Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. I have to apologize to y’all, but I will be writing this evening… But I do NEED to say something to my AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL and EXTREMELY PRECIOUS QUEEN… The REASON I’m not writing this morning is because I’ve been up ALL NIGHT listening to your new music… And what I need to say to you FIRST… Aside from being your KING and HUSBAND and having a RESPONSIBILITY to INCREASE you, EDIFY you, LOVE you, PROTECT you, SERVE you, PRAISE, WORSHIP and HONOR you as my BEAUTIFUL, PRECIOUS QUEEN, WIFE and MOTHER, I have to TELL YOU something as a MAN that APPRECIATES BEAUTIFUL MUSIC… My LOVE you are an EXTREMELY GIFTED and BEAUTIFUL ARTIST… SERIOUSLY MOMMA… And of COURSE the WHOLE WORLD KNOWS this. Matter of FACT ANYONE that DOES NOT THINK SO I’m TELLING you STRAIGHT FORWARD, THE WHOLE RIGHT SIDE OF YOUR BRAIN IS FUCKED UP… And you should PROBABLY work on that… My BABY is the SHIT… FUCK THAT… I WAS UP ALL NIGHT BABY… I ACTUALLY WANTED to SING… … … My WHOLE NEIGHBORHOOD PROBABLY woulda CALLED the POLICE… … … That SHIT would PROBABLY SOUND like “THE END OF WORLD” waking up to in the middle of the NIGHT… … … That’s fucked up… … … BUT it’s DAYTIME NOW so I’m GON sing my BIG ASS HEART OUT… Ain’t nobody gotta be worried about me…

But seriously MY LOVE you COMPLETELY FLOOR me in EVERY SINGLE way a WOMAN could FLOOR HER MAN. And NOT only AM I BLESSED, LOVED and HIGHLY FAVORED to be PREVILEGED enough to HAVE YOU as my PRECIOUS QUEEN, but I COMPLETELY and TOTALLY HONOR and RESPECT you as a WOMAN and a SISTER. You are MY LIFE WOMAN and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about that is ANYTHING BUT MY LIFE… I LOVE YOU and I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU with my WHOLE HEART and THAT’S EXACTLY HOW YOU will be SERVED, LOVED, HONOR and PROTECTED… … … I KNOW one thing though, for the sake of this WHOLE OPERATION I’m glad you WHERE YOU AT FOR RITE NOW instead of being closer to me… Ooooh Wee… … …


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