Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. I have something that I have to tend to this morning so I will be writing this evening. But there is one thing that I NEED to address rite away this morning. There is someone who is dear to my heart that I am not related to that I was VERY close to in my youth that I need to express some of my concerns to. Brother, we haven’t really been around one another as adults and we really don’t know one another as men, but no less love because of that. I DON’T use names in these writings because I’d RATHER people deal with themselves if there is an issue that I feel doesn’t need to be COMPLETELY public, but if your actions are public then it’s not hard to piece anything together for the people watching. Brother the HONEST straight forward truth is that you and I belong to two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT KINGDOMS this is OBVIOUSLY clear which is NOT my real issue. My real issue is your psychological and spiritual state. I know that YOU intend me NO harm because you have no reason to and that ‘s just NOT your character as a man, but who often controls your mind and actions does NOT feel the same way about me. And although I have endured insults, because none of what he says true and is MORE of distraction for others, coupled with my love for you as a brother, I have to be straight with you about something that is VERY SERIOUS to me. You are getting dangerously close to boundaries that will NOT be crossed. I know that you are aware of your condition just as well as I’m sure everyone who’s been watching over the course of this year. As I said you and I have NOT been close for some time, but my love for you as a brother has not changed, the distance between us that you know I’ve kept is for this particular reason. If you were closer to me and you posed a threat of any form I would be putting together a way to take your life from you. That’s NOT a shot just being honest, and I’m sure you’d feel the same way. I have been down this road a few times and I’ve learned the ropes. The spiritual influence behind the behavior cares NOTHING about you, but I DO, and that’s why I’m approaching this situation like this. My brother I will let you go first in doing whatever it is you need to do to make sure it is NOTHING but LOVE between us, because that’s the ONLY thing it has EVER been between us.


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