SISTERS. What I want y’all to ALSO keep in MIND is this, YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND, the MIND that is HARDWIRED to your GENETICS will ONLY PRODUCE according to the REALITY that ACTUALLY EXISTS for those of us that are NATURAL born of LIGHT, your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND has NO DEALINGS in DARKNESS what so ever. It’s designed STRICKLY to GUIDE your BEING according to what’s WRITTEN in your GENETICS and the LAWS written in NATURE. REMEMBER YAH and NATURE has NO DEALINGS in DARKNESS so they would NEVER SPEAK to you INVOLVING yourself in ANYTHING that CONTAINS DARKNESS. IT WILL DEFINITELY LEAD YOU OUT OF DARKNESS THOUGH… So if you PERCEIVE YOURSELF or your NATURE as being SUBJECT to the REALITY of GOOD and EVIL, you will NEVER WALK in the LIGHT because DARKNESS has CORRUPTED your PERCEPTION of the LIGHT that you were DESIGNED to PRODUCE after. This is WHY YOU have to see YOURSELF as the IMAGE of YAH and the EARTH’S NATURE and BUILD YOURSELF according to that UNDERSTANDING so MIND is GIVEN the PROPER ATMOSPHERE to GROW in. And this will give your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND access to the LIBRARY of it CREATION. Look at your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND as your unlimited access to the LIBRARY written in the HEAVENLIES. The LIBRARIES that we can PHYSICALLY go to in this REALITY DEFINITELY HELPS to give us SOME UNDERSTANDING when we KNOW EXACTLY what we are LOOKING for, but you can never obtain HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE from the LIBRARIES in this REALITY, ONLY the HEAVENS and the EARTH’S NATURE…

Tomorrow we continue our course



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