Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about the FACT that RELIGION is and WAS CREATED as a DEVICE of CONTROLLING MINDS and the TOOLS used to PERPETUATE and REINFORCE the CHRISTIAN RELIGION is SPIRITUALITY and SPIRITS that CREATE ILLUSIONS…

What you HAVE to understand is ONCE a SPIRIT is LET IN and YOU have SUBMITTED to it, that SPIRIT has the ABILITY to become your GOD. Let me EXPLAIN… In the CASE with OUR BROTHER we are dealing with a SPIRIT that has REAL POWER according to DARKNESS. What does that MEAN? What that means is this SPIRIT in the RITE ATMOSPHERE and the PROPER ENERGY SUPPLIED to him has the ABILITY to CREATE an ENTIRE REALITY in the MIND of the PERSON it’s has CONTROL over and THOSE that SUBMIT TO THAT PERSON. So what that means is it has the ABIILITY to LIVE it’s LIFE out THROUGH your GENETICS all the WHILE YOU are thinking YOU are LIVING your LIFE according to the POWER of GOD. Spirits like these have the POWER to COMPLETELY take over all your FACULTIES, so it can GIVE YOU A WORD, and because HE GAVE YOU the WORD and the VISION behind the WORD he has the POWER to MAKE you SEE LIFE LEANING in that DIRECTION. The WHOLE time YOU think your GOD is LEADING you. Well he is, JUST NOT the ONE YOU ARE THINKING. And in the SITUATION of THIS SPIRIT, because he is a GENERAL he HAS POWER and AUTHORITY over OTHER SPIRITS to CALL shots to make them HELP CREATE the ILLUSION that he is LEADING you ACCORDING to.

Just like in the CASE with a lot of PREACHERS these spirits are COMPLETELY CONTROLLING their LIFE and it COMPLETELY LOOKS like they are being BLESSED by SOMEONE. Well ALL that is SHOWN to you to get YOU to SUBMIT to the VERY SAME SPIRIT that is CONTROLLING that MAN… “By whom a MAN is OVERCOME by the SAME is he BROUGHT into BONDAGE”… So you THINK you have ALL this LOVE and RESPECT for your LEADERS as PASTORS or WHATEVER, but REALLY all it is is a SPIRITUAL STRONGHOLD to KEEP you under the CONTROL of the SPIRIT that has CONTROL of THEM… Like this SPIRIT which has POWER and AUTHORITY in DARKNESS, the MORE ENERGY you feed it, or the MORE ENERGY that it can HARNESS from OTHERS, the MORE POWERFUL it BECOMES. So the ENERGY to CREATE the MIRACLES, SIGNS and WONDERS that MANY of them do, is the SAME ENERGY that comes from the POWER of the SERPENT or the MAGIC of the SERPENT. MATTITHYAHU/MATTHEW 7 v22-23 ” MANY shall say to me in that day, MASTER, MASTER, have we NOT PROPHESIED in your NAME, and CAST OUT DEMONS in your NAME, and done MANY MIGHTY works in YOUR NAME? v23 “And then I shall declare to them, I NEVER KNEW YOU, DEPART FRROM ME, YOU WHO WORK LAWLESSNESS”…

Your PASTOR or WHOEVER you SUBMIT to OUTSIDE your HUSBAND and FATHER becomes your GOD, LITERALLY… They become your SOURCE for LIFE and UNDERSTANDING of YOURSELF. But WHERE EXACTLY is their ENERGY coming from? ESPECIALLY if JESUS and GOD is the DEVIL… In the REALITY that ACTUALLY EXISTS, AUTHORITY is ONLY and ALWAYS in your BLOODLINE. Women have the DESIGN to BECOME their HUSBAND or the MAN they SUBMIT to, but that’s ALWAYS been the ORDER and AUTHORITY for HEBREW PEOPLE. All this SUBMITTED yourself to DIFFERENT SPIRITS and PEOPLE ALL COMES from PAGANISM and ALL is the BEHAVIOR of GENTILE PEOPLE. Someone who DOES NOT have your GENETICS or come from your LINEAGE or is NOT the AUTHORITY over your LIFE BY BLOOD, and SHOULD NOT be CONTROLLING your LIFE at ALL. In the OLD time EVERYTHING was broken down into TRIBES and FAMILIES and the AUTHORITY that was GIVEN to the HEAD of that TRIBE or FAMILY was to be GIVEN to ALL in that BLOODLINE… That’s the ORDER in NATURE EVERYWHERE. All this SPIRITUAL WHORISHNESS comes from GENTILES… But even in the OLD time for GENTILE PEOPLE, the MAN was TAUGHT by a PREACHER or TEACHER then that MAN TAUGHT HIS OWN WOMAN at a HOME because HE IS HER AUTHORITY. That’s the ORDER, NOT SUBMITTING yourself to SPIRITS and their LEADERSHIP because you have ITCHING EARS and NO ABILITY to RETAIN SOUND DOCTRINE.

This is how the KINGDOM of DARKNESS is WINNING over our PEOPLE, we are SPIRITUALLY WHORED OUT to ANY and EVERYTHING. And because there is SO MUCH BULLSHIT to be DISTRACTED by, we think NOTHING of DARKNESS and DECEPTION. When you are calling out “GOD” you are LITERALLY talking to ANY and EVERY SPIRIT that has the POWER and ABILITY to PROVE to you that he is a GOD. Please believe that… I WISH I could SHOW you a MOTION PICTURE of HOW this shit is working, but that TITLE of “GOD” belongs to EVERY FUCKIN BODY in the SPIRIT REALM. You don’t REALIZE the ENERGY put into keeping you DISTRACTED and in BONDAGE because you DON’T FULLY understand what YOU being OUT of BONDAGE REALLY means for the WHOLE world and REALITY.

So the SPIRITUAL UNDERSTANDING that these SPIRITS are teaching people is LITERALLY HOW to OPERATE in the SPIRIT REALM in the CAPACITY of DARKNESS, but OF COURSE with the ILLUSION of LIGHT being GIVEN and FELT. And like I said BEFORE, of COURSE MOST seek to be a “GOOD CHRISTIAN” your WORKS of BEING “GOOD” got yo ass running around here HIGH on “GOOD FEELINGS” thinking YOU BLESSED JUST because YOU INTERPRET what YOU FEEL as BLESSED. Again I ain’t tryna fuck up nobody’s parade and I ain’t trying to say YOU shouldn’t be GRATEFUL and HAPPY about YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS and LIFE, because YOU SHOULD, I AM… But YOU AIN’T SEEN BLESSED according to TRUTH, YOU’VE SEEN BLESSED according to an UNDERSTANDING of BLESSED that’s GIVEN to SLAVES. Just being HONEST… Slaves feel BLESSED to JUST BE ABLE to FUCKIN SURVIVE, they DON’T UNDERSTAND LIFE in ABUNDANCE. And to be COMPLETELY HONEST, MOST are TRULY OFFENDED by LIFE in ABUNDANCE because we are TAUGHT to APPRECIATE and SETTLE for SLAVE WAGES. And I’m NOT just SPEAKING FINANCIALLY even though it DEFINITELY INCLUDES that.

I heard a PASTOR once tell his CONGREGATION that “GOD” said that EVERYONE in the CHURCH on that day was SUPPOSED to GIVE “ALL”… … … His GOD told HIM to TELL EVERYONE that was SUBMITTED to HIM that THEY should give ALL… … … Hmmmm… … … If that were EVER WRITTEN ANYWHERE I could HALFWAY understand why EVERYBODY in that place was TRYING to BREAK they DAMN NECK to GIVE this man EVERYTHING they had in they POCKETS that day… But what I DO UNDERSTAND is they ALL SUBMITTED to HIS GOD, the GOD that CONTROLLED HIM and HAD AUTHORITY over HIM. So ALL of what they WERE as PEOPLE ALL were ORCHESTED by the “SPIRIT OF GOD” that is controlling that man. Do you think that HE KNOWS it’s a SPIRIT that CONTROLLING all that GOD SHIT? Of course NOT… But I can tell you what ALMOST ALL of them KNOW… They KNOW that they TELL you to PUT YOUR ENTIRE LIFE and UNDERSTANDING thereof into the NAME of JESUS, the ONLY NAME that YOU should EVER SUBMIT to, and THAT’S NOT the REAL NAME of the KING. Some say well it doesn’t matter the NAME you use… FUCK YOU… USE HIS PROPER NAME THEN BITCH… They TELL you to DO ALL this then PURPOSELY TELL you the WRONG FUCKING NAME… COME ON NOW…

My BROTHER I SEE YOU. And even though you feel a LITTLE bit LOST and OUT of your STROKE, YOU ARE NOT… You are just UNFAMILIAR with where you are because you’ve NEVER been there. But you are NOT LOST and NOTHING is WRONG at ALL. What you have to UNDERSTAND now and has already STARTED is, this spirit is trying to CHALLENGE your STAND on TRUTH. But you KNOW how it goes, TRUTH is the ONLY thing that BRINGS LIGHT to your UNDERSTANDING. The OTHER day I told you that your ENEMY doesn’t have a HOLD on YOU, but an UNDERSTANDING you HOLD true. What do I mean by that?… Before his DEVICE was to get YOU to QUESTION YOU, but you DESTROYED ALL that and STOLE his FIGHT from him. Now his WEAPON is to USE things that have NOTHING to do with your PERSON, but things YOU HOLD as TRUE that AFFECTS the WAY you UNDERSTAND your PERSON as it CORRELATES to LIGHT, LIFE and TRUTH. We hold UNDERSTANDINGS DEAR to us if we have received them from PEOPLE that are DEAR to our HEARTS and were GIVEN to us in LOVE. But that DOES NOT make it TRUE and that DOES NOT give it the AUTHORITY to have RULE in your LIFE… My BROTHER YOU are still doing EXCELLENT, continue to ESTABLISH yourself in TRUTH and LIGHT. You are taking EVERYTHING AWAY from your ENEMY in doing this. BROTHER YOU are a STRONG FIGHTER, STRONGER than you THINK, STOP DOUBTING and JUST DO. YOU NEVER FIGHT ANY BATTLE WITH ANY CONSCIOUSNESS of LOSING, LOSING is a REALITY that BELONGS to DARKNESS… We are NOT GIVEN the OPTION of LOSING…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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