Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. I SINCERELY APOLOGIZE to all you reading for the disturbance in my spirit and mind, but I will require your PATIENCE for just ONE more day. Today I need to FORMALLY REPOSITION myself in the LIGHT before you all, MY KING and the CREATOR of ALL, THE HIGH MOST YAH… Until RECENTLY my LIFE has been a COMPLETE MYSTERY to ALL of YOU and OF COURSE it was that WAY by DESIGN. And as of RECENT I have given certain insight into MY REALITY in hopes that I may be ABLE to REMOVE some of that MYSTERY and be INCREASED by YOU and YOU may be INCREASED by me in MANY ways. I do NOT want to generate ANY more emotions or confusion with ANY of YOU, but I DO NEED to STATE my POSITION for CLARITY… The LAST time I COMPLETELY separated MYSELF from those that are dear to me I did it with NO EXPLAINATION and NO UNDERSTANDING given. I won’t do that again… So let me explain… Last night I wrote to you and I said a “STRONG man can ONLY be BROKEN by those that are CLOSE to him”… THIS is the REASON for MY COMPLETE SEPARATION… Whether YOU COMPLETELY understand this or NOT, but my life is a target and it ALWAYS has been. Of course YOU are JUST now seeing SOME of what my ENTIRE LIFE has been like literally since birth. I was SENT bring you EXACTLY what I have DELIVERED to you, and a little EXTRA. But the REASON why I MUST SEPARATE MYSELF from you again is because it’s REAL LIFE out here for me. Whether you UNDERSTAND this COMPLETELY or NOT, but I HAVE to STAY in the LIGHT at ALL TIMES, if I slip for ONE SECOND and DO NOT RETAIN my POSITION in the LIGHT I WILL BE KILLED, GUARANTEED and IMMEDIATELY. I have FAR too many enemies who’s EXISTANCE DEPENDS on that… That’s NOT ANYTHING that I SEEK sympathy FOR, just my reality… I have had soooo much shit happen to me that I don’t even feel it anymore, but I am a MAN and the ONLY PEOPLE that I have ever cared for have reminded me JUST how VULNERABLE you are to people when you DON’T BELIEVE them when they SHOW you themselves… Y’all gon fuck around and get me killed… … … Not so… … … Different arrangements have been made…

Father YAH I petition you as your servant and your son. Father I have committed myself completely to the task at hand and I have faithfully served your people according to your truth and understanding… Father I have completely removed my covering as you commanded me and I have allowed for my peace to return to me from those that you have commanded… Father I petition you that you will be their covering and protection, my petition is that you will heal and regenerate the minds of those that belong to you. Father I petition that you bring them into the complete reality of their creation and increase them according to that reality. Father YAH I petition for these that you will break the yoke of their enemies from their lives and give them a new song according to your glory and mercy. Father I petition these thing through the authority and glory of MY KING and the sacrifices of MY KING, the ONLY TRUE MESSIYAH of MANKIND and KING of the TRUE LINEAGE of KINGS YAHUSHUA…

Tomorrow we continue our course



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