Good Evening Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this evening… Check it out… I know I’m supposed to be writing y’all, but I’m sleepy y’all… … … So we gon get down wit it tomorrow… … … I DO need to have a Brief word with someone… I “ASKED” to be LEFT OUT of “ALL” group texting… And I ALSO said that ANYONE is FREE to “CALL” and SPEAK with me about ANYTHING YOU LIKE… … … Of course I understand there to be other realities in play, BUT I NEED my REQUESTS to be RESPECTED for a number of reasons… So what I’m gonna ask you to do is, if YOU DON’T HAVE COMPLETE CONTROL to RESPECT MY WISHES, then I NEED for YOU to ERASE my NUMBER from your PHONE until we are in a better place, or MY WISHES can be RESPECTED… I DEFINITELY DO NOT want ANYONE to RECEIVE ANYTHING that’s NOT FOR THEM… And UNFORTUNATELY that “ALMOST” just HAPPENED… So YOU UNDERSTAND the SERIOUSNESS of MY REQUEST… … …


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